Sunday, 12 May 2013

Another shooting in the US and bombing in Turkey

Breaking News from New Orleans: 19 shot and wounded at Mother's Day Parade

On what is generally a peaceful day and celebration of mothers, on May 12 Mothers' Day in New Orleans, Louisiana 19 people suffered gunshot wounds including children after three unidentified suspects opened fire at a Mother's Day parade in New Orleans. Two children were wounded but are stable while three were in serious condition. No one was fatally shot. Family parades no matter if it is for mothers and children are seen as places of peace and security by parents, places where their children both young and teens can feel secure. What is surprising about this latest shooting is the larger news channels as CNN or MSNBC's delayed reaction when the shooting first occurred  New Orleans has witnessed numerous shootings of men, women and children for over a decade both before and after Katrina. The previous violence and shootings from gunmen makes the shooting more tragic and an urgent need to address the reoccurring gun violence (and terrorism) not only in New Orleans but across the country. On the same day on the border of Turkey and Syria two large car bombs killed 45 people in the border town of Reyhanli, Turkey to both countries' citizens' shock and horror.

Guns and terrorism making US an unsafe security state and country
19 shot at Mother's Day event:
Mother's Day shooter identified by New Orleans Police

40+ killed in Turkey bombing

Turkey blames Syrian intelligence on bombings

Trading blame for bombings: Turkey calls out Syria as a suspect
Turkey won't act on Syria without US' blessing

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