Thursday, 22 February 2018

Horror that children see: Nikolas Cruz teenage terrorist shooter and the why of Fla school shooting

Anytime changing the 2nd amendment or strict gun control is brought up it is regarded as sacrilegious by the NRA, the gun advocates and the old school gun nuts. The NRA and their lobbyists have long paid off congressmen and women against creating strict gun control legislation that could save thousands of lives in the United States. Cartoon provided by Px Molina of the cartoon movement based on the gunman's own social media photo.

Author's note: The title the horror that children see refers to the horror and terror children witness happening around them. Sometimes the horrors come in the form of violence from adults via blood curling screams, violence and war. The U.S. is still paralyzed and rightly so by Wednesday February 14th school shooting at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland, FL. It was not only Valentine's Day but also Ash Wednesday which starts the beginning of Lent for Catholics. It was a terrorist attack in every sense of the phrase. It should be repeated that shootings like this are rare in other countries. The former student of the Stoneman High school, Nikolas Cruz 19 years old shot and murdered 17 of his own former school mates without remorse. His weapon was an AR-15, a military style weapon that involves specialized training for soldiers to use. In other countries it would be next to impossible to get such a weapon even with a gun license and legal requirements. It is shocking that neither Cruz' neighbors or parents raised an eyebrow when he brought the rifle home nor when his friend's parents locked up the rifle in their house. First question is why would a young man need such kind of weapon? Even hunters using AR 15 has been condemned by animal rights activists. Why in the world would a military style rifle be available for an ordinary person to purchase?

He used a fire alarm (that is often used as a regular drill for school safety and high school prank to scare fellow students and teachers) to coax hundreds of students and teachers to leave their respective classrooms assuming that a fire drill was going on at 2pm. Naturally, the students and teachers began to head out of the school building only to be blind sided and caught up in ricocheting gunfire. A SWAT team was able to respond immediately to the horror at the school. It also worth noting that some of the students thought the shooting was a drill at first. The young terrorist attempted to flee with follow students and teachers who survived. He managed to reach a Subway than a Walmart an unusually long time for him to go free. He was finally arrested by local police. Cruz who was captured alive and is now facing a day and half of interrogation He is obsessed with the U.S. Army and is painted as a strange loner. There are introverts and loners in high schools across the country who'd never fathom or even think of harming their fellow classmates and teachers. The stereotype that loners are all potential deranged gunman doesn't hold true. The FBI had known about Cruz prior to Wednesday. It appears to be a reoccurring theme that the FBI had knowledge of the gunmen before the shootings (technically terror attacks) take place. Why didn't the FBI stop Cruz or kept monitoring him after January 5th, 2018 when they knew Cruz wasn't shy about declaring he could commit a school shooting?  The Parkland police had received some multiple calls from Cruz' parents and the school about his behavior as well.

The terrorist is American

Cruz had trained with the Republic of Florida, a local white supremacist group. The leader of the Republic of Florida, Jordan Jereb confirmed that Cruz had trained with them once. But was quick to add that he didn't know Cruz personally and tried to deny his group's connection to Cruz. Cruz's training background, fascination with guns, indoctrination of racism, matches that of Dylan Roof, another young gunman turned murderer who was also self radicalized on white supremacist ideology and extreme racism. For decades now, the FBI, Homeland Security, the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center that studies the growth, shrinking and popularity of hate groups have warned U.S. society about the dangers the right wing extremism poses to the United States outweighing the terror threat from ISIS and other foreign groups. Most times, these domestic terrorists are not crazy or have any mental health problems. According to the ADL's recent publish report on terrorism in the U.S., 60% of terror attacks in country including extremism are carried out by American terrorists especially the lone wolf shootings. Despite what the Fox News and Online America News would have the public believe, most of America's domestic terrorists are white men. The white identitarian movement and the "Alt Right" movement (they are the same neo nazis of yesterday and present who have transformed themselves into chic, modern college groups) will jump up and shout that they are not terrorists that "leftists" are terrorist too and they are using the shooting to demonize them and take away guns. The "they do it too" argument is often used by right wing groups and gun rights groups to avoid holding the American terrorist (ie gunman) responsible for their actions and to deflect attention away from getting to the root cause (failure to impose strict gun control) and the why as well as self reflection after horrific events such as shootings. Everyone knows about the left wing militants of the past. Cruz wasn't a leftist or moderate. Politics wasn't a motivation for what he had done. It's not the anarchists or anti-Trump protesters shooting in schools or justifying the NRA's stupid logic that teachers should have guns to avoid future school shootings. It would be similar to using a flame thrower to fight a house fire.

Gun rights over human life?

Florida is also an open carry state and a stand your ground state much like neighboring states of Georgia and the Carolinas. Travyon Martin was killed on the way home in Sanford, FL by self proclaimed Neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman who kept following the teen. Zimmerman had no business following Martin even after "he asked why are you following me." Zimmerman later used the stand your ground ie shooting someone dead because the gunman felt threaten. It's telling that no one including the media pundits and the protesters calling for gun reform do not bring up Florida's gun laws that protects the gun owners and gun nuts but not the victims of gun terrorism and violence including children.

It takes maturity to change minds 

Japan and Australia witnessed some of the worst shootings  in school and parks in 1990s. The horror alone opened ordinary citizens and governments eyes for the immediate need for gun control. Australian government famously brought back 600, 000 guns from diehard hunters, gun owners and advocates who understood the need to prevent future mass shootings on the scale of 1996 Port Arthur Massacare. The 2014 Lindt Sydney hostage crisis that killed two hostages was carried out by a lone gunman Man Haron Monis suffering from depression. Again, Australian legislature put in more restrictive measures on possessing stolen and illegal fire arms. There was protest against it. It passed either way. Japan has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. In addition to getting a license and a background check, the person purchasing a gun must also take a mental competency test at a hospital and drug tests. Keep in mind that Japan has citizens with mental problems and hundreds of people the hikkimori who literally shut themselves off from the world. Yet, hikikomori who would be extreme loners by  American standards have rarely shot up a school. The Japanese government has been reaching out to hikikomoris over the years. The most notorious school massacre to occurred in Japan was the Osaka school massacre at Ikeda Elementary in 2001. A mentally disturbed janitor Mamoru Takuma who suffered from paranoid personality disorder attacked and killed 8 students and injured 15 using a kitchen knife. The massacre shocked Japan to its core to the point that school security was added to the school a first in Japan at the time. It led to national questions about Japanese government's policies toward mental health, victims' rights and how best to deal with crimes overall. It is not impossible for the U.S. to reform and reconsider its long standing 2nd Amendment rights and gun laws.  

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

In Sudan, ongoing protests against rising bread prices and neo liberal austerity measures

Sudan's place in the world: Khartoum, capital of Sudan sits at the confluences of the White and Blue Nile. Despite protests against the austerity measures, Khartoum infrastructure and economy has been booming even with the crushing structural adjustment programs by the IMF.

Corridor in Omdurman market, Sudan. Photo from Al Jazeera.

While the world's attention is currently focused on Iran's protests and tomorrow's summit between the two Koreas for the first time in two years, Sudan has been experiencing its own bread protests. Students from the University of Khartoum, multiple universities in Omdurman, Khartoum Bahri as well as the non student wider society in various Sudanese cities Atbara, Geneina, Wad Madani, Kassala, El Obeid, Delling and Karima have kept up the pressure on the Sudanese government over austerity measures. Like Iran, Egypt, Greece before it and Nigeria, ordinary Sudanese have grown fed up with government's economic policy that has devalued Sudanese pound, raised inflation to some 300% against the US dollar, the egregious exchange rates for local business people and shops. It is not just bread and economics. The protests are part of a continuation of the 2013 austerity protests that began in Omdurman the largest city in Sudan and also a suburb of Khartoum and spread to the rest of the country. Long before the current protests, Sudanese with the help of groups such as Girifna and concerned citizens had joined the 2011 "Arab Spring" to call for the end of  the regime of Omar Al Bashir and his corrupt government cronies and rickety and violent military. Their demands for the 30 year old Bashir rule to end was met with excessive force and brutality by the local police in the same manner as Sudan's northern neighbor Egypt demanded Hosni Mubarak and Yemenis called for Ali Saleh's fall. Throughout the ongoing protests, the Sudanese police continue to use excessive force and blame external influences including South Sudan as encouraging and inciting people to protest and clash with the police. The IMF and World Bank has been pushing Sudan to economically reform especially now that the sanctions have been lifted. Neoliberal shock doctrine is a live and well with the slow motion cracking of the Sudanese economy, continual price hikes, closing of newspapers critical of the government including online media.

It's about marginalization: Closing down newspapers and selling off public lands 

As mentioned in a previous post, the Sudanese government has been cracking down on critics who have long complained of government negligence towards nationwide infrastructure development, ongoing corruption, the strength of the Sudanese security state to make critics disappear, marginalization of the peripheral cities and regions. South Sudan and Egypt are blamed for indirectly arming Darfuri and Nuba rebels. In Sudanese political representation Darfur is seen as a rebel stronghold or dare say "rebel insurgency" that needs to be crushed militarily according to the government. Nevermind that civilians are bearing the brunt of constant excessive bombings and air raids. As a result, the ordinary Darfuris including children even the non political and non supportive people are collectively punished for any actions taken by JEM and Sudan Liberation Movement. Even when the groups legitimately fight back against the government for the ongoing bombing of Jebal Marra, a strategic dormant volcano home to one of the only known crater or massif lakes in Darfur, the civilians are collectively labeled rebel sympathizers. A few months ago, the Sudanese government began a disarmament program across Darfur mainly focused on disarming the various Darfuri rebel groups, local militias to halt ongoing violence as the regional war has ebbed into a war of attrition and a lopsided low intensity war where the government treats any sympathizer of Darfuri human rights as public enemy, Beja in Port Sudan and Red Sea state, the Nuba people being isolated from the center of power both physically and by literal distance. The critics range from street activists to the higher ups in political offices. Not content with attacking dissidents students, opposition party members and leaders, human rights activists and anti war critics and anti government authors, business people and advocates including lawyers, the National Intelligence Security Service aka NISS has closed down multiple independent and private newspapers across Khartoum. Bashir has grown paranoid much like many dictators do after being consumed with unlimited power and using fear and force to keep the majority of society silent. .

Friday, 5 January 2018

Housing, bread and jobs: the Economics of the protests in Iran

Teheran is Iran's sprawling capital and is the second largest city in Western Asia. It is located near the Caspian sea in the Alborz Mountains.

The New Year has started with a deep freeze in the United States as Mother Nature continues her attacks against the loosing country in the climatic war. Meanwhile anger among governments and worry among people continue to rise. For the ordinary people, this year 2018 will be interesting one indeed. Iran has been witnessing week long protests by ordinary Iranians. It's not just students who are protesting. It is not only the protesters who are under the age of 30 and make up half of the Iranian population. It is also the older people, both the rich and poor. Contrary to the pundits and analysts who insist that the ongoing protests are anti-government and are about freedom and democracy, the protests center around economics and corruption. Economics is the basis of most protests.

 The 2011 Arab Revolutions or North African revolutions, etc that started in Tunisia and spread like wildfire across North Africa and the wider Middle East began over the rising prices of commodities ie food, water and their respective scarcities (due to conflicts and water depletion) as well as lack of jobs for educated populace. The complaints against the government's corruption have always been part of the protesting crowds' chants. But the need, actually the necessity of food be it bread (remember the Egyptians in 2011 shouting "Aish, hurriya, adala igtimaiyya, karama insaniyya."), fighting against unemployment and soaring housing prices along with medicines, will drive people into the streets no matter how apathetic or non political people are. Decades of economic sanctions, has not helped Iranians to ease the economic squeeze or austerity measures. Iran was also part of the Muslim travel ban 1.0 and still reminds part of the third revised travel ban that was approved by the U.S. supreme court last September. This is not the first time Iran has seen nation wide protests. There was the 2009 Iranian Elections protests dubbed the Green Movement that the U.S. and its allies including Saudi Arabia were so sure would transform Iran from an Islamic Republic back to a secular democracy or pro Western, docile neo liberal hub for the oil multinational giants and the influence of the world's large powers and self interests of regional powers. It usually goes back to the oil in the soil, the physical and indirect control of shipping routes in the Strait of Hormuz and the need for an inexpensive and accessible pipeline that cuts out the middleman at all costs. The "Green revolution" came about at the same time as all the other color revolutions that were supported by the U.S. and intelligence. Just as Trump is quick to salute and encourage the protesters to continue their fight, Washington was eager to see the previous revolutionaries overthrow the ruling government. Than there was 1999 protests that did lead some reform of the government and a heavy military crackdown.

Target on Iran's back

Also keep in mind that the CIA launched and carried out a successful coup against Mohammed Mossedagh in 1953 using anti-government rebels and agents. Mossedagh was democratically elected and popular among Iranians. He committed in the eyes of the West the sin of nationalizing Iran's most prized possession, oil and demanded that the British and American companies operate the oil fields in a manner that benefited Iran. To add salt to the wound, for the next twenty years Washington and its allies supported the Shah of Iran Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. Pahlavi was praised for modernizing Iran during his reign at the time the country was secular, a model of stability and a role model for other countries in the region. Nevertheless, the U.S., UK, France propped up Iran with military aid, weapons for the feared and notorious secret police Savak that jailed dissidents and critics alike and legitimized the ruling Pahlavi family even as anger grew at home. It's also curious that Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenini was exiled in France and after the 1979 Islamic Revolution became persona non grata in France and across the Western countries and neighboring countries including Saudi and Iraq. Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei complaints that the current protesters are being driven by Iran's enemies is a legit fear even as the pundits laugh. Retired Gen Wesley Clark pointed out years ago that the U.S. had planned to take out 7 Middle Eastern and North African countries beginning with Iraq, Syria and ending with Iran. This is not a joke either. It's a continuation of the full spectrum dominance and "the devil you know" foreign policy of NATO led by the U.S., Israel and Saudi axis going back to the early days of US involvement in the Middle East beginning pre World War II.

The boogeyman ayatollah isn't the strong man 

For decades, Iran has been demonized as the country with the caricature ayatollah who will destroy the world for religion and therefore the rest of the world should see Iran as a threat in the same way the U.S. does. It is worth noting that Iran has friends around the world from Venezuela, China, Russia and Syria which it continues to help in its fight against ISIS. Ironically, Iran's hatred for ISIS and Al Qaeda and its fight against terrorism never gets mentioned in mainstream media. The boogeyman ayatollahs may have the final word on all matters of the state but Iran is one of the few countries in the Middle East that has an elected parliament and a president who also rules on everyday affairs. Unlike Saudi Arabia, Iran is far more liberal and lenient concerning how far people can push the government to the breaking point. 

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Jerusalem is illegally occupied and protected by International Law

Not your mama's Sunday school holy city: Beyond the torah, biblical and Quranic connections to Jerusalem, the city itself is home to hundreds of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians. Palestinian Jerusalemites and Palestinians within Israel live as second class citizens who are not treated  with the same respect and hospitality as Israeli and international Jews visiting and living in the city. Palestinians have complained for decades about the ongoing Judiazation of all of Jerusalem including Occupied East Jerusalem, pushing out and overlooked indigenous Palestinian heritage and de-Arabization process of the city with aid from the illegal Israeli settlers and the ultra ring wing Israeli government.

As the man child in chief or Trump, the current U.S. president flat out recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and contemplates moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv the de facto capital of Israel not Jerusalem, he seems to ignore the history and international law that recognizes Jerusalem as illegally occupied territory by the Israeli Military.  Everyone from the Saudi king to Turkey to Jordanian government and the Palestinian government including the PLO warned him not to do it. The diplomats too signaled that it would be a disaster. The Palestinian rights supporters and groups have mostly condemned Trump's recognition. There is more to Jerusalem than biblical tourism. Illegal Israeli settlements or colonies have been built in and around East Jerusalem in Occupied Palestine in violation of International Law, Geneva Accords, Israel's own High Court rulings and multiple UN Resolutions that have condemned Israel as the occupying power for decades against the security state's occupation infrastructure, brutal military rule and the ongoing Separation/Apartheid Wall that takes 10% of Occupied West Bank from Palestine. Palestinians in Jerusalem don't have freedom of movement and are not allowed to build in East Jerusalem and by extension West Bank towns bordering Israeli settlements without permits. Please keep in mind that many Palestinian Jerusalemites still have the original land deeds to nearly all the buildings in Jerusalem both East and West. Some Palestinians do own their original land and homes from 1948 right before Israel came into existence on top of Palestine. Jerusalem isn't the capital of Israel for a reason. It's the history that Trump doesn't understand and does not want to know. The United States has been Israel's financial and military backer and ally from 1948 onwards. It was the U.S. who twisted the arms of countries to support Israel nearly 70 years ago. Americans further supported Israel when it occupied the reminder of historical Palestine in 1967 during the Six Day War along with Syria's Golan Heights and Egypt's Sinai that was returned in 1971. The guilt of not doing enough to prevent the holocaust and the fear of being labeled as anti Israel or anti-Semitic really anti-Jewish (which is a religious group like Buddhism and not an ethnic group), has pushed the U.S. and the other Western countries to defend Israel and Zionism no matter what. Even when Israel has continuously violated international law, UN resolutions and worldwide condemnation for its abuses and maltreatment towards the Palestinian people in the name of fighting terrorism. Palestinians continue to face home demolitions, detentions, nighttime raids, road and neighborhood closures like in occupied Hebron, the dissection of the West Bank into banustans with 500+ military checkpoints, blockades that have turned Gaza into an open air prison, East Jerusalem is always on lock down during Jewish holidays. Palestinians even face restrictions going to the Temple Mount, Al Aqsa compound, churches, mosques and schools in Jerusalem and in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

An unequal conflict

As been reiterated again and again, the conflict isn't between equals and no Palestinians don't have equal footing in terms of military defense or a loud lobby to campaign on their behalf or portray their struggle as just. Ordinary citizens in the U.S., Africa and Asia for years have supported Palestinian fight for liberation and self determination in the face of excessive Israeli wars and violence. If it was up to ordinary citizens instead of governments, Palestine would've been independent and the Israeli military occupation over decades ago. The Israel first supporters and lobbyists always have the final say in how U.S. Foreign Policy is dictated in the Middle East especially when fighting terrorism and destructive wars. Any criticism is pushed to the side to champion Israel and the West' need for security without thought given to Palestine, Syria or Egypt's security needs and development. Orientalism and dehumanization of Palestinians as terrorists also play a role how the media and ordinary people see the countries. Israeli-U.S. relationship and treatment of the Palestinians is also directly affected by Tel Aviv and Israeli pundits who frame everything around terrorism and defense to feed the Zionist security state. Than there is Christian Zionism that emphasizes the Sunday school view of Israel and Palestine as the Holy Land without any historical or geopolitical context to why Israeli occupation has been going on and why Palestinians use violence and terror. It has nothing to do with Isaac vs Ishmeal. The conflict has only been in existence since Balfour Declaration in 1917 literally 100 years ago. By extension, Israel gets away with treating neighboring countries as existential enemies each time there is a terrorist attack or verbal threat within the country or abroad.The Israeli military frequently bombs and launches surprise attacks leading to wars ie Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Iraq. On the ground, Israeli and Palestinian human rights activists and peace advocates have been working together to fight against Israeli occupation and bring Palestine's history, culture and voice to the wider world who has been blinded and overlooked by the Israel first supporters.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The most monstrous crime: Slavery, Racism and Dehumanization in Libya

Since the NATO coalition bombed and destroyed Libya in 2011 and assassinated Gaddaffi via hate filled rebel militias, the once prosperous North African country has become both a hell on Earth for black Libyans an African migrant workers and neighboring countries who remain stranded. The EU has been working with the Libyan government in Benghazi to keep African and Syrian migrants from reaching the European shores and islands. Most of the on the ground anti migration enforcement are the Libyan militias that are unable to be controlled by the two Libyan governments. Through dehumanization and demonization of anyone with dark skin including Libyans, many of the self proclaim revolutionary militias are openly and shamelessly killing, humiliating and selling African migrants in broad day to Libyans. Many Africans around the world have been protesting against slavery in Mauritania, Libya and Sudan recently and for years. Slavery also known as Maafa by many African Americans and African people is the holocaust of both historic and recent times. For years, many Europeans have tried to downplay slavery by pointing to the Arab slave trade using the childish explanation "they did it too" to lessen their responsibility for what happened to Africans under European slavery. Both wrongs never justified the historic and modern slavery and anti black racism against dark skin Africans including Libyans, Tunisians, Algerians and Egyptians. Justice for the victims have long been overdue. This has been going on for years now since Gaddafi's death. The Nigerian senate condemned the slavery and racism. The pundits and Western media CNN had known about the disgusting slave auctions, racist insults and humiliating treatment of African migrants who were caught up in 2011 Libyan Revolution that dissolved into a civil war that continues to today. Most of. ISIS and its takfiri cousins have since taken advantage of the chaotic situation in Libya to stake their claim to a new territory and terrorizes Libyans further. ISIS too has been involved in slavery and auctioning Yezidi and Kurdish women and children to their fighters for further unspeakable and unimaginable abuse. The same continues with African migrants including women and children. Eritrean men were also killed by ISIS terrorists in Sirte to make their point that they can and will kill anyone regardless of origins. Anti Arab racism and orientalism continues to boomerang back to Libya and the wider North Africa from the U.S. and Europe even as NATO countries turn their backs African migrants.

Poison of racism and need for migrant labor but not the migrants as people

Protester demanding an immediate end to slavery in Libya.

Modern day slavery is already well known in Mauritania, West Africa neighboring Senegal, many Arab countries with large non Arab ethnic minorities and the Gulf countries that relies heavily on migrant workers as well living and working under slave conditions to build the sleek skyscraper cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Doha. Qatar and Saudi in particular have provided financial and military backing to Libyan militias and have continued to bomb Yemen. Even after knowing about the violence, racism and vengeance killings the Gulf monarchies still defends Saudi Arabia. There are hundreds of thousands of Africans from both East and West Africa who work as domestic workers, nannies and construction workers across North Africa, in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon and Jordan to name a few countries. In all the countries, they face abuses ranging from daily racist insults to rape and attacks. Keep in mind, African countries have never invaded Lebanon or Saudi Arabia in the same way that the U.S., UK, France, Israel, Germany, Australia have bombed, intervened, killed civilians and popular leaders and pushed aside secular movements. The Western countries have remade many Arab societies through political leaders and media to be so pro European that it poisons the ordinary people racism, white supremacy racism. In the media (visual media has been crucial in how many people worldwide see themselves and the powerful), school, at international forums and meetings, when the ordinary Lebanese, Libyan or even Moroccan (many Moroccans are dark skin and would not be considered European even the Kabyle) thinks of the world and culture they usually think of Europe and the United States first and foremost before even thinking of neighboring countries. The colonial mentality of seeing Europe and US as "good white people" even as they drop bombs on Arab countries; is sadly alive and well in North Africa and Middle East. Despite the popularity of anti colonialism and the Third World non aligned movement until the late 20th century. It also worth remembering too that the Ottoman Empire for most of its existence 1453 to the early 1900s relied more on white slaves (from the word slav) yes you read correct than enslaved Africans. White slavery from Eastern Europe including the Balkan countries and Caucasus, which white slaves made up the bulk of the Ottoman Army, Mamluks in Egypt and other parts of Ottoman provinces and conversations to Islam and Ottoman culture

A brief history of how Arabs are perceived in terms of ethnicity in the U.S.: Although some Arabs are fair skinned, they aren't white and wouldn't be considered as such either in the U.S. or Europe.

In many cases, many of the former African migrants have been waiting literally years to return home to their respective countries ie Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Sudan, Egypt and Niger to name a few countries, Gaddafi was a prophet in foreshadowing the current fracaso that Libya is in and the torture both physical and physiological that the diverse group that black Libyans and former migrant workers face. The migrants have been appealing to the few West African embassies and consulates that remain open or in neighboring countries to evacuate them immediately. ECOWAS has condemned the destruction and the ongoing violence against the ordinary citizens of West African countries. Nigeria has begun to prepare to evacuate its citizens still hiding from miltias awaiting evacuation and languishing in Libyan prisons. Gaddafi rightfully predicted that if he left power all of the most violent Takfiris and pro Al Qaeda terrorists and supporters would flow out the woodwork to take power and control the sweet crude across Libya. He also prophesied that "Europe would turn Black" from the waves of migrants coming from across the African continent and the Middle East using Libya as a launching point for their deadly sea voyages. So far both his prophecies have come to fruition.

One thing he overlooked was the monstrous crime of slavery and racism that is running rampant across Libya right now. Not only were the most violent militiamen and Libyan fighters release onto the streets of Tripoli, Benghazi, Zuwara and in Southern Libya in the town of Al Kufra home to the Tubu people. The most racist Libyans along with criminals were also given a carte blanc to attack, kill and humiliate dark skinned Libyans and migrants workers who were falsely accused of being part of Gaddafi's African merecenaries who were proving to be non existent and a false rumor that inflamed racist Libyans who were already angered by African migrants in the country. Migrants are usually scapegoats no matter where they live. Since the rumors of African mercenaries were broadcast by the geopolitical pundits and mainstream Western media and spread around by anti Gaddafi rebels and militias, black Libyans and West Africans have bore the brunt of the militias' excessive violence. Taraghewa, a majority black Libyan town south of Misruta that is permanently (unless reversed immediately) ethnically cleansed of its residents by the Misruta militia who called themselves, "the brigade for purging black skins-slaves." The US, UK, France, Germany and Italy heard and watched the attacks on African migrants and dark skinned Libyans happen on the few news reports dedicated to them and the attacks against Gaddafi supporters and made no attempts to stop the racist violence under the guise of revenge against Gaddafi's support for neighboring African countries and percieved favoritism of African over ordinary Libyans, Especially the anti Gaddafi base who had been waiting for decades through failed attempts to overthrow Gaddafi with and without the help of NATO bombs.

Friday, 1 December 2017

La enfermidad de Cambio Climatico en Puerto Rico y Houston

Agua y duchas por agua portátil en las zonas rurales en Puerto Rico.

Una de consecuencias de la furia de Naturaleza o destrucción ambiental son enfermedades. No hablamos de la negación del cambio climático por los políticos o eruditos. Hablamos de enfermedad llegaran con Huracán Harvey y Maria hace dos meses. Ya se sepan que la contaminación y escarizad de la agua traigan varios enfermedades durante desastres naturales. Todos los expertos, periodistas nacionales y ciudadanos ordinarios han distractado para las acusación de la banda en la Casa Blanca. Es una distracción  de situaciones actualidades en Puerto Rico y Houston. Se siguen a recubrir de la destrucción de huracanes. Por lo meno, hace dos semanas, dos personas murieron de la bacteria carnívora en Houston. En Puerto Rico, seis personas murieron después de hubiera contratado una nueva enfermedad Leptospirosis. No lo existe en PR antes de Huracán Maria. Su origino esta en la orina de ratones y agua contaminada. Era lo mismo con huracanes Katrina y Rita que han causada enfermedades en los alrededores de Nueva Orleans, LA. Todavía, las Boricuas no tienen agua fresco, viviendas y seguridad. Menos de 30% de la electricidad de la isla se funciona. La infraestructura es minimiza. El gobierno Boricua cancelado un contrato con la pequeña empresa Whitefish. Los negocios tempranos de Whitefish ha incluyendo la favoritismo de Ryan Zinke y su hijo que . Recordase que esta empresa solo tiene dos personas para gestionar contratos grandes de $300 million de dolares. Y no lo es sospechosos para los expertos y periódicos.

Un nino examina la destrucción de Hurcan Maria.

 Recientemente, un hombre Josue Zurita murio de la bacteria a pesar de la hospitalizacion. Ya existe la bacteria carnívora en Houston.  En Junio 2016, un hombre de Jacinto City, TX, hubiera afectado para que la bacteria durante su viaje en Galveston. El pueblo arena es lo mas popular en Texas y acoge cientos de miles de vacacionistas por ano. Usualmente, la bacteria no mure sobreviviente. En algunos casos, si descubriese pronto en la primera etapa, las pacientes pueden ser tratado por medicos. Lo mas condición significa que occuren de que perdieron piernas o brazos de pacientes. Los tejidos suaves cambian a negros y purpuras en todo su cuerpo.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Catalonia declares independence

Repression by Dr. Meddy

EU's indifference toward Catalunya by Harm Bengen both cartoons come from the Cartoon Movement's special collection Catalonian independence

Backed into a corner, twisted by the arm, Catalonians still did the impossible (in Spain's eyes) of declaring independence. This is not a surprise to no one. Catalonian independence was a long time in the making. It is not just the Catalan government that wanted independence, the people themselves have been demanding it too both in Barcelona and in smaller towns such as Girona, the villages across Catalunya, etc. The Paisos Catalans (Catalonian countries) are also watching what is happening in Barcelona. So are other European separatists. Madrid's worst fears of come true. Now the hard part is being recognized by the UN, NATO, other international organizations, that is if Catalonia wants to join them, issues of citizenship, who gets Catalonian passport, visas, study abroad programs, international trade as an independent country, etc.

The other separatist movements scattered around Spain (Basque, Andulacia, etc) are also watching eagerly as they prepare to go to the next steps in their regional struggles ranging from autonomy to full on independence. Keep in mind, the European Union is not happy about Catalunya declaring independence neither is the United States. Both are usually quick to support independence declarations in South Sudan, Slovakia, the former Yugoslavia, in Latin America and with the Taiwan independistas against China's wishes and fears. Yet when comes to Catalunya its way more cautious and emphasizes unity over division. The Kurdish independence movement comes to mind.