Monday, 11 March 2013

Libya Updates

50 Coptic Christian siezed by extremist Libyan Islamic milita in Benghazi

A video showing fifty terrified and weary Coptic men who heads and beards were shaved by their captors has been posted to youtube by a Libyan militia with extremist roots from Benghazi who currently have the men detained as they accuse them of proselytizing for Christianity in Libya. Although Libya is a Muslim majority country there is a small Christian community of Coptic Christians and other denominations spread out across the country. Two years after the 2011 Libyan war, NATO bombings of the country and death of Gaddhafi, security for most Libyans is still limited and some parts of Libya non existent. Numerous Libyan militias with some even linked to Al Qaeda and other extremist Islamic groups still have detainees (ranging from African Libyans, migrant workers to Gaddhafi supporters and critics of the current regime) locked up in private and national prisons around the country. Most of the rebel groups involved in 2011 war/Revolution have not been disarm since than and roam the country freely. Some rebel/militia groups have personified the rule of law and take it upon themselves to detain fellow countrymen who they view as dangers to their towns, regions, their group or critics that threaten their power. Also at play is "tribal" clashes (more of towns and villages) occurring in the countryside between rebel forces, anti government forces and former Gaddhafi supporters as in Bani Walid.

Christians being rounded up and tortured in Libya

Did Libya's lack of security and rebels fuel the current fires in Mali?

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