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Israel, Jewish terrorists and extremism

On last year's Gaza war some 1500 Palestinians were killed including 300 children and many civilians

Speaking on Israel's crimes against the Palestinians in Occupied Palestine (ie East Jerusalem or Al Quds in Arabic, West Bank and Gaza) is regarded as the ultimate taboo. Criticizing Israel justifiably by the way will get anyone labeled as Anti-Israel and Jewish or by default an Anti-Semite. All of this before the accused critic is allowed to explain their reasons or side of the story. The whole world and several generations of people from Buenos Aires, Santiago to Monrovia and Beijing down to Auckland know the trials and tribulations faced by the Palestinians. Palestine remains heavily occupied and bombarded literally speaking by a brutal military force under the eyes of Israeli government that has turned a blind eye to the illegal occupation that holds the record for breaking the most UN Resolutions
Geneva convention violations and has ignored and at times rewritten international law. Israeli governments and wider society insists that for 66 years, it has been facing an existential threat from the Palestinians and neighboring Arab countries especially Syria and Iran. The United States' stubborn refusal to see Israel as the spoiled, golden child of the Middle East as the country that can do no wrong even when it commits acts that would condemn any other country to pariah, boils the blood of many Palestinians, millions of people across the world and even citizens within the United States, Venezuela and South Africa. 

Israel in the Media vs the Reality

Israelis are never terrorists?

Israel like the United States has always battled local Jewish terrorist groups tied to the far right, xenophobic nationalists, the extremists orthodox Jewish and illegal settler groups in the occupied West Bank for decades. The well known of the group in recent decades would be the Meir Kahane group that not only fought the government to keep settlers on Palestinian lands but assaulted civilians. The earliest terror attacks in Jerusalem in 1940s was carried out by Zionists at the King David Hotel. In the 1960s and 70s it was Gush Emeniem that battled the government and Israeli soldiers. Following Palestinian suicide attacks in the 1990s and 80s plane jackings, Israeli Jewish terrorists responded with taking revenge out on the Palestinians. Settlers who aren't labeled as terrorists or regarded as illegal occupiers with Israel have gotten away with attacking Palestinian houses, throwing stones at Palestinian children and taunting families, price taging and racist graffiti, burning crops along with hundreds of thousands olive trees which take years to bear fruit, running over Palestinians and taking water from Palestinian villages and towns that have to ration small amounts of water. The same actions were taking by colonialists across the world not so long ago. Still the settlers backed by a right wing government tells the world to mind their own business and not critique Israel since there are worst people and governments. Some settlers have been prosecuted for their crimes. Many only receive a slap on the wrist. Palestinian villagers have set up committees to protect themselves from settler violenceThe death of a Palestinian toddler caused by a nighttime arson attack by Jewish extremists wasn't called terrorism. Although had the tragedy been reversed the baby's passing would've been labeled as a universal terror attack. It was only after a 16 year old Israeli girl was fatally stabbed again by Jewish extremists during Jerusalem's Gay Pride parade that the epipanthy opened Israel's closed eyes to its own local Jewish terrorists. The president of Israel is facing death threats and was criticized on national tv for rightfully calling the two coinciding deaths acts of Jewish terrorism. The right wing Israelis don't want to see themselves as the same terrorists they condemn the Palestinians to be. Stigmatized as the world's ultimate terrorists has meant a tidal wave of punishment for the Palestinians. Even as the world's eyes have finally been open to Israeli hypocrisy, terrorism, double standards of collective punishment and the suffocation of Palestine by successive Israeli government's to keep the final status in internal limbo. Israeli Army too has been condemned by Palestinian and International observers for its racism, disregard for civilians, massacres and disproportionate force under the orders of the government from Menachim Begin (who was once a wanted terrorist by British colonial officials in Palestine) to Sharon and Netanyahu. 

Israel vs Israel Documental RT Espanol

Right Wing's usesful trojan horse terrorism

The Israeli right wing and Jewish fundamentalists like their cousins in Europe and United States have been enjoying a public revival and political power over the past years. The Shaas Party in the Knesset with aid from their chairman have become the populist heroes for frustrated and economically depressed Israelis. Emboldened by the threat of "unpredictable" terrorism from ISIS, Hezbollah ordinary Israelis have excused their government for its anti-Palestinian/Arab, anti African, plugging their ears to international criticism for ineffective policies, and nearly 10 year old Apartheid Wall that has physically divided part of the Occupied West Bank and Jerusalem. The wall was originally built to keep out terrorists but has isolated Palestinians in East Jerusalem and west Bank from their own lands, farms, schools and made traveling around the wall with continual Israeli military checkpoints impossible and frustrating for many Palestinians. By extension, the cement walls around Gaza and the Northern wall on the border of Israel and Lebanon is further justified to keep out an invasion by uncontrollable militias and ISIS inspired terror groups in the name of national security/survival. The public didn't protest in the thousands when the Knesset recently passed a law allowing the force feeding of hunger striking prisoners many Palestinian and Africans in Israeli prisons. Israel has receives an unnecessary 100 billion in military aid from the United States since 1962. This includes US made weapons, financing and joint training between US and Israeli officials. Not to mention that American police have also been trained by Israeli anti terror forces in halting massive protests and using strict anti terror measures to do so. This explains why Netanyahu and other Israeli officials feel they can simply rub the U.S.'s face in the ground on terrorism scares, threats and national security/global cooperation issues. 

The Problem with Social Economic Policy in Israel by Dror Israel

The Israeli public has constantly brought the attention of the rising cost of living in Israel, austerity measures and budget cuts and increasing economic downtown as experienced in other countries to the government's attention. Israelis see the economic woes as the biggest issue to their lives overshadowing the near 50 year old military occupation of East Jerusalem, west Bank and Gaza. Israeli academics and activists have long called on the government to end the occupation permanently, go back to the negotiating table and compromise at least to 1967 borders or a one state solution where Palestinians, Jews and Christians could live together as equals. The one state solution has become popular among Palestinians and Israelis who are exhausted by the failures of Oslo Accords and the premise of a Two State solution never coming to fruition. 

PS Yes, there are two court systems for Palestinians and Israelis in occupied territories. Israeli settlers are allowed to be prosecuted by civilian courts while Palestinians have to face Israeli military court. Local Palestinian courts under the Palestinian Authority are hampered by . Rarely, Israel's Supreme Court intervenes in legal matters on Palestinian residents in Jerusalem concerning the Apartheid wall encroaching on land or homes facing demolition. Generally, the Supreme Court sides with Israelis both civilians within proper, the settlers in occupied territories and soldiers at the expense of Palestinians even Palestinians within Israel who have always seen themselves as part of the larger Palestinian people and identity. 

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