Wednesday, 14 March 2012

100% Liberian Owned

Liberia, West Africa with its major towns and cities
 Photo from BBC News you can read the BBC article below in the links.

Liberian businessman Sam Mitchell has spent the previous 10 years plus building his own hotel and restaurant business from literally the ground up. He is the CEO and Owner of Corina Hotel and Guesthouses situated strategically on Tubman Boulevard in Sinkor, a suburb of Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa. He began his business in 1990 as the Liberian Civil War began. Despite the instability and lack of safety throughout the 14 year Civil War, Mitchell continued to operate his business originally beginning with a small building in Monrovia. He and his family served as both manager, waiter and human resources personnel. Even more incredible was the fact that Mitchell is self taught in business management and hospitality. There are currently no institutions dedicated to hospitality or tourism in Liberia or in the capital Monrovia. Another factor hampering development of industries is a lack of technically trained and skilled workforce as many Liberians' education were interrupted by the war and many Liberian youth are currently in school and university attempting to make up for lost time. Over the past decade, Sam Mitchell has become both a local legend and an inspiration to future and current Liberian entrepreneurs currently attempting to create their own business with minimal resources. As with all businesses, taking risks, having patience and determination are key to succeeding. It is worth mentioning that Sam BBQ and Corina Hotel is 100% Liberian owned, funded and operated. Mitchell says he takes inspiration from his business success from the ambitious entrepreneurs of China, Ghana and Ivory Coast who can be inspiration to Liberians as they seek ways to maintain the Liberian Economy's growth and lift themselves out of poverty for good.

Barbecuing to boost Liberia's economy

Corina Hotel and Guesthouses

 Official Opening of Sam's BBQ Bar, Restaurant and Hotel
Official communique announcing the opening of Mitchell's years of dedication featured on TLC Africa, another Liberian owned online magazine. 

Corina Guesthouse Hotel in Sinkor. Photo from Corina Guesthouse and Hotels

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