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Berkeley Boycotts Israeli goods at local Safeway


Settlements allowed to expand
End Gaza Seige

Why a boycott on Israel?

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Boycott Israel

Many people and countries around the world have held peaceful protests against occupation of Palestine for past 41 years while keeping record of human rights abuses and demanding the right of return for 60 years for Palestinians dispossesd of their home in 1948 upon Israel's creation. Despite the more violent protests of some countries and peoples at solidarity rallies for Palestine many ordinary people have used boycotts and divestment to challenge Israeli occupation such as boycotting the Israeli economy that benefits from continual occupation of Palestinian territories via technological weapons, intelligence, etc, mainstream media, Israeli academy that promote both the mythology of Zionism, God as real estate agent to Israelis, Heavanly chosen people, the fear of terrorism from Palestinians and Arab World and see Palestinian-Israelis inside Israel and occupied Palestine as demographic threats and without a culture of their own, right wing Zionism and remaining silent on the ongoing targeting of civilian populations in occupied Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem through home demolitions, checkpoints, collective punishment and permit denials for Palestinians seeking to travel between the territories through Jerusalem. The Global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions for Palestine has saught to promote boycotting Israel from economics, cultural and even arts until it ends its occupation of the Palestinian territories, complies with international law and Geneva Accords through peaceful means through grassroots movements in Palestine, Israel and across the world. It has succeed in garnering support for its boycott against Israel. Remember, the boycott is not against Israeli people only against the institutions (as its define in politics and economics) that support and excuse brutal occupation. Many international organizations supporting ordinary Palestinians both Muslim, Christian, Jewish, etc have also followed suit also boycotting Israeli apartheid and products as an alternative to solely protesting through picketing Israeli embassies and consulates in major cities.
Global Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment for Palestine
A Gaza based Palestine movement protesting Israel through an internationally driven cultural, political, economic boycott, sanctions, and against Israel for it to comply with Intenational Law, support equality for all peoples, stop the massacres on Gaza and end 41 year long occupation of all Palestinian territories.
U.S. Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel
NEW! For the first time U.S. academia has promoted and saught to create a boycott against Israel for the recent war and massacres committed by Israeli government and military in Gaza. It also seeks to push for an end of Israeli occupation in Palestine, implementation of UN Resolutions, particulary 194 and Right to Education for Palestinian children who are denied freedom of movement and basic access to their schools and universities because of the roadblocks and checkpoints.

Campaigns, movements and organizations boycotting Israel, apartheid and occupation

Boycott Israel-From UK, "to end occupation of Gaza and West Bank" Euro Palestine Boycott against Israel in French, en Francois
Boycott Israeli Apartheid, British Muslims
Boycott Israeli Goods, be BIG
Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
Boicot a Israel por Noami Klein
Campanya y boicot a Israel
En Espanol
¿Por qué boicotear a Israel?
Boicot Israel
Productos israelíes comercializados en el Estado español
Boicot a Israel
Un Boicot de la ocupacion israelí de Palestina
Boicot Preventiu: Boicot Israel
Comité de Solidaridad con la Causa Árabe
Gush Shalom Boycott of Settlements' Products
Australian Research and Cultural Boycott
Boycott Israeli Art Institutions
Boycott Israeli Goods, BIG Campaign
European Research and Cultural Boycott
Palestinians and Israeli Jews Call for Boycotting of Apartheid Israel
Palestine Solidarity Campaign of South Africa

Doing Business in Israel

Ignoring the recent investigations and UNICEF blacklisting of millionaire Lev Leviv, who terminated their dealings with millionaire after he was discovered to support continual illegal settlement construction on occupied private Palestinian lands in West Bank and East Jerusalem in the largest settlement blocs ringed around East Jerusalem, large businesses and corporations still continue to do business with Israel. Regardless of the situation, these businesses will still support Israel because of the historical relationship between Israel, U.S. and the West at the expense of ignoring everyone's needs in the region. They also ignore the construction of settlements in the occupied territories and pay little attention to the fact that such construction by an occupying power, Israel, violates International Law, regardless of government, biblical, Christian Zionists and settlers' reasoning for living in occupied territories.

beauty secrets of AhavaStolen Beauty Businesses supporting Israel Businesses supporting Israel
Who Profits from Israeli occupation of Palestine? A Must read!
Marks & Spencers
Harduf Organic Products, purchases produces from illegal settlements in West Bank

Cultural & Academic Boycott against Israel

Summary by Global Boycott Divestment and Sanction Movement for Palestine Academic and cultural collaboration boosts Israel’s image on the international stage. By refusing to participate in cultural exchange, artists and cultural institutions globally can send a clear message to Israel that their occupation and discrimination against Palestinians is unacceptable. In particular, the academic boycott can have significant impact on the establishment that is responsible for promoting theories and knowledge necessary for the pursuit of Israeli policies of occupation and discrimination.
Institutionalizing a ban on cultural and academic exchanges, programmes, and visits with Israel.
Using Israeli performances, visits, and film screenings as an opportunity to highlight occupation and apartheid amongst the wider public.
Undermine the academic contribution to the Israeli economy that sustains the occupation and end all cooperation on projects used to create propaganda, know-how and weapons used to sustain the Israeli apartheid structure and to oppress and expel Palestinians.
Forging ties of cultural and academic support and solidarity with Palestinian universities and academics as well as with Palestine by artists and performers from across the world.
While Israeli academics, singers and writers enjoy relatively free global freedom of movement and access to well equipped facilities, Israel has subjected Palestinians to movement restrictions and a lack of adequate funding for cultural and academic facilities. Palestinian cultural heritage is actively destroyed by Israeli attacks and Israeli academic institutions continue to support the Occupation."

Artists and cultural institutions have an obligation not to lend their names and work to Israeli projects, and as a consequence provide support and complicity to the Israeli occupation and apartheid. The sixty-year campaign of destruction of Palestinian culture and education constitutes a deliberate programme to wipe out Palestinian heritage. Israel's actions in Gaza and the West Bank make Palestinian artistic cultural life almost impossible. There are over 427 cultural facilities in Gaza and the West Bank, yet they are under sustained assault from the occupying forces in terms of the severe economic damage caused by the occupation and restrictions placed on the movement of staff and visitors. Perhaps more serious, however, is the ongoing destruction of Palestinian heritage and frequent demolitions of television, radio and media outlooks that aim to destroy any burgeoning national culture. Some of the most appalling attacks include the demolition of the 125 houses that formed the Maghariba Quarter in the heart of the Old City in Jerusalem just after 1967 to build a plaza for the Western Wall. This act set a precedent for the intervening years, which have seen increasing destruction of Arab culture in Jerusalem and Palestine as a whole. In December 2005 work began on digging up the holy Maman Allah graveyard, the oldest such site in Jerusalem. The destruction of the site will be followed by the construction of a new Zionist museum in its place.
Palestinians in their homeland are unable to welcome the musicians, poets and singers all around the Arab world that have dedicated many of their songs to the Palestinian liberation struggle and its ancient cities of Haifa, Yafa and Jerusalem. Their art has inspired generations to continue the struggle, yet they are barred from singing or reciting in Palestine. Israel further bans imports of books to Palestine from any Arab country, except for Jordan and Egypt. On 13 December, 2001, Israeli bulldozers destroyed the building and transmitters of Voice of Palestine radio and on 24th January 2002, the Israeli military blew up the five-storey Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) building in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Many aspects of Israeli cultural life are directly linked to the occupation, expulsion and systemic discrimination of the Palestinian people. Israeli architects and designers are engaged in the construction of settlements, roads and facilities on illegally confiscated Palestinian land. Israeli writers and intellectuals continue to promote the myths of Zionism among a global public via their novels and essays. While Palestinian culture is suppressed and destroyed, Israeli academic institutions offer "strategic analysis" and advice to military-intelligence agencies. Israeli scientists develop technologies for the weapons of the Occupation forces. In a very real and practical sense, Israeli academia provides material and intellectual support to the ongoing occupation and violence against Palestinian people, and in particular the crushing of the Palestinian education system and discrimination against Palestinians within the Green Line. At ideological level, academics such as Professor Arnon Sofer of Haifa University who is infamous for his argument that Arab Israelis pose a ‘demographic threat’ to the State of Israel produce the research, arguments, and new leaders for the Israeli state. Israeli universities are closely linked to the Israeli economy that supports and enables the ongoing occupation. Israeli universities are ranked second in the world in meeting the “needs economy”. Israeli academics who have a unique responsibility to promote awareness of human rights abuses perpetrated by their government, are failing to do so.
Study Abroad programs still supporting Israel, its universities and educational institutions while ignoring and whitewashing the illegal occupation and destruction of Palestinian heritage, identity, education and culture

Boston University
Ben Gurion University
Dickinson College
Hamline University School of Law
Missouri State University
American University
Tel Aviv University
W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research
Ouachita Baptist University
Emory University
Cornell University
Harvard University
IPSL: International Partnership for Service Learning and Leadership
University of Connecticut
Hebrew University of Israel

Universities and colleges divesting and boycotting Israel

Columbia University Divestment Campaign
Cornell University Divestment Campaign
DePaul University
Duke University
New York University
Oberlin College
Ohio State University
UC Berkeley Students for Justice in Palestine
University of California Divestment Campaign
Harvard University/MIT Divestment Campaign
University of Illinois Divestment Campaign
University of Maryland Divestment Campaign
University of Massachusetts, Amherst Divestment Campaign
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Divestment Campaign
University of Minnesota
University of North Carolina Divestment Campaign
University of Pennsylvania Divestment Campaign
University of Pittsburgh
Princeton University Divestment Campaign
Rutgers University Divestment Campaign
Tufts University Divestment Campaign
Virginia Commonwealth University Divestment Campaign
Wayne State University Divestment Campaign
Yale University Divestment Campaign
London School of Economics

Palestine's Right to Education and Academic Freedom

Right to Education
Fundamental right of children, protected by International Law, Human Rights and guaranteed by UN Charter, Right to Education, an educational campaign launched by Birzeit University in 2000 to promote the right to education for Palestinian students, teachers, children, highschool and university students who are impeded and have their education disrupted due to the more than 620 Israeli military checkpoints, closures and roadblocks across occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. In Gaza continual bombing has destroyed all educational buildings including nursery schools, universities, colleges, day care centers, libraries and ministry of education. This is no way for a child to live. Birzeit University was also the target of Israeli closure during the first Intifada in 1987-1993. Many alternative underground schools were found during the first Intifada to continue educating Palestinian school children while protest and violence between the stone throwers and army were on going. Today many children impeded at checkpoints simply attend their classes at the checkpoints as protest and resistance to occupation. While Gazan students must improvise or not recieve an education at all due to the recent war and carnage.

Jerusalem's $2 Billion Dollar Rail System, Boycott Veolia & Alstom, French transport companies working in occupied territories

Veolia Bus Services runs through illegal settlements
It is illegal under International Law for an occupying power to build any infrastructure for its own citizens to use and continue to construct buildings or transport systems that impedes the lives of occupied people, expands illegal settlement growth, destruction of Palestinian property and land & allows for settlers to live comfortably on occupied & stolen land. The French transit company Veolia & Alstom plan to build a $2 billion rail system for the Israeli authorities for a light rail transportation project in Jerusalem. 7 The path of the light rail incorporates a number of illegal Jewish settlements around occupied East Jerusalem, built on stolen Palestinian land. It ensures the contiguity of these colonies sometimes referred to by Israeli government officials as "facts on ground" with the central areas of the city and provides them with a vital transport link. ASN, the Dutch bank, holds shares in the French firm, Veolia, whose subsidiary Connex Israel holds about 5 percent of the CityPass consortium. The project goes from Jerusalem to Ma’aleh Adumim, a large Israeli settlement in the West Bank, and from settlements in the West Bank’s Jordan Valley. The light rail project plays a key role in sustaining the illegal settlements and ensuring they become a permanent fixture upon Palestinian land. Israel-Veolia Connexion
Veolia in Israel

No mention of the West Bank separation barrier or Apartheid Wall, home demolitions, uprooting of olive trees, or Palestinians in the occupied territories waiting hours to pass throughmilitary checkpoints in many study abroad brochures

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