Sunday, 11 March 2012

Response to Kony 2012

 The hype and interest in Kony 2012 has generated millions of responses both positive and negative persuasions. Given the recent revelation on Haiti's missing aid money two years after the earthquake, people are becoming more reluctant to donate to NGOs and other independent organizations without full knowledge of where their money will end up. And if the people will benefit fully from donated money. More than 70 million views and continuous comments updated has led to discussions by Ugandans that looks beyond the "save lives in Africa" campaigns of many NGOs in Western nations. Below are some of many videos created by Ugandan Americans who have visited Uganda in past couple of years sharing their views on life in Uganda, Kony 2012 video's simplified story of Northern Uganda's situation over the past years and digs deeper into long standing stereotypes of Tarzan or the White man's burden in the form of modern day NGOs in African countries Uganda and elsewhere.
Ugandan Blogger's Response to Kony 2012

RESPONSE KONY 2012 TRUTH 3 - #AIDTHEACHOLI: Perspectives from Ugandan American and Somali American on the complex connection between Tom Shoes to NGO campaigns and looking beyond the causes celebres in Somalia, Sudan and East Africa.

Kony 2012 via Invisible Children

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