Thursday, 12 November 2015

El Nino terrible, climate change and Pacific Ocean

El Nino is expected to hit the Pacific Coast hard if and when it builds up steam. This year's El Nino is already being dubbed as the worst storm outdoing its predecessor the 1997 El Nino that caused mudslides in Mexico and turned streets into oceans. Great floods and rainstorms no know borders nor respect boundaries. Mexico and California joined together by history, culture, language and and borders have fought against the Pacific's long ranging freak storms. Water has been both a blessing and a threat. Mayors and citizens have lamented over the cruel irony of being so close to valuable water but unable to drink it due to salinity and pollution only to be choked by the ongoing drought and slow rising desertification. The ocean currents have been carrying the contaminated debris from 2011 Fukushima Diaster towards Mexico, Hawaii, Canada and U,S, West Coast for over four years. Not only that but toxic Algae and ocean acid is further damaging the sea life and food chain along the West Coast from Alaska to Mexico. Like many coastal regions around the world Western Mexico and West Coast of Canada and United States rely on the calmness and beauty of the Pacific instead of Mother Nature's irrationality and (human pollution) for life and survival. Everything from food, tourism and drinkable water to fishing, agriculture and relaxation was born out of water. They have all been transformed by water and land both in the past and still into the future. The Pacific Ocean has sadly played the part of the Grim Reaper across the Pacific islands and mainlands through typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis and great floods. For the people and places who survive, climate change isn't just a buzz word it's reality. It's lived on a daily basis by both people and animals on land and sea.

PS: both the West Coast and Mexico have taken measures and steps to reduce their consumption levels, pollution and imagine new clean energy and ways of living. Sustainability is the new reality too and will become the future eventually. This has not stopped the freakish weather variation or patterns from spreading anxiety and destruction. Environmental protection is not a new concept either. Long before the image of tree hugging hippies or Greenpeace activists became the face of environmental protection, Earth's need for protection was regarded as a necessity. Earth is the only known planet (thus far) to sustain life and has to work under stress (nonstop) to keep strengthening and repairing itself as well as protecting the billions of organisms fortunate enough to live here.

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