Thursday, 22 November 2012

War and Crime in Gaza

It is common knowledge across the world that if Israel was any other country (including the US) would be correctly accused and no doubt tried for war crimes for its continuous bombings of civilians especially women and children in Gaza who are literally sealed inside the world's crowded territory (also referred to as the world's largest open air prison) with no where to seek refuge. Gazans can not go into Egypt or use tunnels while politicians seek photo opportunities. Below all some cartoons that show the horrors of war as experienced by civilians.

Warning: The following images may disturb and anger our viewers but they tell the truth. All are uncensored.
-From Aan
Illustrated by Khalil Bendib

The following three cartoons are illustrated by LB

The remaining cartoons below have been written and illustrated by activist Cartoonist Carlos Latuff who is brave enough to illustrate visually the anger towards the injustice experienced by Gaza for a decade plus and the "might makes right" of Israel who is collectively punishing ordinary Gazans for the actions of several militants.

Finally, the following cartoons (some considered so controversial that New Zealand Herald cartoonist Malcolm Evans was fired) were illustrated by Malcolm Evans

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