Thursday, 8 August 2019

Victims of US terrorism TX, CA, OH, suffer the people

The political cartoon above was drawn by Sack at Star Tribune in Minneapolis. Let the image sink in.

The problems mentioned above is what many apologists for gun violence and domestic terrorism and (yes the U.S. has and still deals with domestic terrorism) use to explain away the mass shootings and terrorism in the United States. On August 3rd, a young terrorist Patrick Crusius again opened fire on a crowd of people many men, women and children in a Walmart during family shopping for back to school supplies as schools are about to open back up in the United States in a few weeks. 22 innoncent people were killed inside the Walmart at the Cielo Vista mall in El Paso. The terrorist 21 year old Patrick Crusius who drove some 10 hours from Allen, Tx near Dallas, was captured alive and is currently being interrogated by El Paso police, Texas rangers and FBI. The FBI rightfully named the mass shooting as a domestic terrorist attack and are investigating it as such. The El Paso shooting came less than a week after the Gilroy Garlic festival shooting in California that killed a six year old Steven Romero, a teenager and a college student sadly representing the stages of life that were cut short. This is the first time that a shooting had taken place at the famed Gilroy Garlic Festival as violence of this magnitude at most local festivals are non existent. Gilroy itself is a small town to the South of San Jose, the unofficial "capital" of the Silicon Valley known more for its IT and technology hubs than its crime and violence. The trinity was completed (apologies to the allegory) by a late night mass shooting at a bar in Dayton, Ohio less than 24 hours after the attack in El Paso. The Dayton gunman was killed instantly leaving 9 people dead. Keep in mind that all three cities are relatively peaceful. Crusius followed in the footsteps of white supremacist terrorist Bryant Tarrant and published his own manifesto in which he paraphrases Trump and sees immigration as a threat and invasion. Sound familiar? 

El Paso is one of the largest border cities in Texas. It is geographically closer to Albuqerque, New Mexico than to Dallas or Austin, TX. It relies on border trade between the United States and Mexico as it does with internal state trade. Many residents of Cuidad Juarez, join over 20, 000 people on a daily commute into El Paso from the Mexican city and vice versa commuters, family members, school children and tourists go to Cuidad Juarez and other cities in Mexico from El Paso. There are many Mexican children who go to school through educational exchanges, visas and sister city arrangements in El Paso since both cities as often treated as one megapolois or city. El Paso is also part of Texas' culture of Tex-Mex similiar to Mexican influence on California in food, culture, politics, language and history. Texas used to be part of Mexico similiar to California, New Mexico and the rest of the Southwest until it briefly became its own country in 1829 and was later annexed to the U.S. in 1845. Since than Texas acts as an autonomous region of the United States even more so than most of the other states. Every few years Texans demand to be an independent country and could in theory survive as its own soverign nation. But the U.S. government normally waves it away as a Texan dream that might not happen. Most of the U.S. states wouldn't be suprised if Texas were to one day be granted self determination. For now, Texas is a U.S. state con mucho dolor. Texans have long been known for being fiercly independent and portrayed as gutsy, gunho cowboys who do not fear any kind of danger violence included. But El Paso shooting, Sante Fe school shooting earlier this year and the Sutherland Springs Church massacre in 2017 has finally broken the stereotype of the tough Texans. The residents of El Paso mourning for their families and loved ones had mixed feelings about President Trump's just ended visit to El Paso and Dayton. They didn't want him to come no matter if he is there to consuel them. Even Mayor Dee Margo groaned that he would recieve Trump as "his duty commands" as a city official. Contrary to the popular stereotype of the conservative, "Merica hell yeah" Texan, Trump is not popular and is not welcome with open arms in most cities and border towns in Texas. The president didn't help the unwelcomeness in El Paso he felt by making his official hospital visit by focusing on himself while trying to sympathetic.

The NRA, its CEO Wayne La Pierre, its supporters and financiers who are usually on good terms with congressmen (feed their pockets with cash) have long fed the paranoa of gun owners no longer being protected by the 2nd Amendment of U.S. Constitution. Cartoon by Pat Bagley.

Mexican foreign Minister condemend the act of terror against Mexicans. Mexican government equally condemned the xenophobic attacks and have warned 
Mexican citizens after six nationals were murdered to be cautious when traveling through the U.S. Three other countries Japan, Venezuela and Uruguay warned their citizens about traveling to the United States. International human rights group Amnesty International also issued a travel warning to the United States.

Now it is coming to light that Crusius' mom had called the police concerned about her son possessing an AK 47. As it has been said again, the FBI, Homeland Security and Justice Department have been well aware of the lone wolf American terrorists plotting, planning and preparing to turn their weapons on their own countrymen. For all the money spent and justifiable noise made by the media, journalists and pundits over the threat of ISIS, Al Qaeda and the stereotyped foreign terrorists, the U.S. is slowly looking in the mirror at its own racist terrorists right in its backyard. The domestic terrorists use the same tactics as any terrorist groups, paranoa and fear reign supreme, so does the familiar apocoplytic view of the world's end due to immigration, liberalism, fading patriotism, America's falling superpower status which follows the same patterns of previous hegemonic powers ie Ancient Rome, British Empire and Soviet Union, the need for revenge for a cause or grievances against the government. The American public tend to downplay threats from domestic terrorists perhaps due to the groups being smaller, more splintered, often times confined to rural areas. Also being decentralized as most undeground terrorist groups are. Like their foreign counterparts, the American terror groups spread their messages and ideologies online via social media, forums, video platforms, university campus, and word of mouth. They are quick to disavow lone wolf terrorists as was the case with Dylan Roof and Nicholas Cruz. Local police and FBI have been doing cartwheels to keep up with the proliferation of hateful violence, speech, neo nazi aficiandos who think of turning their once controlable rage into violence through small acts of terror. Patrick Cruisis was said to publish his manifesto and other writings online at 8chan, the popular social media site that has been used more frequently by white supremacists, neo nazis, anti left wing, racist and anti globalization groups and their members. The cofounder of 8chan, Frederick Brennan who suffers from brittle bone syndome, has condemned the attacks in El Paso. He had long distanced himself from 8chan after it gained popularity with white supremacists, far right nationalists, misoygnist promoting itself as a safe haven for free speech. This was in response to Youtube, Facebook and other social media giants banning and censoring conservative and extreme far right video creators for videos and messages ranging from paranoid conspiracy theories, racism and hiding behind the veil of nationalism. The software security company Cloudflare will be terminating their security with 8chan in response to the El Paso shooting. Threat of right wing terrorism is not confined to the United States, Canada, Australia and Germany among other Western countries are also facing rising threats. As the three cities mourn across the country, the fear and anxiety has not ebbed.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The Hot, hot Earth: Heatwaves in Europe, Japan and US

Part of Mother Nature Climatic Wars series

Last year, 2018 reached the new world record for the hottest summer in decades. Beginning in Asia and traveling all the way to the Americas, the heatwave, wildfires and heatdomes boiled (no pun intended) the societies across the world. Tokyo and many Japanese cities saw some of the hottest days beginning in July. South Korea also witnessed its own crushing heatwaves. To the south, the Australian cities of Sydney and experienced the hottest weeks in 85 years. In Greece, Spain, Norway, the Algarve region of Portugal particulary the mountain town of Monichal and . The worst European wildfire was in the small Greek village of Mati, where some 77 people were killed by the nightime wildfire that trapped holidaymakers and local villagers on the beach. The fire surrounded the beach and burnt houses. Many people had to dive into the sea for safety and find relief from the intense heat. The fire crisscrossed the highways and kept blazing for days until it was extinguished by the Greek fire services. Even the Arctic circle and Norway and Sweden which is normally cooler compared to Southern Europe caught fire. The world as a whole has been getting hotter each summer due to climate change and the climatic shifts happening around the Earth. It's not coincidental that its the Western World that is dragging itself through the heat.

Hot as Hell in Europe

French government has placed the weather warning on the highest alert to red and has banned cars to keep emissions from adding to the heat. Many of the centuries old apartments buildings and houses in most European cities and squares do not have air conditioning. Most were built before AC or even central heating were invented. Being built out of cement as in most of the world, these buildings have their own natural, internal cooling system that are different from air duct systems used in wooden homes. Until the early 2000s, most building residents didn't have to rely on air conditioning in reliably cool summer months throughout Europe where people spend the majority of their summer and spring outdoors. We're not only talking holidays or nature walks, but leaving projects at work and spending genuine quality time with family and friends. Europe still emphasizes work to live life and not consumed by work and stress as in the U.S.

Now again in 2019, another heat dome which started last week is breaking the thermometer across Europe: Germany, France, UK, Poland, the Czech Republic or Czechia are suffocating from the stifling heat that have introduced the cities of Paris, Rome, Berlin and Prague to 110+ degree heat or 40 to 46 degree centigrade. Keep in mind that Southern Europe, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta and Greece are already used to high temperatures of 40 degree centigrade throughout the summer. Yet the ongoing heat and desert like humidity in June has sent many Europeans both locals and holidaymakers rushing for limited shades, public pools and cooling stations across the European cities. Many of the elderly are at risk of heatstroke, exhaustion and dehydration. The last time it was hot as hell in Europe was in 2003 where a massive heatwave covered Europe and killed 70,000 elderly people in August while the country was on holiday. The month of August is a European wide, mandatory vacation month for many workers and many Europeans go on holiday via cruises, flights  The major capitals normally shut down during August for locals but still receive millions of tours. In 2010, another unforgiving heatwave killed 10,000 Russians. A wildfire had broken out in Catalonia battled by 700 firefighters or bomberos has been contained. The FIFA's Women's World Cup being hosted by France has seen several matches allow players to take water breaks and cool off. The fans at many of the matches can be seen continously fan themselves and sitting in the shadied seats of stadiums. Many of the matches have been played more frequently in the Ocean Stadium Le Havre, a costal city in Normandy that has been dealing with unusual humidity. Even the beachgoers who are usually relaxed getting a tan have had enough of the burning heat.

Saharan dust and winds named the Siroccio that frequently cover Italy, UK and France in African dust particles has reached the United States for the first time dumping dust in Florida.  Now, there are many countries ie Australia, Somalia, Bahrain who just experienced its hottest June in a 100 years, Libya (said to have some of the hottest recorded temperatures in the world), UAE (to name a few places) that are used to 45+ centigrade heat and the people have learned to adapt and manage it. However, Europe is melting. The United States gets unbearably hot even hotter than Libya and India (known for melting heatwaves recently) in some cases. Regions that are both desert and grasslands such as Death Valley are unlivable, the cities of Phoenix & Tuscon, AZ, Albuquerque, Dallas and Sacramento, CA (dry humidity both are in tree covered, flat lands), New York City has to deal with the urban heat island affect as does Miami, San Diego, Boston and San Francisco. It's worth noting that a majority of residents in San Francisco do not have air conditioning since it has never been needed. The Pacific Ocean's breeze has alleviated any potentially harmful heatwave washing over SF until now. The U.S. has a century long history of heatwaves that have broken the thermostat on multiple occasions. While Americans do go outdoors, most prefer to stay close to an air conditioned house, mall, store or if a person is working the whole summer in an air conditioned and freezing office building.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Noah's flood but no ark: Ongoing massive floods and tornadoes in Oklahoma, Kansas and Plain states

Mother Nature Climatic War series 

For nearly two weeks and counting, the Midwest particularly the flat states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Alabama, Indiana and Iowa and Nebraska (all Republican states and rural) have been experiencing massive floods that have broken previous regional records. The biblical metaphors have been used so much by the pundits, journalists and local people that you can hear the exhaustion from Mother Nature's consistency to flood out the Ozarks (colloquial name for the southern Midwest/Plains states) before midsummer. The Cimarron River that runs through Oklahoma and Kansas has flood the small town of Crescent, Oklahoma and other towns in Iowa, parts of Alabama Arkansas have been turned into lakes. These are the floods that have yanked houses into rushing waters, bulldozed power lines and trapped residents in their homes. It has also killed 7 people and injured hundreds. As though nature wasn't finish with her cruelty, there are 500 tornadoes running across the flooded states and up and down the Plains. Tornadoes during this time of year in the United States' southern Midwest are common. However, ten or more tornadoes zigzagging their way through villages and tiny towns and flooding that has surpassed the 100 year mark have shocked even the most experienced tornado and storm chasers. Many more people have survived their homes being leveled. US intelligence have warned that climate change is a national security threat. The warning was made over a decade ago, even forty years ago. The jet stream from the Gulf of Mexico has its normal summer currents flipped. Where normally the jet stream sends warm air to the West Coast and Northern parts of the U.S. and the cooler weather to the deep South which has a tropical climate keep in mind, the cold air is being sent West and North. This has caused freak weather such as hail and winter like cold to continue falling in the Northern Midwest, parts of the East Coast and abnormal cold air to the West Coast which is usually burning hot this time of year. The tornadoes have increased in intensity every year.

The mayor of Jefferson City has warned the residents to be prepared for more flooding and to evacuate. The state capital was partially damaged in the floods. Some neighborhoods along the Arkansas Rivers have become rivers. A private lake in Oklahoma City could face collapse from the rising waters. In the Southwestern state of Texas, tornadoes have been bombarding towns and the outer suburbs of Dallas Forth worth locally known as the Metroplex for the past week. The floods in Texas, were small in comparison to Oklahoma and its sister states. Tornadoes and severe storms are common in Texas but the severity has also caught the Texans off guard. Many tornado and flood damaged homes resemble bombed out homes and schools in Syria, Iraq, occupied Palestine and Yemen. Nature is responding in kind to destroying the United States' critical infrastructure (in needed of major updates) much like the US backed Saudi coalition in Yemen, ISIS takfiri militia in Syria and Libya and Israeli military in Palestine. Under the shadow of the 500 tornadoes across the Midwest and Southwest, the U.S. is threatening war on Iran while the ordinary Americans suffer from war like destruction both naturally and man made. The levees have done little to slow the cresting and overflowing rivers that crisscross the damaged states. It has been less than a year since Texas' largest city Houston, survived Hurricane Harvey that badly flooded the city. The residents of the city are still recovering and parts of the city reflooded again as the new storms washed over Texas. Tornadoes are still touching down in Texas, Oklahoma and their neighboring Midwestern states.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Sudan: the people united will never be defeated

The above video Sudanese Lawyers presents the stories of two lawyers who have been defending the rights of revolutionaries from the early days of the national protests to the present. They also discuss the trials they face with the government, police and military junta. 

Protesters marching across a bridge from Omdurman across the Nile toward Central Khartoum this past week,

After four long months, the Sudanese people have overthrown Omar El Bashir. Despite the pundits and journalists trying to give credit to Bashir leaving office to the Sudanese military, it was the people who throw off El Bashir. Bashir, his brothers, the wanted Ghosh and the former Darfur governor Ahmed Haroun have been arrested by the military until further notice. Similar to Cairo in the aftermath of Hosni Mubarak's overthrow and later Morsi' overthrow, the ordinary Sudanese are remaining outside the national military HQ in Khartoum and continue to protests in Atbara (where the people's revolution began), Nyala, Darfur, Port Sudan, Kosti and other towns for a civilian government. Sudanese from across the country continue to arrive Khartoum, sit and protest in front of the national military headquarters until a civilian rule government is birthed into existence. The Sudanese Professional Association has been with protesters from the beginning and was instrumental in delivering a memorandum to the military junta. It is one of many groups that form part of the national Alliance for Freedom and Change hasn't given up on its demands. The SPA is itself an umbrella organization of trade union and workers groups. The people are fed up with the ancient regime and do not want any of the old abusive military guards or a new junta in power against the people. A popular Darfuri Sheik Matar Younis has also called for the removal of anyone who belonged to the old Bashir government. Sheik Younis who was arrested by NISS in Zalingei, Darfur on April 1, 2018 and later released in July 26, 2018, is an outspoken critic of El Bashir and the new military council. The Algerian people are also watching events in Sudan and have emphasized with the Sudanese protesters. Sudanese Civil Society has called on the African Union to put pressure on the military junta and give the power back to Sudanese people. The military junta has tried so far to discourage people by trying to break up the sit ins to no avail.

The two videos below come from Sudanese Online: Protesters or revolutionaries from Kassala arrived in unusually long convoys to join their fellow countrymen and protesters in Khartoum 

Angry Revolutionaries celebrating the removal of Sheik Mohammed Mustafa Abdulqadir from the industrial zone of a Khartoum neigborhood.

3Ayin media gives background on what made the Sudanese Revolution inevitable in Arabic

Still unfree and in imprison

Also remember that despite the revolution and people power in Khartoum and ongoing protests in Nyala by displaced Darfuris, and rural Sudanese also joining the protesters in Khartoum from various regions against the remaining militia groups, there are still thousands of Sudanese imprisoned across the country. Local Sudanese human rights groups have condemned the continual detention and torture of Darfuri and all Sudanese prisoners (both civilians and captured rebels), same goes for the people of the Nuba Mountains, students, doctors, lawyers, activists including those on hunger strikes and critics of former El Bashir regime. Darfuri students and families are protesting the ongoing detention of their fellow students and relatives that have been ignored as well as the ongoing abuse and mistreatment by NISS, Popular Defense Force militias around Sudan.

Ongoing nighttime protests in Khartoum, Wad Madani and across other cities throughout Sudan this time against the military junta

Ongoing restructuring of the government from military to civilian

The Alliance for Freedom and change, an umbrella group working towards a transitional government ruled civilians has been part of the larger Sudanese protesters from December. The alliance is made up of people pushing for human rights, legal reform, freedom and Sudanese style democracy among other demands. Some of the members have been in week long discussions with the current military junta to transition as quickly as possible to a civilian rule government to avoid the Sisi military junta government in Egypt. The military has reiterated it prefers to keep its members on some positions in presidential house and overseeing Sudan's national security state and apparatus much to the annoyance to the civilians on the street. So far the alliance has compromise begrudgingly to have a transitional council made up of 8 civilians and 7 . Sudanese were watching and inspired by their northern neighbor Egypt throughout the 2011 and 2014 Egyptian Revolutions. Sudanese at home and abroad have also been monitoring the people protests in Algeria. The remaining Sudanese police have also begun striking since Sunday to protest their dismantle when the civilian government does come to power. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

From Algeria to Sudan people are tired of the old regimes

For the past several months, both Algeria and Sudan have been in ongoing protests against their respective governments. Sudanese of all ages and from all walks of life have been demanding with chants of "Tasqut bas" roughly translates to the "regime must fall that's all," that the 30 year old military junta of President Omar Al Bashir step down. The people have had enough of the government's use of fear through silencing critics no matter their profession, arrest and torture of university students, journalists and activists and critics by NISS, by excessive use of military force against ordinary Sudanese in Khartoum and in the marginalized areas of Darfur, Red Sea State and the Blue Nile area and the crushing economic collapse of the Sudanese pound and lack of medicines, closure of news critical to the government. On April 6th, the largest demonstrations and protests in Sudan's history took place across Khartoum as hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the street united in their disgust and anger at the rickety military junta of Al Bashir. The protesters even managed to reach the Sudanese military HQ and have not slowed down despite police arrests. Like Bouteflika, Al Bashir's end is near it's just a matter of time. The Sudanese people are no longer afraid of either the military, NISS who have been detaining protesters in Kordofan and Dongola states and using excessive forces as well as shootings. Some 51+ people have been killed since the protests began across Sudan in December, but the people have stayed strong and continue to protest with their feet and voices. The April 6th is also the anniversary of the 1985 Uprising against the Jaafar Niamery government also on April 6th. It was not coincidental at all. Also remember that both Algeria and Sudan joined the larger Arab Spring in 2011 that began in Tunisia Algeria's neighbor.

On the other side of Africa, in Algeria sandwiched in between Morocco and Tunisia, the Algerians have been fed up with the 20 year rule of the now former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika who signed his resignation letter on April 4th. Algerians are still not rightly so satisfied with just Bouteflika stepping down. The people want anyone tied to his regime gone with no expectations. Remember, Algeria used to be the epitome of third world liberation struggles, non align movement, revolutionary politics being anti-colonial in the 1960s to 70s. The renowned Martinique psychiatrist Frantz Fanon drew inspiration for his magnum opus Black Skin, white masks (one of many magnum opuses) and psychiatric studies on brutal military force and colonialism's physiological effects on colonized peoples through treating Algerian patients in the psychiatric ward and studying Algerians' fight for independence from France pre 1962. He also studied the affects on the oppressor. Algeria was and is a case study in nations overcoming decades of economic and political colonialism and being tied to imperial powers against the will of the local peoples. Although Algeria's economy is slightly better than Sudan due to gas and oil and other smaller manufacturing, Algerians have also experienced police repression, arrests for government criticisms, exile like Sudanese expats and ongoing states of emergencies each time Algerians protest for their basic rights. Despite a shorter rule, Bouteflika is extremely frail and can barely sit up. It had long been common knowledge (despite failed media blackouts) that Bouteflika 82 years old has long standing health problems. Since the protest began in January, the Algerian people have shown just how fragile Bouteflika is. Both figuratively and politically. It should be remembered that Bouteflika came to power in 1999 toward the end of the brutal Algerian Civil War (1991-2002). He was originally elected under the promise of ending the war, creating  lasting peace and stabilizing Algeria.

 Since Algeria's independence from France which treated the North African nation more like a French department ie Corsica or Martinique not a colony, Algeria had balanced between socialism and the then rising Islamic awakenings of the 1970s. The successful Islamic Revolution in Iran would later inspire the likes of Algeria's own FIS (Islamic Salvation Front) and its cousin in Libya the Libyan Islamic Salvation and the Islamic Fighting Group (that in the 1990s became more Takfiri terrorists). Its also worth remembering that the Islamic groups and movements originally began as social movements championing for social change for the marginalized and poor in society, providing students and their families with education and faith. The war began in the aftermath of an election in which Islamic parties won the popular vote over the socialists and other secular parties. Up until 1991, Algeria was secular and socialist much like Sudan and Libya were. Sudan witnessed its own coup in 1989 that ended the socialist government's rule in which Omar Bashir promised a sharia based and Islamic government in a literal interpretation. As with other socialist governments at the time, France, U.S. and UK did not want socialism to become an alternative to capitalist and representative democratic government system. Socialism, keep in mind was popular in many African countries such as Ethiopia, Algeria, Sudan, Eritrea, Burkina Faso (Thomas Sankara), Guinea-Bissau with Amilcar Cabral, Egypt and Libya to name a few. Socialism's emphasis on all of society benefiting from the common well being fits in with the communal culture of African societies that also places importance on a unified people progressing through improved infrastructure, technology and social safety nets not just one person benefiting from health or education. Which is a fact that few Western countries know little about including the pundits and the so called experts on Algeria or Sudan.

Friday, 29 March 2019

It is terrorism: New Zealand horror, 50 people killed by the terrorist next door

This is the home that empathy built: The cartoon above was drawn by Kiwi cartoonist Ruby Jones as a response to how New Zealand as whole felt in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack at Al Nur Mosque and Linwood mosque. Al nur means the light in Arabic.

Cuando era joven, yo siempre pregunte porque? On March 15, 2019, Christchurch, New Zealand experienced and witnessed one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the country's history. 50 innocent people, babies, families to elderly were brutally gundown by a 28 year old right wing, anti-immigrant, anti-islam and politically motived white terrorist named Brenton Tarrent. Tarrent is himself an Australian immigrant to New Zealand. Despite the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden cautioning the public that the terrorist's name will not be mentioned to avoid any more press and possible copycats, his name should still be said to show the world the cowardly monster of the horrific attack. The names of ISIS supporters and attackers are often mentioned on the spot. The massacre of 50 people the 43 people at the Al Nur Mosque and 7 New Zealanders (some migrants, refugees and other Kiwi born) at Linwood mosque both in Christchurch, is terrorism to its core. Victims are New Zealanders or Kiwis some of who immigrated from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and Syria. New Zealand is known more for being a quiet, relatively peaceful country. It is famed for its natural beauty, ancient Maori culture, language and hospitality being welcoming to migrants and visitors alike. Christchurch despite being a medium size city has mostly avoided the horrors of terrorism in other parts of the world. Mass shootings of this size are still rare in New Zealand and by extension in Australia. Both countries have strict gun laws and New Zealand government announced that the gun laws will change. Assault rifles have been banned in the country. Until this attack, Christchurch was known for surviving 2011 Earthquake that destroyed half the city but left only a few residents injured. The Bangaledeshi cricket team survived the shooting near Al Nur Mosque which borders a small park where the team was heading to practice before a test match. Some of the team members mentioned that the shooting has changed the perception of the country. And more, the attacks as with all terrorist attacks was meant to divide New Zealand but it has done the opposite.

The video below is a collection of global cartoonists' response to the terrorist attack in New Zealand. Some are disturbing for viewers. The cartoons come from the

Terror and demography: Fear of a black and brown planet 

The terrorist published his own manifesto online dubbed the great replacement and gave his justification as as a retaliation for the death of an 11 year old in Belgium as the final push to his horrific act. Like the Norwegian terrorist Anders Brevaik, who inspired Tarrant via the Vienna School ideology, Tarrant sees immigration replacing white Europeans in many Western countries. There are millions of Westerners who are non white. This replacement theory plays on the fear of not only the neo nazi groups but also mainstream conservatives, some moderates and the more paranoid Westerners and Japanese who see Muslim, Latino and African immigration or migration as a form of "white genocide," or "great replacement" of native citizens which is a load of nonsense or mierda. Keep in mind, there is a demographic change occurring in Western countries with low birth rates, reliance on automation and technology to make up for a shrinking labor force and population, health and societal changes. The world's increasing and large elderly populations lives in Japan, Western Europe, Australia and United States. But the fear of a bogey man mass immigration shouldn't be taken lightly nor is it a fringe idea confined to online forums of 4chan, dark web or an obscure mini doc that shows immigration as some kind of apocalyptic nightmare for the West. Politicians such as Donald Trump and Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban have indirectly echoed fears of mass immigration invading or replacing so called "native" peoples of their respective countries. George Soros is also blamed as an instigator of mass immigration for his donations and philanthropy for numerous global causes ranging from human rights to social development in the Global South. Despite Soros' response to Budapest, he is currently persona non grata in his birth country of Hungary, where Orban launched a Stop Soros campaign that became law in response to the Soros foundation operations and a fight against migration. All the while the media and right wing pundits feed into the migration fear of cyclical war from Samuel Huntington's clash of civilization in attempts to prove the recycled stereotypes that the East and West are not only different but can never coexist culturally, politically and economically together.

Tarrant's entire family and associates aren't yet being dragged to the police station and questioned for their connections to him or condemned as possible accomplices, like ISIS and takfiri terrorists who automatically become persona non grata each time an ISIS member carries out a terrorist attack. It's unlikely there will be a travel ban for some Australians. The horrific massacre has brought the world's attention back to the problem of the overlooked but equally dangerous white terrorists or Western terrorists (no matter if they're Australian, Japanese, European or American).

 It is the same great replacement conspiracy theory that drove the Pittsburgh Synagogue attacker. Tarrant has shown no remorse or regret and sees his attack as justified. He is not yet connected to any other underground or terrorist groups in the U.S. or any other Western country. When asked to comment on the terror attack in Christchurch, NZ, Trump condemned it but added that white supremacy was not necessarily a big problem. It's just a few people who had taken it to the extreme. Australia has been dealing with far right extremist groups for decades. Until 1980s, Australia actually had a white Australia policy though it was downplayed originally, where immigration to Australia was limited to Europeans. Also remember the aboriginal Australians lived in apartheid conditions for most of the 20th century. Mass immigration from Asia was discouraged despite Australia being geopgrahically in Asia and surrounded by Pacific island nations. The former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull opposed helping refugees fleeing Syria and Mynarmar and even turned a blind eye to asylum seekers being held in Australia's offshore prisons in Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Turnbull like previous PMs held onto the country's strict migration policy of only allowing few aslyum seekers into the country. In recent years, Australia has denied visas to popular right wing activists like Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneaux.

The recent faux bomb threats against CNN, Soros and several Democrats were carried out by a disturbed Trump supporter Cesar Sayoc. The Justice department and FBI have confirmed on numerous occasions that white terrorism is a threat to the U.S. even above ISIS. Coinciding with the terrorist's arrest in New Zealand, the FBI announced that they had arrested 150 suspects by the end of 2018. There are currently 900 domestic terror investigations in the U.S. The FBI is not exaggerating in the immediate threat American terrorists pose to the public. They have been chasing, arresting and deradicalizing white supremacist/right wing terrorists for decades and still continue to go after the suspects before they launch their attacks. Even the pundits acknowledged that U.S. terrorists have killed more Americans than ISIS or any other foreigners. The Brookings Institute asked the relevant question if domestic terrorists should be treated in the same vain as ISIS. The groups ranging from anti-government to anti-religious and anti-Jewish groups who have a paranoid world view and see a conspiracy theory in everyday life.

Keep in mind that this terrorist attack occurred after a week long attacks by the Democrats, Republicans and the Israel first and pro-Zionist Israeli supporters against the new elected US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who questioned the Israel Lobby's role in American policy in the Middle East. She continues to be vilified and ripped apart verbally by the right wing pundits of Fox News, online independent news pundits and creators and the US president man child Trump.

AN: Historically Europeans have always been a global minority on Earth which you wouldn't know from mainstream media. The majority of the world's population are African, Asians, Central and South Americans, indigenous peoples. Meanwhile, the Europeans (in Europe and the Diaspora including in Cono de Sur S. America) and Americans are under 15%. The statisticians and demographers are constantly calculating or recalculating. This is a story for another day.  

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Right of Return: Diego Garcia, UN Court pushes Britain to end colonization of Chagos Islands

Beautiful, hidden paradise that is Diego Garcia, part of the Chagos Island archipelago. The tiny atoll is situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean. To its North is India and Southeast Asian countries. To its east is Mauritius and Eastern Africa. To It's South is Antarctica. 

For fifty years the Chagossian people from Diego Garcia and across the Chagos Archipelago, who are also African people, have been waiting to go home. They are granted the right to return to their original homeland much like the Palestinians and the Roghinya people. Unlike the later two peoples' whose histories, resistance and suffering/trauma have becoming well known and championed globally for years, the Chagossians' plight has been swept under the rug by a combination of out of sight out of mind media blackout and government censorship. History books rarely focus on the immediate aftermath of World War II in the Pacific islands if it doesn't relate to the post war recovery of Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. The UN court declared on February 25 of this year that Britain should immediately end its colonization and occupation of the Chagossian islands. That the Chaggosian people have a right to return to their island homeland immediately even. Britain and the United States turned the once populated islands into a deserted paradise with a lone US military base. The Chagossian people have been in legal limbo for over 50 years at the local and international courts demanding their rights to go home whether the U.S. or UK cares. They have been made refugees involuntarily. There was no war to send the islanders fleeing for safety. Much like the Native Americans and the Aboriginal Australians, the Chagossians were pushed off their lands under the guise of resettlement compensation. Britain claimed Chagos Islands as a UK territory in 1965 despite its illegality. Since then, like the Roghinya, the Chagossians have became persona non grata in their own country and have been forced to live in exile. Three generations of Chagossians have been fighting to return via protest and law in UK and Mauritius. Arrogantly, both United States and UK have denied both physically and politically any opportunity for Chaggosians to even fly to their home islands. It is a violation of International Law and the UN charter. Sound familiar? Palestinians living within what remains of historical Palestine can at least jump through hoops and loops to see their ancestral lands. The Chagossians have been dealing with the door to their paradise home slammed in their faces.

For the small Pacific islands that are rarely mentioned even by pundits or the so called, "experts" on Asia and Pacific, their post war experienced, trauma, pain and lost and dispossession of land merely gets a footnote.

Bases everywhere but no home for the exiled

In the 1950s, under the shadows of the Cold War and in secret, Britain and United States (these two work in tandem) dispossessed indigenous Chagossians on Diega Garcia and Chagos islands of their homeland to build a US military bases. The then 2,000 Chagossians were sent thousands of miles/kilometers from their homeland to ironically to the UK, Seychelles and Mauritius, which is the nearest country off the Southeast African coast to Chagos Islands. Being a former British colony itself, Mauritius claimed sovereignty over the Chagos Islands when it gained independence from Britain in 1968. Seychelles is still a French colony despite the euphemism of French territory. They are two of many African islands still under indirect French and British control long after decolonization. Both the US and Britain continue to ignore Mauritius' claim and treat Chagos Islands as their own property. Read Guam, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. The reasoning for snatching Diego Garcia where the military base is still located, of course was to fight the Soviet Union and Communism. It's the same excuse the U.S. and wider Western countries gave for colonialism and excessive use of military force in other Pacific islands and continual presence of military bases in Okinawa which is greatly and deeply despised by the Okinawans and Guam. Now the new justification to keep the Diego Garcia base is to challenge China rising as part of America's "pivot toward Asia." As been said before, the U.S. wants to remain the world hegemon and hates even the idea of a multi-polar world or any country challenging its financial, economical, cultural, military and trading power. Read China and Russia in Asia, Syria, Venezuela and African countries ie Djibouti and Ethiopia. It goes back as it has been said before the American superiority complex where Americans learn from the crib and through the media that they are God's chosen people. Sound familiar? It's little wonder that American sees itself as a blood brother to Israel and buys heavily into Israeli belief that Israeli Jews (if you ignore Palestinians, Christians, Muslims and Bahais) are God's chosen people first and foremost. No country can tell America and Israel otherwise. Much to American chagrin, the world is becoming more multi-polar with rising powers that challenge and surpass the U.S. ie China, Russia, Iran (yes, it is a big rival to Saudi Arabia across the Middle East and even in parts of East Africa), Turkey (somewhat a wannabe neo-ottoman regional power that's trying to make its case to be the non Iran/Saudi power across the Middle East), Nigeria (throughout Africa, is currently the unofficial super power of West Africa even a larger regional power than South Africa). The Chagossians will continue their decades long struggle to return home with and without the media pundits and the advocates.