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Algeria at 50 years

Algeria (Red) in North Africa aka the Maghreb not the Middle East

معركة الجزائر La Bataille D'Alger [Documentaire en Arabe] 1/5

Remembering the Algerian War for Independence and the end of French colonialism in the North African country of Algeria (Al Djazir). The history of Algeria's colonial occupation still has the power to affect France and Algeria's relationship even today. For 132 years 1830-1962 Algeria was not only ruled by France but was considered a Department of France, French Algeria instead of a colony. Algerians and French settlers or Pied Noir were effectively segregated from one another in the same method of apartheid used in South Africa and the United States. Algerians were often given uncultivated lands often pushed form the land of their ancestors or confined to the Casbah the old city of Algiers and other major cities throughout the country. A process of frenchifying Algerian women was also attempted by French colonialists as a way to promote civilization and the French culture into Algeria. The Algerian war of Independence officially began in 1954 (coinciding with the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam, a Viet Cong offensive) continued until 1962 after an eight year long guerrilla warfare fought in the Algerian countryside but also within Algiers, the capital of Algiers. The most well known film capturing the war is the Battle of Algiers by director Gillo Pontecorvo. Enjoy the video collage below. More info on Algeria in the next post.

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