Zion Or Bust!

Normalize This! Remi Kanazi

New Yorker of Palestinian descendant Remi Kanazi, lays down the methods and words Israel has used consistently to insist that its military occupation and confiscation of land in occupied Palestine and that crimes committed by Israeli military in Gaza can be normalized: washed away by simply talking peace or forming joint Palestinian Israeli cooperation projects while Israel continues to go against peaces through brutal actions. Kanazi calls it Poetic Injustice.

What Comes Next? A Forum on the end of the Two State Paradigm
A thought provoking and necessary discussions on the possibilities and just solutions for forming a single Democratic state in Israel Palestine. This is by no means a new idea. It has been around long before 1948

Updates on Palestine

Gazan fisherman finds rare bronze statue of Greek god Apollo

Planned Israeli annexation of Jordan Valley?

Genetics and Zionist claims to Palestine

Israeli government has continued with its plans to ethnically cleanse and removed 1948 displaced Palestinian Bedouin families and their descendants from their villages across the Negev desert. Palestinian Bedouins like their countrymen in Gaza, West Bank, Jerusalem and spread across the Diapora have not been spared from collective punishment or Israeli military force. The Bedouins were displaced from their original hometowns and homeland through forced expulsions and terrorizing force by the Haganah and Zionist forces who rushed to create the new state of Israel atop Palestine in 1948. During 1940s-50s and continuing into the 1967 war, Bedouin families had their villages (unrecognized by the Israeli government to this day) demolished by Israeli government forces in the Negev and other Palestinian towns under occupation and within Israel itself.

Palestinians fight to save villages from Israeli seperation wall

Withdrawl of Prawar Plan a victory for Palestinians in Israel

Israel razes homes of Palestinians during Worst winter yet

Push to recruit Arab Christians into Israeli Army

8 questions Palestinian Queers are tired of hearing

In Israel, Canada embraces racism it abolished in its homeland

The UN's role in creating the Israeli Palestinian conflict

Visualizing Palestine today

Tel Aviv-Jaffa "City for Us All"
Emanicipatory municipal politics where Palestinians and Mizhrahi Jews (from Non European Arab Jews from Middle East and North Africa) come together to fight a common enemy forced evictions from their homes in Tel Aviv-Jaffa by Israeli municipal authorities.

Hares Boys: Israel has tortured and imprisoned five Palestinian children for life by the Israeli military for the "crime" of throwing stones during a car accident involving Israeli settlers in West Bank. The problem is the boys didn't actually throw any stones and were hit from behind. The Hares boys case echoes the Jim Crow laws during the Apartheid era in the US and the continual laws that send African American children to prison for crimes they did not commit or were innocent of a crime but were still imprisoned. Both actions violate not only local Israeli and American laws but international law on rights of children and citizens.

Where is Palestine's Mandela

Migration in Israel

Despite being Jews or Pro-Israel and even Zionist, African migrants receive a cold reception in Israel
African migrants mainly from South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea have crisscrossed thousands of miles from their homelands through Egypt and the Sinai to reach Israel. In addition to the migrants, there are thousands of Israelis of Ethiopian and African descendant living in Israel who are often overlooked when images of Israel are portrayed around the world. Many migrants similar to their countrymen racing to Europe or the United States, are escaping persecution war or searching for better economic opportunities and stability. Despite being a signatory to the UN laws and international charters on protecting refugees and asylum, Israel has consistently discriminated against African migrants arriving in the Israel. Israeli media uses stereotypes and racist language to describe African migrants as infiltrators, threatening invaders, diseased and treating the migrants as enemies within similar to Israeli society's views of Palestinians. Africans (both documented and undocumented) are hampered and denied access to jobs, decent housing or quality schools across Israel. Native born African Israelis face insults by school authorities, healthcare discrimination and wider society. Ironically South Sudan and Ethiopia have strong diplomatic and cultural ties to Israel. Both countries and respective leaders regard Israel as one of their strongest allies in the Middle East. Both countries have security pacts with Israeli military even going out of their way to do business and trade (military and logistic wise) with Israel despite Israelis' treatment toward South Sudanese or Ethiopians within the Middle's East's "only Democracy". Eritrea is in the middle. Even African Jews arriving in the country such as Ethiopian Jews  face outright discrimination and mob like racism from fellow European Jews from around the world who are granted automatic citizenship. Most migrants are quick to be deported if found to be illegal or if they break the smallest of laws. For migrants arrested by Israeli police, they are held in detention camps in the Negev desert. The African migrants have yet to reach out to connect with Palestinians on fighting Zionist racism as both peoples have suffered from the same methods used to control both peoples. No longer taking abuse silently, some tens of thousands of African migrants took to the streets in Tel Aviv to protest racism and discrimination in a country who takes discrimination against its own self seriously.

Israel's New Racism: Discrimination against African migrants

It is impossible to be Israeli? According to Israeli High Court the Israeli nationality does not exist in Israel

Electronic Intifada's articles on Mizrahi Jews

Mizrahi Jews reach out to the Arab World

Divide and Rule: Spineless Bookkeeping: Using Mizrahi Jews as pawns against Palestinian refugees

Hunting identity: Jewish fixation on genes
A reflection how DNA and genetics also plays unknown yet interesting role in Israel-Palestine conflict

Zionist Crimes against Jews

Zionist crimes against Christians

Israeli report on Muhammad Al Dura case is venegful and surreal but treated as gospel

Jerusalem Christians fearful of the future
The oldest Christian population in the world fears that Israeli government's insistance on making Jerusalem a capital of Israel (for eternity, no joke), judiazing Jerusalem at the expense of erasing Palestinian identity of the city and announcing the Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people while brush aside claims made by Palestinian Muslims and Christians with long history in the city, has pushed and dwindled the Palestinian and Armenian Christians in Jerusalem.

Israeli settlers occupy Monasty rise Israeli flag
The Infrastructure of Israeli Settler Colonialism
Environmentalist reach out to Palestinian schoolchildren to clean up Jerusalem's holy valley
London Court repudiates Zionist abuse of Anti-Semetism charge against critics of Israel and its policies
Not enough water in the West Bank:
Water facts in West Bank
Palestinians mark 46 yrs of Naksa 1967 Six Day War
Return to Iqrit: Descendants of the Palestinians forced to flee the village of Iqrit are turning the Right of Return into a reality by slowly reclaiming its land.
Gaza Students to learn Hebrew
Gazans learn "Language of the Occupier"
Israelis humiliating discrimination against Arab Jews within and out of Israel read here
When the cameraman confronts a gunwielding soldier

Israel's Next War

Could a potential Civil War be brewing in Israel between the ultra right wing, conservative settlers and Zionist nationalists and secular Israelis?

Settler violence against Palestinians and olive trees in occupied Palestine...Read more.


Children gassed at Dayton, Ohio mosque during Ramadan prayers, police says its not a hate crime!...Read more.

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