Monday, 15 July 2013

No Justice for Trayvon

RIP Trayvon Benjamin Martin sunrise Feb 5,1995-Sunset Feb 26, 2012
The Verdict is in and despite every evidence on the side of the victim and deceased young Travyon Martin, the justice system failed to convict George Zimmerman on murder charges in the death of 16 year old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. It took some 44 days for Zimmerman to be arrest after a protest from supporters of Travyon and human rights activists. On the heels of continual gun violence by vigilantes, crazed gunmen and terrorists, Zimmerman's Not Guilty verdict by an all female and all white jury (with the exception of a juror the media is having difficultly identifying if the juror is Hispanic or black or both), a six person jury that was half its usual size of 10 to 12 jurors. It  has not only angered the whole nation literally but it has sadden many parents whose children (not only African American but of many colors) who are the same age as Travyon or younger now have to be more cautious with their safety. The children are discussing or watching the aftermath of the trial and hearing Trayvon's story. Parents across the country both moms and dads are not only anxious but more fearful of their children facing the similar fate as Trayvon via first hand police brutality and violence from an officer or another Neighborhood watchdog member who equates a child wearing a hoodie or any clothes with being a suspicious or potential criminal. Than justify using a weapon on a child through a state sanctioned stand your ground rule. Children live in a world that seems to disregard them as innocent until proven otherwise...Unless they are children of color. Since Emmet Till's murder in 1955, white police officers, neighborhood watchmen, self proclaimed cops and law enforcement trainees have generally been found not guilty or served short prison terms for murdering African American men, woman and children. The justification given for shooting or tasering dead sons and fathers or cousins has ranged from being threatened, he had a weapon or he looked suspicious. Even if the person being shot was minding their own business or sitting in a car with friends as the case with Sean Bell who was killed on his wedding day or mistaken wrongfully for a criminal ie Amadou Diallo.  The original fear Florida's local government and police forces of a mass riot in the aftermath of the court's failure to indite George Zimmerman did not happened. Instead mostly peaceful protests across the country has occurred. There have been nationwide protests across the United States by both parents and children who remind the country and the world that Trayvon was someone's son, baby and everyone's son. The injustice has also been broadcast across the world to show people outside the United States that the American justice system is and was not made equal for all Americans particularly children and men of color.

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