Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Disappearing People: Mandeans of Iraq

A Mandean reads the Ginza the sacred text of Mandeanism on the banks of the Tigris River 

Mandeans conduct sermons and services on the banks of the Tigris River continuing a 2, 000 year old tradition.
One of Iraq's oldest, smallest Christian minorities, the Iraqi Mandeans have lived in Baghdad and across Iraq for centuries until recently. They practice the last Gnostic religion in the world and are often considered descendants of the original Christians from the times of John the Baptist, regarding him as scared person. Due to the 2003 U.S. invasion and continual war in the country, Mandeans as many Iraqis before them have either fled or died from the 8 year old violence in the country. From a population 60,000, only 5,000 Mandeans remain in Iraq trying to maintain their 2,000 year old culture, history and identity which faces extinction in Iraq.

Save the Gnostics
The Ancient Wither in New Iraq

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