Arab Revolution and Global protests

The Arab Reoccurring Revolution!

Begun by Tunisia than Egypt, the recent revolts and revolution taking place in every country in the Arab World from Algeria to Egypt, Yemen to Djibouti, Jordan to Bahrain, Libya to Iran has shown the world that the demand for freedom, Democracy and accountability of corrupt politicians and leaders is a universal right and need of every human being across the world. No longer afraid of dictators which have rule all the Arab countries for 3 to 4 decades with repression, oppression and iron fists, ordinary citizens (young, old, men, women and children) across the Middle East and North Africa are standing up and protesting against their respective governments calling for reform, ousters of some leaders and demanding universal human rights and Democracy. Inspired by the success of the Egyptian and Tunisian Revolutions, millions in the Arab world are showing they are united against their corrupt and brutal governments supported by U.S. and other Western powers. The continual revolts and protests have caught the Western world by shock and awe. Democracy and revolution is coming to the Middle East and North Africa not by wars or outside pressure but from within led by the people themselves from the bottom up. Ignoring Occupation will continue to cover the protests in the Arab World.

While revolts have kept pressure on the governments numerous protesters have been killed in various countries. In Libya and Syria the revolutions have transformed into violent wars where local militiamen refuse to disarm or end their fight. In the case of Syria, the Free Syrian Army has been replaced by Takfiri/Salafist rebels belonging to Al Qaeda and its allies Al Nusra Front and ISLI Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL or popularly known in Western and international media as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The ISIS and Al Nusra have been terrorizing civilians in Hama and Homs from both sides of the battle lines. They seek to replace the secular government whether Assad is President or is replaced overtime with a more rigid Islamic state based on Caliphate that came to power in Islamic world from Al Andulas to India and Pakistan 800 hundred years ago. The caliphate was replaced by the Ottoman Empire in 1500 as the dominant political and economic powerhouse across North Africa and Middle East. The Ottomans still controlled the vast lands under Caliphate until 1924 when the Ottoman Empire transformed into the Republic of Turkey. The Ottomans had kept the region somewhat calm under their system of provinces or viyalets since the modern states did not exist in their current forms. Since 1800s, there has been talk to create a Pan Arab homeland stretching across North Africa to the borders of Iran. Abdel Nasser, the hero of Pan Arab and Egyptian nationalism attempted to create a united republic between Egypt, Iraq and Syria.Now ISIS announced the creation of the Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria. The group has also published a five year strategy for recreating and implementing caliphate system across the Middle East to Africa and Europe particularly the Balkans and Spain. Takfiris of ISIS have called the strategy a new era in International Jihad.

Reviving the Caliphate?

Fight for Oil: 100 years in the Middle East part 1

National development goes hand in hand with how national resources are used in any country to benefit the people and the construction of critical infrastructure. It is understandable that large protests over resources would break out from Iraq to Nigeria to Libya. No other natural resource like oil (U.S) or petroleum (in most of the world it is called petro) has transformed the world. Petroleum is used in everyday products from plastic containers to vehicle engines. The modern age would've been significantly different without the rise of petroleum. The history and geopolitics of oil or petroleum in the Middle East is recalled in the film below to fully understand origins of the current reoccuring protests in North Africa, Yemen and Bahrain and war in Syria. 

Derrière le romantisme du « Printemps arabe » - Aminata Traoré et Boubacar Boris Diop

Gunmen attack Russian embassy in Tripoli, Libya

Briton and New Zealander killed in "Free" Libya

Kidnapped Egyptian Diplomats release in Libya

Renewed Intervention threatened after Pro Gaddhafi forces seize areas in Southern Libya

Impatient in Imbaba
Interview with british, Canadian and Swedish terrorists
Tormenting the souls of religious Arabs: Arab Spring degrades into Sectarian Counterrevolution
Egyptian Solution for Tunisia?
Tunisians, we are Africans
Black Tunisians historically marginalized
Sudanese Play, "The Regime wants" satirises the Arab Spring

Manufacturing Dissent: The Truth About Syria-

The Truth about Syria and Western Lies

Women and Warfare in Syria

Tunisia reveals how US backed insurgents sexually exploit girls in Syria
Jihad al Nikah: Tunisian girls return home pregant after practicing Jihad al Nika in Syria
"Sexual Jihad" Tunisian women go to Syria to relieve holy warriors 
Sex abuse of young girl by Surian rebels
Syria is Not Bosnia Comparisons between the conflicts in Syria and Bosnia have been made by independent reporters as well as drawing up similiarities between Syria and Iraq

What's Next for Syria's Kurds?

New York Times backs off Syria-Sarin Analysis

The Turkish Spring or a long lasting Anti-Government Protest?

A second group has emerged in Istanbul protests hijacking the peaceful protests in Gezi Park creating tension and fear in the area by causing clashes and running battles with the Istanbul police through the use of flares and molotov cocktails.

Turkey's Urban Uprising
The Struggle for the Democracy against inequality, oligarchy, oppression and tyranny

Turkish Spring? Over 1,000 anti-government protesters arrested in Istanbul

Video Report from inside Istanbul's Taksim Square

  Battle for Democracy Shatters Turkey's Image as a model

Turkish police attack protesters near PM Erdogan's office  

The view from Istikal
Hasty Observations from Gezi Resistance
The Right to the City movement and the Turkish Summer
Let us dot our Is and cros are T's: Insurgence and End of tough love in Taksim Sqaure
Is Everywhere Taksim? Public spaces and possible publics

The Democracy of Bread

Let them Eat Bread: How food subsidies prevent and provoke revolutions in the Arab countries
Bread and Freedom: The economic price of the Arab Spring
From breadlines to Revolution: The Role of Food in the Arab Uprising
Bread Riots and Revolution
The "Bin Laden" of Marginalisation: Socio-economic marginalization is the real terror in the Arab world
The Oil Food Price Shock
Arab Spring Recipe: Add High prices to trade barriers, Get Revolutions
Libya's Forgotten Civilians
After the Arab Spring: Creating Economic Commons in North Africa and Middle East
The Arab Revolutions are not over
 No Arab Spring for Egyptian Bedouins
Ben Ali Era stability longed for by some tourism workers
UAE construction workers in historic strike

The Poet's Words and the slogans of Revolution

Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi: The Poet of the Tunisia and Egyptian Revolution

Tunisian Poet's Verses inspire Arab Protesters

Ukraine and Thailand

Protesters at Democracy Monument in Bangkok, Thailand

Both countries' peoples have risen up against their respective government over corruption and in Ukraine's case against the government's turn away from signing a trade treaty with European Union. Many Ukrainians have turned the peaceful protest against the seemingly Pro Russian Ukrainian Prime Minister and government into a nationalistic outcry of rage. Many nationalists see Russian influences in Ukraine has long passed its usefulness and has hampered Ukraine's alignment towards the European Union and the West. The Ukrainian nationalists have been threatening more violence and war even if the government doesn't answer to the protesters' demands. In Thailand, a combination of students, nationalists, families and unemployed have hunkered down in Bangkok's main square to protest the influences of the previous self imposed exiled leader Thaksin Shinawatra on his sister the current Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Thaksin was overthrown in a military coup in 2008 originally applauded by many Thais against a corrupt dictator. Since November 2013, Thais have reminded in Democracy Monument in Bangkok protesting against the Amnesty Bill that would've cleared Thaksin Shinawatra of crimes and corruptions committed during his regime. The protesters have gone further in demanding an end to the long reigning Thai Monarchy and replacing it with a People's Council a more Democratic and equal political system that would address the economic and political inequalities that exist throughout the country. eerily recreating the Tahrir Square protests in Egypt. Not surprisingly inspired by their Egyptian counterparts. Thai police have used brute force including shooting protesters with live rounds, tear gas and putting up barricades to push the protesters out of Democracy Mounment. Drones have been used to monitor the crowd in the square to disadvantage of the protesters. In Ukraine the police have stood their ground and used tear gas while protesters most likely from the Nationalists side have used bull dozers in an attempt to get through police blockades.

Group dubbed CyberJam use Drones to capture protesters confrontation with Police in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand: Mass Mobilization Against the Wall street backed regime.

Kiev on Fire

Ignoring the snow and freezing cold, the more violent Ukrainian protesters have set police vehicles on fire around Kiev's independent square also known as maidan, shot flares into the air, hurled Molotov cocktails and built medieval trebechets while fighting Ukrainian Police. Barricades have been set up by the protesters who have vowed to stay on in the square. The protesters continue to fight with the police who have been told to stand down only using water canons to put out the fires and keep the protesters at bay. The protest has shifted from solely focusing on anger against the Ukrainian government's EU policy cancellation to protesters' anger against the government. Violent militants within the protest had threatened a national revolution. Three people have been killed so far in the firey violence. Now the protesters have given the government an ultimatum to carry out snap elections or face continual violence.

The geopolitics spilling over in Ukraine is one example of the clash between the hegemonic and the rising regional powers seeking to gain new alliances abroad. Democracy has been use as a catch 22 to overthrow the democratic President Viktor Yanukovych (who has been granted Russian protection) for a stressed interim government and new leader who are struggling to prevent a Yugoslavia like breakup of Ukraine. Separatism is experiencing a revival in Crimea where Russians who form the majority over the indigenous Crimean Tatars are asserting their preferences for Russia and a split with Ukraine. This is to the chagrin of Ukrainians in Crimea and across Ukraine. Crimea is home to one of Russia's largest naval bases Black Sea Fleet in continental Europe equivalent to the United States' Fifth Fleet based in Manama, Bahrain. Crimea was Russian territory for most of its history until 1954, when the then Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev transferred Crimea to Ukraine. Crimea was given autonomous status. Armed gunmen have stormed the local parliament in the Crimean capital Simferopol chanting Russia and waving Russian flags. Neo Nazi protesters and political party Svoboda leaders have hijacked in the same manner of rebel forces in Syria and Libya the peaceful protests in Maidan to forcefully demand that Ukraine be independent from Russian influences. Anti-Russian and anti-Jewish sentiments by these groups and other hardcore pro-Western Ukrainians have created an air of violent tension in Maidan, Crimea and Eastern as well as Western Ukraine. Now fighting words aimed at frightening Russia to back down from possibly "invading" or interfering in Ukraine's internal affairs has played out via the media  adding to the already to Ukraine's uncertain future. The West wants to make sure that Russia and other neighboring Russian allies understand  that Ukraine is now under Western political protection. New elections have been called for May 25th to settle the tensions and appease the protesters. However, Ukrainians are not taking no for an answer.

US, EU behind Battle for Ukraine

Prepared to Die: The Right Wing's role in Ukrainian protests

Ukraine protesters take Kiev, President cries Coup

Early elections for May 25

Neo Nazi protesters and party are busy by Carlos Latuff

Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych speaks to press in Russia (Full)

Neo Nazis and rightwing groups in Ukraine

Notorious Pravy Sektor right wing leader Aleksandr Muzychko shot dead 

Pravy Sektor has vowed revenge after Muzychko killed for "comprising Kiev." not to mention making threats against the Interior Minister . He was killed during a police raid in Western Ukraine. 

Egypt: A New Realism

What does Egypt's coup mean for neighboring countries?

Egypt's mass protests, the coup and regional implications


Syria's Breakup will cause the Middle East to blow up-Assad
An interview with President Bashir Assad of Syria with the Turkish news channel Ulusal Kanal April 5, 2013
The interview is reminiscent of late Libyan leader Muamar Gaddhafi's interview with Western and Arab/African media.

Full Interview of Assad with Turkish Media

War on Libya: A Warning from the past

Gamel Nasser speaks and warns Libyans and Arabs on the tricks used by imperialist countries meant to divide Arab countries into functionless states.

Geo strategic Basis of Libyan War: Hydro logic warfare and energy

Unleash the Uprising: Protest Across Arab World
Flashback of Tunisia's Revolution
Morocco's planned protest for Feb 20, 2011
Blog on Bahrain
Bahraini protesters fired upon by army
Witness in Bahrain: The ground is painted with blood
Thousands attend Bahrain protest funerals
Sitra Funeral Procession in Bahrain
Bahrain Army attack on Peaceful Protests
Thousands gather in Cairo for Victory March, celebrating one week anniversary of mubarak being kicked out of office.
Protesters gather in Alexandria, Egypt calling for Mubarak leave office immediately, Feb. 02, 2011
Egypt's Day of Departure
Mubarak's batijya charges anti-government protesters in Tahrir Square, Feb. 02, 2011
Celebration and Jubilation for Mubarak being forced out of Office.
New Dawn for Tunisia, Overthrow of Ben Ali, Jan 15, 2011
Inside Story: Tunisia's Unemployment Crisis
Tunisia protest continue against Ben Ali, Jan 14, 2011
Tunisia: The Man who set himself on fire and sparked a revolution
The Day Tunisia turned on its leader Ben Ali
Anger in Algeria
Inside Story: North Africa's Anger
Violence erupts in Algeria
Intifada and Riots in Algeria and Tunisia
Sfax, Kasserine and Sidi Bouzid riot in Tunisia
Violent clashes erupt during Yemen protest
Cops shooting protesters in deadly Yemen unrest
Protest in Algeria and Yemen
Political turmoil spreads in Libya
Revolt Fever: Libya joins revolution across the Arab world
Protest in Benghazi, Libya

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