Israeli settlements

A Palestinian grandmother or mom and her children protecting their olive trees from demolition

All Settlements built in occupied East Jerusalem and West Bank violate Palestinian human rights and confiscate lands, destroy ancient olive groves and orchards, International Law and UN Resolution 242!

Japanese Government: "Settlements violate International Law"

Vandals spray paint grafiti on Church in Bir'em
International Law on Occupied Palestinian territories

For the Land and the Lord: Jewish fundamentalism in Israel

Raw sewage from illegal settlemnts affecting environment in occupied WEst Bank
Wikipedia has an excellent albeit long article on the Israeli settlements built in the 41-year-old occupied Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip since 1967. It claims to be unbiased when it comes to Israel-Palestine to avoid controversy. While claiming to be unbiased, Wikipedia does not view East Jerusalem or West Bank as occupied territories as most of the world does, but views the territories as "partially under Israeli military administration." East Jerusalem is "is incorporated into the Jerusalem municipality and annexed to Israel proper though its not recognized Internationally." The settlements are not even considered illegal and are called villages, cities, towns and neighborhoods. Even the Apartheid or Separation wall is normalized as an indirect security necessity. Israel deserves security given the long history of terrorism and hatred Israelis and the wider Jewish world have experience for centuries. However, building a concrete wall in occupied Palestine that segregates not only Palestinians from their own private land but literally severs them from their towns, cities, livelihoods and families in the name of fighting terrorism and security can not never be justified \ in order to violate ordinary peoples' human rights. There is no mention of the fact that all the settlements are built and constructed on privately owned Palestinian lands ontop of hilltops overlooking Palestinian towns and cities, crisscrossing the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem continual settler violence, Israeli forces demolishing Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem and West Bank, destruction of olive orchards and trees, confiscation of privately owned Palestinian lands for more illegal settlements, the fact that the settlements uses most of the resources of the West Bank and East Jerusalem especially water, arable lands and receiving help from Israeli military when they attack Palestinians and receive little punishment. The continual construction and near completion of the Apartheid Wall snaking in and out of the West Bank separating and Palestinians, towns and cities from one another in East Jerusalem. Turning bordering towns into bantustans and ghettos. The continual construction of new settlements, Israel's insistence to keep its major settlement blocs ringed around occupied East Jerusalem and the near completion of the Apartheid Wall makes a free, Democratic and independent Palestine with its 1967 green line borders in occupied Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem impossible. The emerging popular alternative to independence for Palestine because of the continual Israeli occupation architecture and violence is a single Democratic state for all citizens and return of all 1948, 1967,etc Palestinian refugees to their original homes inside what was once known as historical Palestine as UN Resolution 194 has reinstated for 60 years.
All of these consequences are not mentioned because Wikipedia does not want to be unbiased or deal with controversy. To add insult to injury, Wikipedia has also listed articles for the region councils for the settlements! And the regional councils can describe the West Bank as Judea and Samaria or add it as a district of Israel so these councils are normalized and appear to be a natural part of the West Bank and not a contradiction to International Law nor a violation of several UN resolutions.

An illegal settlement in occupied West Bank, Palestine. Many of the newer settlements that Israeli government is hurriedly rushing to build to support their "facts on the ground" (justifying their illegal colonies and land grabs of what remains of Palestinian land) are often left vacant after completion. In a cruel twist of fate, Palestinians (working peoples and families) who have faced economic depression and have no other means of income due to the Israeli military occupation's miltiary closures and land confiscations are often recruited by housing companies to build the very same settlements that have displaced Palestinians, olive trees, led to numerous home demolitions and effectively separated Palestinian towns and cities from one another. 

The Iron Wall: Doc about the West Bank Aparthied/Seperation Barrier and its history

The Settlers (2002)

Hebron: One City-Two Nations Palestine/Israel

Israeli settlers in Hebron (Al Khalil)

Israel is Detroying Itself with the (Illegal) Settlement Policy

The actions of settlers in Hebron (Tel Rumedia colony)

Learning to Hate: Israeli Settler Children 

Israeli settler children throw stones at both Palestinians and international activists monitoring the violence in Occupied Palestine carried out by both the Israeli military and illegal settlers who are given a carte blanche to harrass and taunt Palestinians living in their homes on their lands who are going about their business to school, work or visiting friends and family. The settlers are part of the larger colonial project by Israeli government to keep illegal settlements which violate Genva Convention and Internaitonal Law in any final agreement despite the violation.

Holy Land Grab

Israel alongisde the Jerusalem Municipality uses archeology and brutal eviction notices to remove Palestinian Jerusalemites from their homes and city to expand illegal settlements, increase the Jewish presence and violate International Law in Occupied East Jerusalem. Many Palestinians see it as a form of ethnic cleansing in Israel's quest to make occupied East Jerusalem part of the "eternal, undivided capital of Israel."

Evicting Palestinian Bedouins in Negev Israel
In Pictures the illegal Israeli settlements
Occupied East Jerusalem
Israeli Settlement/Colonies Factsheet
Bush's 2004 Secret Document to Sharon allowing Israel to keep its large settlement blocs in a final peace deal
The Wall and the eye
A magnum Opus alast controversial book to Israeli policy supporters, "A Civilian Occupation: The Politics of Israeli Architecture" by Eyal Weizmann examines the role of Israeli architecture, urban design, archaeology and politics in relations to settlements in occupied territories namely West Bank and East Jerusalem where settlements are built on hilltops and ringed around Palestinian cities and towns. It also questions the role of topography, geography and hilltop constructions of new settlements and "neighborhoods" that ignores the existence of older and ancient Palestinian cities, towns and orchards but allows for continual expansions and growth of settlers.
Against the Grain - Hollow Land: Israel's Architecture of Occupation
The London-based architect and activist Eyal Weizman discusses his book "Hollow Land: Israel's Architecture of Occupation examines the history, politics & military culture of Israeli construction, illegal settlements & architecture in the Palestinian occupied territories, Sinai, Golan Heights & Lebanese Sheba Farms
Against the Grain - Hollow Land: Israel's Architecture of Occupation - April 1, 2009 at 12:00pm

Click to listen (or download)

Here is a list of websites from Wikipedia articles on settlements and regional councils. Sorry for the long list but thanks to Wikipedia this list was created, the councils also list all the settlements in their jurisdiction. international law states that it is illegal for Israel as an occupying power of Palestinian territories, regardless of government ruling to build settlements and transfer the Israelis into the occupied territories
Israeli settlements

Israeli settlements Regional councils for illegal settlements and outposts
West Bank settlements:
Mateh Binyamin Regional Council Official site
Shomron Regional Council: Official council site
Karnei Shomron Regional council Official site
Beit Horon Official site
Kokhav Ya'akov Official site
Giv'on HaHadasha Giv'at Ze'ev
Kedumim Nokdim-home to rightwing Israeli politician Avigdor Lieberman official website of Nokdim
Alfei Menashe Alfei Menashe protected by illegal seperation wall
Beit Aryeh-Ofarim Official site
Elkana Immanuel
Har Adar local council & settlement official website
Oranit Local Council Site
Halamish Talmon
Shvut Rachel
official site Midrasha of Shvut Rachel
Adei Ad Beit El

Major settlement blocs:
Gush Etzion Official council site
Ma’ale Adummim Unofficial city site
Modi’in Illit
Beitar Illit Official city site
Ariel settlement) Official site
Hebron settlements:
Har Hebron council Council website
Kiryat Arba Official community site
Tel Rumeida
Eshkolot Official communal site
Sansana Village/settlement website
Susya official site
Shim'a Shim'a Profile on Peace Now
Livne Adora
Ma'ale Hever Profile on Amona Settler Movement site
Negohot Official website Negohot profile on Peace Now
Otniel Official Website
Telem Carmel
Teneh Omarim Official website
Beit Hagai profile on Amona Settler movement site
Abigal Ma'on
Beit Yatir, yeshiva settlement official site
Asa'el Profile on Peace Now
Mitzpe Eshtemoa Profile on Peace Now
Mitzpe Yair Mitzpe Yair profile on Peace Now

Jordan Valley settlements:
Bik'at HaYarden Regional Council Official council site
Emek HaYarden Regional Council Council site
Ma'ale Efrayim
Rotem official site

Dead Sea settlements:
Megilot Regional Council Council site
Mitzpe Shalem Profile on Jewish Agency for Israel
Almog Vered Yeriho
Avnat Settlement site
Kalya Official site
Beit HaArava
East Jerusalem settlements:
Protected by separation or Apartheid Wall
Har Homa Official site
French Hill
Ringed illegal settlements around occupied East Jerusalem
Illegal Ring settlements below: aka “neighborhoods” according to Wikipedia and U.S. media Neve Yaakov
East Talpiot official site
Ramot Official site
Pisgat Ze'ev Official site
Giv'at Ze'ev
*In case you scrolled to quickly, list created by Aan..

Sasson Report

Sasson Report, read more here The Sasson Report is an official Israeli government report published on March 8, 2005 that concluded that Israeli state bodies had been discreetly diverting millions of shekels to build West Bank settlements and outposts that were illegal under Israeli law. The report was commissioned by former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and was headed by the former head of the State Prosecution Criminal Department Talia Sasson.

Luxury surburbs for American Jews breaks international Law and is illegal in occupied East Jerusalem

Jerusalem's mayor recruits American Jews to invest in the end of the two-state solution The JTA is reporting that Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is coming to the US to drum up support among American Jews for his plans for the city. He hopes to find Jewish "shareholders" for several special economic zones that will focus on culture, life sciences and tourism. The JTA article doesn't make it clear whether any of these economic zones will be in East Jerusalem. However it is widely known that one of the areas that Barkat wants to "develop" is the Palestinian neighborhood Silwan, which he is currently threatening with a series of home demolitions to force at least 1,000 Palestinians out of the area. Once again the luxury suburbs will be built on Palestinian lands and more families will be faced with increasing home demolitions by Israeli military as the project is underway.
American Jews may break the two-state solution Nof-Zion official Site for Luxury gated community between occupied Silwan & Jabal Al Mukabir

Organizations against settlements and colonization of occupied Palestinian lands

Bikom: Planners for planning rights. Israeli organization working for social justice in terms of planning in Israel between Palestinians and Israelis
Artitects and Planners for Justice in Palestine-UK
Israeli architects must stop designing illegal settlements
ArcPeace: International Architects Designers Planners for Social Responsibility

The defiant settlers and Occupied Palestine & Israel

In German without subtitles from Discovery channel Deutschland (Germany)

Among the Settlers in Israel/Palestine

The Last Stand: Gaza Withdrawl, Israeli settlements

Unsettling Settlers: Israel & Palestine

Gambling with Conflict: How control Israeli Policy

Petitions against the settlements

Campaign for Petition on illegal Israeli settlements

A continuous project seeking to connect with the grassroots organizations and peoples interested in Israel-Palestine conflict who are trying to find ways to end the illegal Israeli settlement enterprise in occupied Palestinian territories through boycotts, campaigns and public awareness. Ignoring Occupation will be working on this campaign via awareness to get enough people to sign the petition.


Compliments of UK Architectures and Planners for justice in Palestine E1 block is in the illegal settlement of Maale Adumim, please read below: Israel’s settlements are illegal under international law and the Geneva Convention, and Maale Adumim, its largest settler city stands out as the key factor in Israel’s colonial expansion as far west as possible from Jerusalem towards Jericho. Most of Maale Adumim (87%) is built on Palestinian-owned land. Maale Adumim was planned by the Thomas Leitersdorf (AA dipl) and designed by Elioar Barzacchi (the Mother of Maale Adumim) in the 1980s as the chief architect for the Jerusalem district at the Construction and Housing Ministry which created and is still creating facts on the ground that thwart negotiations on the city's future and is causing infringements of the rights of Palestinians in East Jerusalem and implementing a policy of occupation and annexation, land confiscation, discrimination and expulsion. The "empty" hills of Ma'aleh Adumim were not empty and "Mohammed" was indeed told to get up and go, like all the members of the Jahalin tribe that is now forced to live in the area of the Abu Dis garbage dump, as journalist Gideon Levy recently wrote. E1 is the hilly area between East Jerusalem and Maale Adumim that Israel is intending to annex, to form a continuous urban development. Currently Israel is confiscating lands on the northern and western side of the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim just outside of Jerusalem . These confiscations (without compensation) are taking place from the Palestinian villages of Anata, Al-Izariyyah, Abu Dis and A-Zayim. The intention of this action is to expand the municipal area of Ma’ale Adumim westward to join up with Jerusalem . But as ‘Ir-Amim’, the Israeli website on Jerusalem has stated, E1 is not Maale Adumim and cannot be considered as expansion of that town, which is in any case illegal. Currently, Ma’ale Adumim houses some 30,000 settlers. Under the E1 project an additional 5,600 more settlement homes for approximately 25,000 new residents will be added to its municipal area. Additionally, some 1,600 dunums of land are being confiscated to erect Israel ’s Apartheid wall for Ma’ale Adumim. The police station for E1 has already been built despite its land confiscation and illegality, and the road network and street lights have also been built in readiness for the new housing near that land. This action is not only in contravention of the US sponsored road map agreement, but it would effectively destroy any future possibility of a contiguous Palestinian state by cutting off east Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank, and by cutting of the northern part of the West Bank from the southern part..It is a deliberate violation of the Road Map, Oslo , and any basis for negotiating land for peace. When complete the total land area of Ma’ale Adumim and E1 will be 65,000 dunums, an area larger than Tel Aviv, in the heart of what would have been a Palestinian state. We call in Israeli architects and planners to end their indifference and blindness to the political implications of their professional work and ethics. They should recognize their complicity in the injustices resulting from their participation in consolidating the Occupation, and the terrible suffering being inflicted on the Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank. We call on all parties to halt this illegal project forthwith , as required by the International Court of Justice in its ruling on the Wall in 1994. Click here to add your name to this petition.


This is a plea against architectural erasure and the destruction of memory While Israel proudly preserves its biblical heritage and archaeological sites, the rich Palestinian heritage is being allowed to disappear or is deliberately destroyed. A poignant example, and an important symbol of this is the 4000 years old village of Lifta, which lies just outside Jerusalem, the nearest Arab village to the Jerusalem wall. It has been abandoned and has remained relatively untouched since the creation of Israel. T he Israeli army and the Irgun killed or drove out the last Palestinian inhabitants in 1948. Today Lifta is more or less a ghost town , frozen in time. The former villagers live mainly in East Jerusalem, Ramallah, Jordan and in exile in the United States. Now, however, a renovation project by the architect Gabriel Cartes of the Groug-Cartes firm, which collaborated with Ze'ev Temkin of TIK Projects, aims to turn Lifta into an expensive and exclusively Jewish residential area, mainly for Americans. The planned neighborhood would include three hundred luxury flats, a large hotel, a big mall, and a large tourist resort. In the process of carrying out the scheme, hundreds of Palestinian homes, all of which predated the creation of Israel in 1948, would be erased to obliterate any reminder that the area was once a prosperous Arab village – erasing its Palestinian history in the process. Architecture is being used to eradicate ethnic culture, that amounts to cultural vandalism. Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine are supporting the Israeli group called FAST (Foundation for achieving Seamless Territory) in a campaign to preserve Lifta. The Israeli organizations Zokhrot and BIMKOM have also opposed this Israeli real-estate plan. There is an ongoing ban on ‘internal refugees’ to return to the remnants of their destroyed villages. The Lifta masterplan does not refer to its Palestinian past. In this effort, architecture is being used as a political device to further Israel’s colonial policy. Despite its international significance in an area important to three world religions, and its undoubted claim to be a world heritage site because of its timeless landscape, Lifta was never recognized by international institutions (like UNESCO) as a cultural heritage monument, due to Israel’s refusal to recognize Palestine as a nation . The “Or Commission” report, which investigated the causes of the riots by the Israeli Arab population in October 2000, is quoted in the written objection filed by BIMKOM in their original defence of Lifta. "The role of the state is not reduced to material matters alone," it states. "Governing authorities must find ways that will enable Arab citizens to express in public life their culture and identity in an appropriate and respectful manner." We ask that Liftah is retained as a ruin to be a reminder of its past or it should be allowed to be re-inhabited by survivors or descendants of the original residents. In either case they should be consulted. Four generations later the descendants are still protesting for the right to return. Yakub Odeh, a Lifta refugee says: “ Land ..that is designated for residential use should be planned such that it will be appropriate for the housing of the original residents of Lifta and their descendants, whose property was taken from them through no wrong of their own. This would enable the purchase or return of the land to them, and would constitute a rectification of the wrongs done to the place and its residents, and not only provide land to people of means who never had the slightest connection or link to the place." He continues… “There are 37 Lifta refugees in East Jerusalem and Ramallah, and we have a Lifta Association; and now the internet makes it possible to keep in touch with those that have moved further away. We all want to return to our village. I’m sure we can achieve our dream through peaceful means….We will never give in. They say that every human being is born in the land, but for us Palestinians, our land is born in us.” Esther Zandberg said in Haaretz in November 2004, when the plan was first presented: “the construction plan that has been under discussion since 1996 is a cause for wonder with regard to why it was ever commissioned. On such a emotionally charged and politically symbolic site, with terrain conditions that are difficult for modern construction, on a site on which the development of road, water or sewage infrastructure would require immense technological effort and heavy monetary expenditure, in a landscape in which any intrusion could be the source of perpetual regret, and on land on which there are no real estate pressures that might have provided an easy excuse, the plan seems opposed to all common sense, harmful to the interests of all of the parties on both sides of the conflict, and perhaps an attempt to conceal evidence of the existence of a people living in a "country without a people." In conclusion, Dafna Golan Agnon a prominent Israeli sociologist from the Hebrew University: “It is possible and proper to develop Lifta as a village that preserves the historical Palestinian memory of the place. Preserving the memory of the village and its history could be a focal point for reconciliation between Jewish and Arab citizens, and offer an experience that helps lead to a solution of peace with our neighbors. In a country that sanctifies memory, erasing Palestinian history is not only immoral, it is also foolish. We will not be able to build a future worthy of the name here if we erase and deny the memory of thousands of Palestinian refugees. It is possible to take their homes and erase their villages from the face of the earth, but as we know from Jewish history, longing for the roots and memories of homes is preserved for many hundreds of years. It is still possible to preserve the village, repair its buildings and turn it into a place of study of the past, forming a basis for dialogue about a common future of Israelis and Palestinians.”
Click here to add your name
Abe Hayeem, Eyal Weizman, Sunand Prasad, Hans Haenlein,

Haifa Hammami Neil Lambert, Wade Sowman, Mike Gwilliam

Joanna Chambers, Antoine Raffoul, Jake Brown

Below is a list of Organizations and media personalities using politics of fear, revalations and conservative biblical readings to support rightwing U.S./Israeli policies, continual occupation of Palestine, American foreign policy in Middle East and Israeli settlements
No mention of the West Bank separation barrier or Apartheid Wall, home demolitions, uprooting of olive trees, or Palestinians in the occupied territories waiting hours to pass through military checkpoints. No mention Israeli peace activists, organizations and people working with Palestinians and internationals to overcome occupation.

Natural Growth is still illegal!

Peace Now: 'Natural growth,' Israel's trick for West Bank expansion
By Akiva Eldar- Haaretz Correspondent
17 May 2009 Figures released recently by the Central Bureau of Statistics cast doubt on government officials' claims of housing shortages for young couples living in West Bank settlements - the central argument Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to present to U.S. President Barack Obama against freezing settlement construction. Figures for 2006-07 reveal that the housing shortage in settlements stems largely from "migration" from Israel proper to communities beyond the Green Line, as well as the addition of new immigrants from abroad. The data show that in 2007, natural growth accounted for 63 percent of settlement population growth, whereas internal migration accounted for 37 percent. The previous year, they show an addition of roughly 5,600 residents (which accounted for those who arrived minus those who had left) across West Bank settlements. For every 10 residents leaving settlements that year, 15 others arrived. President Shimon Peres told Obama in their meeting earlier this month that "It is unacceptable that children born in Judea and Samaria will not have a place to live. We can't put them on the roofs." Similar remarks were made to U.S. Mideast envoy George Mitchell when he headed the fact-finding commission examining the causes for the outburst of the Second Intifada. In the report he submitted to then-president George W. Bush in 2001, Mitchell rejected Jerusalem's assertion that Jewish construction in the West Bank was aimed merely at housing natural population growth. Instead, the commission largely accepted the Palestinian claim that there is no difference between the creation of new settlements and expanding existing ones, and determined that Israel should cease all building in the settlements, even that intended for what Israeli officials described as "natural growth." That demand was contained in the Road Map, an outgrowth of the Mitchell Report, presented to Israel in 2003. A letter sent from Dov Weisglass, then-prime minister Ariel Sharon's diplomatic adviser, to Bush that same year includes an explicit commitment to freezing settlement building, particularly in those outside the "settlement blocs" or east of the separation fence. U.S. diplomats said their government rejected the argument that Israel must allow every young couple raised in the settlements to find suitable housing in the West Bank. The diplomats said they had obtained a copy of a classified Defense Ministry report compiled by IDF Brig. Gen. (Res.) Baruch Spiegel attesting that unauthorized building had occurred at about 75 percent of settlements, and that significant infrastructure projects had been initiated at more than 30 of them - including roads, schools, synagogues, yeshivas and even police stations - on privately-owned Palestinian land. At a press conference last week, the chair of the Yesha council of West Bank settlements, Danny Dayan, and council secretary Pinhas Wallerstein said every year a "quiet eviction" was taking place in the West Bank of young couples raised in settlements who were unable to find housing there. They said 1,600 young couples of the 2,100 who marry annually are forced to find accommodations outside of the communities in which they grew up. Dayan and Wallerstein called on Netanyahu to change construction policy to allow such young people to erect homes in close proximity to those of their parents. Most legal analysts around the world, including U.S. State Department jurists, view the construction of settlements in the West Bank as a violation of international law relating to war and conquered territories. The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits states from moving their own citizens into conquered land. A response from Peace Now to the remarks made by the Yesha council officials, said the "bluff of natural growth is just one of the tricks the government is using to keep it from fulfilling its obligation to freeze settlement building. It is a shame that the president is perpetuating that lie."
Related articles:
Israel is quietly expelling young settler couples from West Bank
Settlement expansion seeing biggest boost since 2003
Candidate for U.S. envoy: Israel must unilaterally quit West Bank

Organizations & neoconservative pundits supporting illegal settlements and settlers while ignoring violated human rights & International Law in occupied Palestine & Iraq

American Christian Funding Flows To Jewish Settlers
Pundits say: "Land of Israel belong to the Jewish People"
There are non-Jewish Israelis both Christians and Muslims, Palestinian-Israelis, Armenians, Druze, Ethiopians, etc living inside Israel who make up 20% of the population. Aren't they entitled to the land of Israel and not just Israeli Jews? Is God a real estate agent if he promised the land to a "chosen" people over everyone else including the people (Palestinians, Jews, Armenians, Samaritans, etc) who have lived in the Holy Land for centuries? Not all Israelis are Zionists nor agree with Christian Zionists and their belief in biblical prophercy, revelations and restorationism. Many Israelis have protested numerous hardline, right wing and racist right wing politicians, Christian Zionist organizations, evangelicals, extremists and pundits supporting Israel (government) and right wing Zionism
President Nero: National security is more important than obeying International Law

Major Organizations

Jerusalem Friendship Fund Jerusalem Prayer Team
Ateret Cohanim Yeshiva
supports continual settlement construction in and around occupied Silwan and Jabel Mukaber in East Jerusalem

AIPAC Christian Friends for Israel UK
One Israel Fund Provides financial and spiritual support to settlers
Amona Settler Movement
West Bank settler outpost that was dismantled during the Gaza Disengagement, former and current settlers and their supporters seek to rebuild Amona

Golan Height
Site dedicated to Israeli occupied Golan Heights promoting illegal settlements, cities, communities and normal living and life of Israelis living in "disputed" territory bordering Syria. Until 1967, Golan was Syrian territory until the IDF defeated Syrian forces during the Six Day War.

Women in Green or Women for Israel's tomorrow
Praises both continual settlement expansion, outposts and occupation

Exposing Islam Mocks Islam and Muslims with slapstick comedy, equates all Muslims with terrorism
Americans for a Safe Israel Ignores the illegality of the occupation and considers Palestinian territories as part of Israel proper.
American Friends of Golan Hebron FundIsrael-financial support for illegal settler community in occupied Hebron
Zionist Federation of Great Britain & Northern Ireland Women's International Zionist Organization
Hadassah, Women's Zionist Organization of America, Inc
Barka Industrial Park
Industrial park located in occupied West Bank next to the illegal Israeli settlement of Barkan. Manufactures textiles, glassware to plastics. Along with profiting from the occupation, it has been accused of exploiting Palestinian labor. A few European companies previously located in the illegal industrial park have moved into Israel proper behind his 1967 borders. International Law forbids occupying powers and their citizens from profitting or operating their businesses on occupied territory.

Allies, pundits and a united Jerusalem

One Jerusalem Ignores the continual occupation, illegality of settlement expansion & seperation wall and home demoliations in occupied East Jerusalem Torch Magazine
Christian Israel Public Action Campaign
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem/Jerusalem Prayer Team
Jihad Watch
Endorses movies that demonizes the Quran and Islam as a religion and way of life. Promotes movies, articles and images full of misconceptions and deragatory stereotypes about Islam, Muslims and Quran. Promotes the idea that Islam is the new nazism and fascism

Stand with Israel
Yesha & Jordan Valley communities website promoting illegal settlements across the occupied West Bank specifically in Jordan Valley and Hebron
The JerUSAlem Connection
Hasabara-Israeli Reaction Centre
The Ariel Center for Policy Research (ACPR)
Arutz Sheva) Bible Prophecy Today
Ahavat Israel
Search Light Jerusalem
Seeks to "challenge anti-semiticism in the new technology age"

Spanish site on Israel and its relationship to Judiasm

True Peace
Suggests Palestinians are responsible for the current situation in the occupied territories including the Apartheid/Seperation Wall, and the diasterous situation in occupied Palestine (Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem.) Ignores the occupation entirely instead promotes Israel as liberating Palestinians and guaranting rights for the occupied territories. Makes no mention to the degrading life military checkpoints pose for ordinary people.

Buffalo Israel
Not only promotes Israel but views Islam as violennce ridden that can only change through Democraticization.

Zionist Jewish Education
From Jewish Agency for Israel originally named the Jewish agency for Palestine (before 1948)

JewishVengeanceAnother Kahanist website
Blue Star Public Relations
PR site showcasting Israel at 60 and country throughout the decades

Media & Architects of Fear

Christian Broadcasting Network-700 Club
Family Research Council/Council for National Policy
il Carriere della Sera/Oriana Fallaci
Eye on UN Chides the UN for trying to implent UN resolutions in Palestine-Israel and guaranting human rights for occupied territories across the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, etc
Rush Limbaugh show
Don Imus
Tammy Bruce
O'Reilly Factor
Glen Beck
Bill O'Reilly
Michelle Malkin
Anne Coulter
Urban Dictionary Anne Coulter as a political "incorrect" curse word
Sean Hannity
Lou Dobbs Lou Dobbs Radio
Lev Leviv
Din D'Souza
Geraldo Rivera
The New Republic
Jerusalem Post


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