Tuesday, 28 June 2016

2 Explosion at Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Istanbul at night balances a modern city with its ancient roots and historical city. It's one of the few cities in the world to straddle two continents between East and West but does it well.

Two explosions have occurred at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Sadly 10 innocent people have been killed in the double suicide bombing. No doubt it brings to mind memories of the recent Brussels Airport attacks. It is the main airport for Istanbul and a population of 15 million people. Tukey has been suffering from the backlash of the ongoing Syrian war and takfiri and ISIS' free fall terrorist attacks that have claimed the lives of hundreds if not thousands inside Syria, Iraq and Turkey. Kurd and Turkish citizens in Turkey have suffered from terror attacks and Turkish government bombings in Kurdish areas of Turkey. Tourists were targeted previously in Istanbul by a small group of ISIS affiliates but that didn't stop people from visiting it. Syrians have been passing through Turkey for refuge and as a jumping off point ot Europe. Aside from that, Turkey still receives tourists from around the world. Visitors still go to Istanbul and other cities such as Ankara, Izmir and other cultural and historical parts of Anatolia or Asian Turkey. Even with what ordinary Turks know and see about the war to the South, it is still shocking to hear that terrorist attack has happened at Istanbul Airport. This latest attack will send Turkish police, ministry of defence and other neighbouring countries into a frenzy of anti terror and security measures.

Magical Istanbul by Martigen1 

A first person view guide to the city

The city of Istanbul is one of the most famous and legendary cosmopolitan cities that crosses two continents Europe and Asia. Over time it has become a mega metropolis and one of the largest cities in the world. Most of the time, Istanbul is peaceful and friendly to both tourists and adventurers. When Istanbul is thought of, explosions and terrorism do not come to mind. Home to the Hagia Sophia, Suleyman Mosque, Blue Mosque, Bosporus Bridge and Straight, Galata Tower, Topkopi Palace, Istikial Shopping District, Chora Musuem among thousands of other landmarks makes Istanbul a rich cultural place that would make UNESCO envious. Once known as Constantinople, Istanbul was captured and became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1453. Since than the city has kept its former Byzantine history and arts from being lost to rapid urbanization and modernization. It also has its own unique history and arts that are celebrated.

A City of protest

Like other large cities, Istanbul has seen its own share of protests for human rights and respect for the marginalized in society. There have been frequent protests by young and old Turkish people from Pro Kurdish rights supporters toTaksim Gezi Park protest to Anti-government that were put down violently. Most recently, journalists inside the city have been holding demonstrations for press freedoms and critiques of government censorship, Erdogan and Turkish government's handling of terrorism and security and low key ISIS attacks along the Turkish-Syrian border.

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