Sunday, 26 August 2012

Syria Files

What Could Happen if the Syria and neighboring countries were to become unstable and become succked into Syrian war

What the Middle East, parts of Central Asia and Pakistan could look if more instability from the current wars and United States and allies insistent playing chess with Turkey, Iran, Saudi and other states against one another in a resource war.

The war in Syria is one that becomes more unpredictable by the day. There some media networks such as NPR (National Public Radio) that have attempted to imagine what would occur if Assad was to leave or removed from office. Similar to Libya, Syria is a diverse and multicultural country. Syrian Kurds and Alawites which is a sect of Islam and not all alawites identify with Assad or the Syrian government have been targeted by rebel forces (Free Syrian Army). While the Kurds have been able to reassert their claim to land rights and even autonomy in Kurdish majority areas in Northern Syria following the example of Iraqi Kurdistan when it was granted autonomy and self rule following the 2003 Ango-American invasion. Turkey home to the Middle East's largest Kurdish population rightfully fears the aftermath of Assad's removal from office not only having to fear a possibly unstbale Syria but also the possibly it could loose land if Turkish Kurds mimic their compatriots in Syria and Iraq or join together to create a large Kurdistan.

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