Saturday, 18 August 2012

Unwanted everywhere

As Ramadan ends, Muslims around the world prepare for Eid al fitr in India to Morocco and Senegal to Bangladesh and Palestine. While Eid is a joyous time, this Eid is being overshadowed in several countries by the recent violence against Muslims in India and Myanmar. And Sikhs in the United States. It would seem as though the images of global protests against government abuses highlighted in the apocalyptic thriller 2012 had came true. As Syria continues to slowly implode on itself from the violence, once again the Rohingya in Myanmar are being forced out of their country, state and towns by their own compatriots who do not consider them as even fellow citizens or human beings in need of protection. In the United States, two near back to back shootings against Christians and Sikhs have brought American terrorists (both Aurora and Wisconsin Shootings would fit the definition of terrorism) to the attention of the government and the public. It also pushes the United States to look itself in the mirror to address a taboo subject among many politicians and mainstream media, white terrorism carried out by white male supremacists, right wing sympathizers or fascists (sometimes connected to the military) euphorically called "Domestic terrorism."

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