Friday, 13 July 2012

Migrant workers face racism and segregation at Lebanese pools

From Jadaliyya...Migrant workers in Lebanon hailing from Sri Lanka, Phillipines, Indonesia work as domestic workers for Lebanese families in Beirut from cooks to charges caring for children. The majority of the workers are women who were employed to work in Lebanon through local organizations in their home countries. Despite their many years in Lebanon, fluency in Arabic and providing for their families back home, many migrant workers face discrimination within Lebanese society. Ranging from feelings of alienation in a new country to insults and abuses by their employers to indifference by the state if they are injured or mistreated. Now there is a new movement by Lebanese human rights watch volunteers to confront discrimination against migrant workers not only to protect their human rights but to also challenge discrimination at private clubs and swimming pools. Migrant workers are not allowed and are even turned away from entering private pools to swim although they often accompany their employers' families to the private pools they are forbidden to swim. Lebanon is not the only country with strict access to swimming pools. Not too long ago private swimming pools in the United States and European countries were banned and off limits to certain ethnic groups. Videos below are from the Anti Racism Movement in Lebanon.

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