Sunday, 9 December 2018

The House that the Hurricane broke: Hurricane Micheal's sinks Florida Panhandle.

Ripped from the roots: The village of Mexico Beach, FL has lost some 90% of its homes which were ripped from their foundations figuratively by Hurricane Michael on October 11, 2018. It is the second Hurricane Michael to strike North America. The first Hurricane Michael hit Canada's East Coast in 2000.

The article below was originally written on October 12th and revised Dec 4th enjoy.

For the United States, Mother Nature's long standing fury has boiled over. The Carolinas are still facing the aftershocks of Hurricane Florence that arrived on September 11th, a national day of mourning in the U.S. Although a category 1 hurricane, Florence still did untold damages to both North and South Carolina. The town of New Bern, Wilmington, the Outer Banks, NC were buried underwater and the residents are are still facing closed schools, businesses, water damaged homes and months of clean up. The last major hurricane to destroy both Carolinas on a large scale was Hurricane Hazel in 1956 that not only destroyed the coast but also killed some 200+ people in Haiti en route to the Carolinas.

There is a pattern with the deadly hurricanes now attacking the coasts in mid September. This is the second year, a hurricane has arrived on 9/11 forgive the irony. When it comes to weather, the Carolinas are one body dealing with a cruel butterfly effect. If a downpour happens in North Carolina, it will be felt in South Carolina almost immediately. Their neighbor to the south, Florida is famous for having some of the most stubborn people around. Perhaps ordinary Floridians believe standing up to a hurricane and surviving the aftershocks will make them stronger. The Floridian stubbornness appears to be tied to a local exceptionalism part of the larger American exceptionalism that insists that Floridians don't run from  a fight or danger no matter if its a category 4 hurricane causing the harm or another person. Thousands of Floridians ignored a week long televised warning by the governor pleading with the residents in English, Spanish and sign language as well as advisories to forget about personal property and replaceable material items and save themselves. There are the people who proudly state, "my grandfather survived the hurricane of 1935, I survived Andrew and Bertha."

Now Florida, most famous for being a target of hurricanes every year, has faced its worst hurricane attack in years. Hurricane Michael bypassed the Caribbean much like Hurricane Florence did and headed straight for mainland United States. Michael, a category 4 hurricane that had been building up its power, came out of the Gulf of Mexico and hit and wiped off the map, the small coastal village of Mexico Beach, Florida. The larger beach city of Panama City (not be confused with Panama City, Panama) also destroying multiple homes, schools, hospitals and roads. Panama City, FL is a popular Spring Break destination for hundreds of college and high school students who still flock to Florida between March-May. The spring breakers like the tourists elsewhere in the world ie Europe and Asia are being chased by Mother Nature's increasing climatic war. The Florida Panhandle is closer to Alabama and Mississippi. It is more rural than the Caribbean/Latin American styled South Florida. The Panhandle is the most forested area of Florida. It is a sliver of rural, "old Florida" (disappearing gradually), semi-deep South home to the Florida Crackas (the rednecks, country people) that is known more for being eccentric and unique compared to the rest of the state. Especially Tampa, Miami and Orlando areas. When Michael hit it not only destroyed infrastructure but also isolated the rural coastal towns and inland surrounded by forest further from each other not to mention from help coming across the state and frm other states. Mexico Beach resembles a tsunami hit town. While Panama City, FL has withstand some of the major destruction, most of the town is destroyed. Other smaller towns near the Florida-Alabama border ie Marianna, Althia, and the Florida-Georgia line that was also struck by the hurricane are still in shock and recovering. Many houses in Mexico Beach and elsewhere were ripped off their foundations.

Help did not come

The  displaced are still waiting for FEMA to aid them in their basic needs ie food and shelter. The FEMA has only been able to respond to the numerous hurricanes striking the United States. It doesn't handle preventive environmental measures needed to reduce the destruction of infrastructure and lives. That is left to the states and people on the ground.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Scarred land: Wildfires and Nature's chemical weapons

From June to August this past summer 2018, California, Colorado and Utah experienced the latest massive wildfires yet. The Carr fire, Mendocino Complex Fire, from Sacramento to North of San Francisco and Santa Barbara-San Diego fires scorched the Californian landscape and displaced over a million peoples. Lake Christine fire in Colorado also displaced residents from small Colorado towns. As said before Mother Nature is on her long war of aggression against the United States. Environmentalists and scientists have warned for decades that the wildfires were getting deadly and larger. California has a 100 years of massive wildfires. The most famous being the 1889 Santiago Canyon Fire that was the largest in the state's history. This year's Mendocino Complex fire just surpassed Santiago Canyon as the largest with over 600,000 acres. The wildfires in California were unusually large this year that it created its own weather system and introduced another new kind of weather term a firenado (Fire + tornado). The fires have been contained but the damages and dispossession still continue. British Colombia in Canada also caught fire along with Scandinavia and the Arctic Circle.

Chemical weapons of Mother Nature

To top off the destruction, the wildfires also unleashed its own chemical weapons in the form of skin rashes, contained water, respiratory problems and diseases for both the victims and firemen . The continental winds across the United States carried the wildfire smoke and dust from California all the way to the East Coast particularly New England and New York.

Monday, 23 July 2018

In Hawaii, Kilauea's eruption begins mother nature's summer assaults on US

Article below was originally published on June 1st when Kilauea was slowly erupting. As of July 23rd, Kilauea is still erupting and has created a new island next to the mainland of the big island.

The Hawaiian islands were created by volcanoes and tectonic plates. The Hawaiian Goddess Pele is the goddess of volcanoes,  For the last millions of years, volcanic ash has both threatened Hawaii and given it some of the most fertile lands in the world. There are five volcanoes that form the Hawaiian islands. Last Thursday, the most active volcano Kilauea reached a long overdue boiling point on the big island of Hawaii in the far east of Hawaii. The eruption was triggered by a small earthquake in the ring of fire called the Pacific region. Kilauea has long been a local and natural tourist attracts for local Hawaiians and visitors. It has been erupting for the last 100 years. The last eruption on a similar scale as this week's eruption was in 1985. The locals are well aware that the volcano could cause a large disaster and displaced them. So far 2000 local residents have been evacuated from the Lelani Estates, 3 miles south of Pahoa which is 23 miles from the big island's capital Hilo. Pahoa experienced its own lava flow threats in 2014.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

South Africa taking back land from white Afrikaner farmers

South Africa's place in the world. SA literally sits at the southern tip of Africa. It has never been isolated from the rest of the continent despite its geography. To its West is Namibia, Swaziland and Lesotho to the East, Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe to its North.

A lot has happened in the past few months. Especially concerning Africa. Taking a page from Zimbabwe, South Africa has begun taking land back from the white Afrikaner farmers to give to black South Africans who make up a majority of the country. Taking back the land and redistribution it to black farmers is being led by Julius Malema, a Member of South African Parliament and Economic Freedom Fighters, a nationalist South African party. Land reform has been a back and forth topic of discussion in both the South African Parliament and on the streets for 25 years. One most people think of South Africa, they think of it as the most developed country in Africa. It has one of the most developed infrastructure in Africa if you ignore the construction booms and infrastructure in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Namibia, Angola, Senegal. SA has long been used as measuring stick by the West and neighboring countries ie Nigeria, Kenya and Namibia as the epitome of African development and prosperity. Yet, South Africa as one of the most unequal countries on the continent. Many South African farmers like their Zimbabwean counterparts have long argued against the favoritism shown by the SA government toward the white Afrikaner (the descendants of the 18th century Dutch colonialists in SA) farm land ownership and their over representation in business ownership, manufacturing and hold on he productive economic sectors. This is in spite of the South African government setting aside economic empowerment jobs for the majority black South African population. Since the SA government has begun taking back the land, white farmers and non agricultural Afrikaners have both complained of government "land take over" and "ethnic cleansing" some Afrikaners even feared "genocide" after Mandela passed away in 2015. As some farmers have been killed, Afrikaners are asking the EU to grant them "the right of return" to Europe. The response from the EU has. Australia has offered to give fast track visa to Afrikaners wanting to leave SA for the land down under if need be. For centuries until recently, Australia had a long policy of a White Australia policy where only European immigrants were allowed into the country. Same for the U.S. until 1965 Immigration Act.

People should always remember that when South Africa's colonization began in with the Dutch India Company establishing itself on the cape, European colonialists (Dutch, French, British, German) stole the best arable (farm) and water rich land from the indigenous people. The same dispossessed South Africans were berated for decades afterwards by the colonialists and by the Apartheid government as unable to not only govern themselves but not able to grow their own food or be self sufficient. Both claims and stereotypes about African people needing Europe were completely false as history and African agency has proven. The apartheid government tried in vain to make South Africa into a "white man's country," as the British tried to do with Zimbabwe and Kenya. In Zimbabwe formerly known as Rhodesia (read Ian smith and Cecil Rhodes, the godfather of imperialism in Southern Africa). Even after being overthrown in a military coup, Robert Maguabe is still respected as one of Zimbabwe's early revolutionary heroes having pushed out white Rhodesian rule over the Zimbabwean majority. In Apartheid and colonial SA and Zimbabwe the indigenous/native people were treated as second class citizens while the European colonialists and multinationals (which continues to this day) were treated as preferential citizens allowed to mistreat and outright kill the people while living off of stolen land and prime real estate. Ordinary South Africans welcome the overdue land repatriation for black farmers. Many African countries have been watching Zimbabwe's indigenization policy on land ownership and saw how the white farmers benefited for decades from immediate access to agricultural lands. Given the history it is no surprise.

Fear of a Multicultural, global Europe

Conservative online and news pundits and activists ie Laura Southern who produced a mini series and documentary on the supposed massacres of white farmers, Ben Shapiro, Stefan Molyneux, Milo, Tucker Carlson have taken on the Afrikaner's fears of land redistribution declaring the ongoing taking back the land as a form of "white genocide" by the SA government. The right wing has also emphasized a "white genocide" in S.A. which is a lie and exaggeration when arguing against immigration and diversity in Europe  and North America. Particularly in Europe, with the migrants and refugees, the right wing and its cousins have upped the fear and outright paranoia of migrants, Islam caused by an ominous George Soros funded "white genocide" which is dubbed "The Kaligeri Plan" based on the now forgotten history of Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi, politician, philosopher count who was the godfather of the EU and European integration. Kalergi would live long enough to see the formation of the European Economic Community a precursor to the EU. The Kalergi Plan is mostly paranoid conspiracy theory. But its popularity has been making the rounds on UKIP's site, independent and online right wing/conservative media and podcasts. For the right wing be it the far right or mainstream conservatives, the boogeyman Soros and the "Kaligeri Plan" isn't a fringe conspiracy theory. The migrants aren't going to halt their fatal journeys to Europe or the United States despite the screeds of politicians ie Victor Obran in Hungary, Donald Trump in the U.S., Marine Le Pen in France, Matteo Salvini, Lega Nord, Erdogan inTurkey with his right wing Turkish nationalism and the pundits.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Displaced by mother nature: Climate refugees & IDPs have been here

The Day After Tomorrow that became a popular movie in 2004 is no longer fiction or an event of the future it is present day news.

Mother Nature again has been dropping her bombs (physically and metaphorically) on both coasts of the United States relying on the four elements: Earth, wind, water and fire. None of these have hit the U.S. in any particular order. These climatic "bombs"  if one was to imagine climate riding in a tank comes via mudslides, wildfires, chilling arctic winds and deep freezes and a new type of cyclone the bombogensis or bomb cyclone; the unofficial name for the January Winter storm Grayson. Bombogensis itself is the beginning of the deadly cyclone of ice that turned New York and the whole New England region into a freezer and made the East Coast experience a mini Ice Age. The tundra weather caused a pipe to burst and flood the international terminal at JFK after the airport suspended flights the day before. JFK remains the busiest airport in the U.S. for international and local flights and couldn't shut down entirely since thousands of passengers were still disembarking from planes and stuck at the airport. Texas, Florida and the Carolinas also experience snow fall for the firstime in 80 years. The U.S. has been in such a deep freeze in the East, Midwest and Southeast that they are colder than Siberia, Russia and Mars is warmer than Ohio and Pennsylvania. Both regions continue to be in a deep freeze that has been responsible for some 15 deaths not including the homeless. In California, people are still recovering from the wildfires in both North and South California that has displaced and dispossessed thousands of people of their homes and livelihoods. The residents of the Napa Valley and now Santa Barbara-Montecito have been staying with relatives and moving further away to seek shelter in other cities. The mudslide in Montecito, buried have of the city and killed 22 people.

Rich or Poor, the Earth's anger is universal

Despite Montecito and Napa Valley being two of the wealthier parts of California, climate change has proven multiple time that it doesn't discriminate between the super rich and the poor. Everyone is a target. It is also notable that the most environmental friendly and "green" policy states are facing the brunt of the climatic chaos across the U.S. and new levels of weather patterns not seen in a century. There was also a deadly winter storm that crisscrossed the Netherlands and Germany respectfully killing 5 people and ripping the roofs off of buildings, downing trees and sent pedestrians rolling across the ground.

Prior to this onslaught in the U.S., in 2009 Haiti was hit by 9.5 earthquake, one of the largest in the Carribean and history. The earthquake hit in the near center of Haiti and has displaced some half a millon people. Many Haitians still live in the makeshift IDP camps to this day in parts of Port au Prince and other cities such as Jacemel. It is common knowledge that the billions sent Haiti were of course that "went missing" or were squandered by the NGOs, many aid agencies including the Clinton Foundation and hardly any amount reached the displaced Haitians in need of immediate help. Many Haitians who were able to stay with relatives or migrate to other countries did so. Haitians went to Brazil for work and the U.S. where some 55,000 were granted temporary protected status or TPS. Since the TPS expired earlier this year, Haitians under TPS have been treated by the current Trump Administration as personas non grata. Like the Salvadorenos who were also granted TPS after a 2001 earthquake in El Savador sent 250,000 Salvaderenos to the U.S., have also become unwanted persons in Trump's America. It should come as a surprise to no one as Trump had shown the world who he is and the lack of remorse for those affected by climate change who aren't mainland Americans. The Boricuas or Puerto Ricans are still feeling the affects Hurricane Maria and are still displaced nearly six months after and experience continual power cuts.

The movie San Andreas is named for a fault line one of three major fault lines that California sits on, imagines the big one earthquake striking the entire state of California. Currently the state is dealing with wildfires and now frequent  mini earthquakes around 3.6 on the rector scale. Mexico has been on the receiving end of the larger Earthquakes measuring at 6.3. The most recent earthquake in 2017 was felt from Mexico City to Oaxaca.

On Libya: the ongoing journey of migrants and update on Tawergha

Libya's place in the world. Bordered by Tunisia and Algeria on its West. Niger and Chad on its South and Egypt and Sudan on its East. To the north is Mediterrean sea as well as Malta, Sicily and further north is Italy. In the southeast the Great manmade river, an underground aquafier that provides fresh drinking water to Libyan households and has helped to irrigate farmland. It's strategic location is one of the pull factors for the migrants racing towards Europe on boats.

Afrisynergy News interview with Jaballah Shebani, MP representing Tawergha 

Since 2011 Libyan civil war, Libya has been hurling downward to the hellish abyss in terms of societal and communal destruction of cities that were ethnically cleansed such as Targhewa, continue to be shelled and attacked by self proclaim revolutionary heroes and saviors such as Bani Walid, on the outskirts of Tripoli, Sabha and Kufra. The Libyan militias have refused to disarm and continue to feel as though all Libyans owe them the highest seats in Libyan government, in the profits and wealth of Libyan oil regarded as the best crude in Africa along with Nigeria's sweet crude and infrastructural development at the expense of other towns. As mentioned before, Libya unofficially has two rival governments. The National Unity government based in Tripoli and the militia backed government in Benghazi led from the shadows by Khalifa Haftar.

Human smugglers and trafickers have taken advantage of the exhausted migrants by pplacing the migrants and their families (the few who are fotunate to travel with their children and spouses) onto overcrowded danghies and boats to their final destinations in Italy and Sicily, Greece and from Morocco to Spain. Some 4,000 people have died crossing the Mediterrean Sea. Many hundreds of been returned to Libya or halted by the militias under funding from the Italian government or other joint EU funding for anti-trafficking and keeping the migrants out of Europe. Yes, Gadaffi also prophesized that Europe would turn Black over time with the continued migrant flows. It should be remembered too that Africans both modern and ancient have been going by boat to Europe for centuries. African migrations to Italy, Malta, Spain and Greece is not new. The Carthigians went into Spain and found the city of Cartegena. In Sicily, the moors left behind their DNA (also in Iberia and Italy too) and architecture.

Migrant workers who had been stranded in the African country after 2011 NATO backed civil war have faced unspeakable horrors ranging from slvaery, human trafficking to rape and frequent burning as cruel punishments under power hungry and money blinded militias. The continual flow of West African migrants, Sudanese Syrians, Afghans and other migrants has racheted up the cruel violence and abuses by the Libyan militias looking to vent their anger via bodily harm of innoncent migrants who are only passing through Libya. Keep in mind that Libyans are Africans much like Sudanese, Nigerians and Moroccans. Libya had the highest human development index out of all the African countries. While Libya did have some crumbling infrastructure in Benghazi, many migrant workers came to work on contstruction sites and made up bulk of the manual labor within the Libyan workforce from Sudan, Egypt and Mali and further way from Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan, China and even Russia. The migrants included Coptic christians from Egypt. Libya was relatively peaceful after the 1986 bombing of Libya. Gaddhafi was commited much like the now former Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe, toward a United Africa, with a gold back dinar and helping to financial multiple infrastructure projects across Africa .

 Sudanese migrants have not been spared from the beatings firey torture by Libyan militiamen. Despite the fact that the Sudanese government particulary President Omar al Bashir fool heartedlt supported the NATO war and bombings on Libya and Gaddhafi. Sudan has gone along with the gulf monarchies Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait which showed no remorse or emphathy for ordinary Libyans caught under th NATO destruction and now the militia choas. None of the mentioned countries cared for Gaddhafi nor supported him politically or fiancially. By the time he was excuted by militia, Gaddhafi was seen as a joke by the Arab League particulary Saudi and its do or die allies including Sudan and UAE. Gaddhafi had warned the Arab League members on numerous occassions to be weary of Western intervention in the region. He also emphasized that bickering between member states was causing more harm. Much like the West, the gulf monarchies dismissed his prophetic warnings of pure bluffs even laughing to his face. Nevermind that the 2003 Anglo Americna invasion of Iraq was prelude to the current choas in North Africa and Mesopatamia region. It is only after Syri's own war and ISIS invasion and destruction began that the gulf monarchies finally opened their eyes and lament that Libya was a precursor to the fracaso in Syria.

Tawergha revival: A return home after 7 years 

Taweghans have been displaced for the last 7 years in IDP and refugee camps in Tripoli, Benghazi and the outskirts of other cities. Many Taweghan families have protested in front of the Tripoli based Prime Minister's office against Misruta milita who destroyed their town on false rumors that Targhewans were mercanaries hired by Gaddhafi to attack and destroy the city of Misruta. After 7 years, the Taweghans will finally be allowed to return home on 1 February 2018. The announcement comes from Faiez Serraj head of the Presidency Council who negotiated for the return between representatives from Misruta and Tawerghans outside the town. The negative stereotype of African mercanariy for hire tearing up Misruta and other anti Gaddhafi rebels was broadcast by Western media as the truth when in reality most of the african soldiers fighting alongisde the Libyan government were Libyas themseleves and not from neghboring countries such as Chad, Sudan or Niger and Mali. Often times, the pundits in U.S. and Europe did little to research into the claims by Libyan militias or rebels aking the rumors as facts. The damage has had real and lasting consequences for dark skinned Taweghans who make up 50% of Libya's population and are a majority in Southern Libya. 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Horror that children see: Nikolas Cruz teenage terrorist shooter and the why of Fla school shooting

Anytime changing the 2nd amendment or strict gun control is brought up it is regarded as sacrilegious by the NRA, the gun advocates and the old school gun nuts. The NRA and their lobbyists have long paid off congressmen and women against creating strict gun control legislation that could save thousands of lives in the United States. Cartoon provided by Px Molina of the cartoon movement based on the gunman's own social media photo.

Author's note: The title the horror that children see refers to the horror and terror children witness happening around them. Sometimes the horrors come in the form of violence from adults via blood curling screams, violence and war. The U.S. is still paralyzed and rightly so by Wednesday February 14th school shooting at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland, FL. It was not only Valentine's Day but also Ash Wednesday which starts the beginning of Lent for Catholics. It was a terrorist attack in every sense of the phrase. It should be repeated that shootings like this are rare in other countries. The former student of the Stoneman High school, Nikolas Cruz 19 years old shot and murdered 17 of his own former school mates without remorse. His weapon was an AR-15, a military style weapon that involves specialized training for soldiers to use. In other countries it would be next to impossible to get such a weapon even with a gun license and legal requirements. It is shocking that neither Cruz' neighbors or parents raised an eyebrow when he brought the rifle home nor when his friend's parents locked up the rifle in their house. First question is why would a young man need such kind of weapon? Even hunters using AR 15 has been condemned by animal rights activists. Why in the world would a military style rifle be available for an ordinary person to purchase?

He used a fire alarm (that is often used as a regular drill for school safety and high school prank to scare fellow students and teachers) to coax hundreds of students and teachers to leave their respective classrooms assuming that a fire drill was going on at 2pm. Naturally, the students and teachers began to head out of the school building only to be blind sided and caught up in ricocheting gunfire. A SWAT team was able to respond immediately to the horror at the school. It also worth noting that some of the students thought the shooting was a drill at first. The young terrorist attempted to flee with follow students and teachers who survived. He managed to reach a Subway than a Walmart an unusually long time for him to go free. He was finally arrested by local police. Cruz who was captured alive and is now facing a day and half of interrogation He is obsessed with the U.S. Army and is painted as a strange loner. There are introverts and loners in high schools across the country who'd never fathom or even think of harming their fellow classmates and teachers. The stereotype that loners are all potential deranged gunman doesn't hold true. The FBI had known about Cruz prior to Wednesday. It appears to be a reoccurring theme that the FBI had knowledge of the gunmen before the shootings (technically terror attacks) take place. Why didn't the FBI stop Cruz or kept monitoring him after January 5th, 2018 when they knew Cruz wasn't shy about declaring he could commit a school shooting?  The Parkland police had received some multiple calls from Cruz' parents and the school about his behavior as well.

The terrorist is American

Cruz had trained with the Republic of Florida, a local white supremacist group. The leader of the Republic of Florida, Jordan Jereb confirmed that Cruz had trained with them once. But was quick to add that he didn't know Cruz personally and tried to deny his group's connection to Cruz. Cruz's training background, fascination with guns, indoctrination of racism, matches that of Dylan Roof, another young gunman turned murderer who was also self radicalized on white supremacist ideology and extreme racism. For decades now, the FBI, Homeland Security, the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center that studies the growth, shrinking and popularity of hate groups have warned U.S. society about the dangers the right wing extremism poses to the United States outweighing the terror threat from ISIS and other foreign groups. Most times, these domestic terrorists are not crazy or have any mental health problems. According to the ADL's recent publish report on terrorism in the U.S., 60% of terror attacks in country including extremism are carried out by American terrorists especially the lone wolf shootings. Despite what the Fox News and Online America News would have the public believe, most of America's domestic terrorists are white men. The white identitarian movement and the "Alt Right" movement (they are the same neo nazis of yesterday and present who have transformed themselves into chic, modern college groups) will jump up and shout that they are not terrorists that "leftists" are terrorist too and they are using the shooting to demonize them and take away guns. The "they do it too" argument is often used by right wing groups and gun rights groups to avoid holding the American terrorist (ie gunman) responsible for their actions and to deflect attention away from getting to the root cause (failure to impose strict gun control) and the why as well as self reflection after horrific events such as shootings. Everyone knows about the left wing militants of the past. Cruz wasn't a leftist or moderate. Politics wasn't a motivation for what he had done. It's not the anarchists or anti-Trump protesters shooting in schools or justifying the NRA's stupid logic that teachers should have guns to avoid future school shootings. It would be similar to using a flame thrower to fight a house fire.

Gun rights over human life?

Florida is also an open carry state and a stand your ground state much like neighboring states of Georgia and the Carolinas. Travyon Martin was killed on the way home in Sanford, FL by self proclaimed Neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman who kept following the teen. Zimmerman had no business following Martin even after "he asked why are you following me." Zimmerman later used the stand your ground ie shooting someone dead because the gunman felt threaten. It's telling that no one including the media pundits and the protesters calling for gun reform do not bring up Florida's gun laws that protects the gun owners and gun nuts but not the victims of gun terrorism and violence including children.

It takes maturity to change minds 

Japan and Australia witnessed some of the worst shootings  in school and parks in 1990s. The horror alone opened ordinary citizens and governments eyes for the immediate need for gun control. Australian government famously brought back 600, 000 guns from diehard hunters, gun owners and advocates who understood the need to prevent future mass shootings on the scale of 1996 Port Arthur Massacare. The 2014 Lindt Sydney hostage crisis that killed two hostages was carried out by a lone gunman Man Haron Monis suffering from depression. Again, Australian legislature put in more restrictive measures on possessing stolen and illegal fire arms. There was protest against it. It passed either way. Japan has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. In addition to getting a license and a background check, the person purchasing a gun must also take a mental competency test at a hospital and drug tests. Keep in mind that Japan has citizens with mental problems and hundreds of people the hikkimori who literally shut themselves off from the world. Yet, hikikomori who would be extreme loners by  American standards have rarely shot up a school. The Japanese government has been reaching out to hikikomoris over the years. The most notorious school massacre to occurred in Japan was the Osaka school massacre at Ikeda Elementary in 2001. A mentally disturbed janitor Mamoru Takuma who suffered from paranoid personality disorder attacked and killed 8 students and injured 15 using a kitchen knife. The massacre shocked Japan to its core to the point that school security was added to the school a first in Japan at the time. It led to national questions about Japanese government's policies toward mental health, victims' rights and how best to deal with crimes overall. It is not impossible for the U.S. to reform and reconsider its long standing 2nd Amendment rights and gun laws.