Friday, 4 May 2012

Right Wing nationalism in Europe

The Greek Parliment without protest 
As austerity measures are implemented or still pending implementation in several European countries, frustration has transformed into public support for far right and nationalist parties. As with most economic crisis, blame is always placed on the government and immigrants in addition to the countries that are faring well for the most part. Greece along with France, Czech Republic and other parts of Europe are experiencing not only prime time spotlight for right wing and nationalist groups but are also voting candidates into office. The upcoming French elections for Sunday will determine if Sarkozy stays or leaves the Presidency. Greeks' frustration at high unemployment and government's slow response has made the extreme right parties into a popular alternative to the traditional socialist and left wing parties.

Greece's Right Wing: A New Dawn?
Al Jazeera's Stream looks at the rise of the Golden Dawn political party as it seeks to gain a foothold in parliment for Sunday elections in Athens. 

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