Sunday, 1 July 2012

Days of summer & The Ocean of tanners

Some articles on why, for what reasons and the historical connections to white people (mostly Americans but some Western Europeans) tanning during the summer. Is it to look more exotic for a short amount of time? Or is it hipster fad or fetish? What makes millions of Americans run to the nearest or sometimes furthers beach and lie out in the sun? Irony is while tanning may be relief who consider their skin too atrocious (a harsh critique for ones own natural body) without a nice tan (no matter if its spray on, a tanning bed or lotion) it is well known that too much exposure to the ultra voilet rays the UVRs of the sun or tanning beds' rays lead to damage skin and if it eventually skin cancer. Let's also be clear, some people of color depending on the person tan too at the beach but it is more of a fad.

Stuff white people Do Get interested in Black skin when summer comes around
A light hearted take on understanding why tanning is so popular

Tanning from an African American perspective

A short History of Tanning

Americans on a beach somewhere 

Women on a beach in Venezuela

A group of beachgoers in Mexico

Soaking up the sun in Tunisia

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