Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Coincidental anniversaries

This year marks some unique coincidental histories and anniversaries across the world that are worth learning from.


50th March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

50th Anniversary of the Adaption of Algerian Nation Anthem the Qassaman or Kassman (We Pledge) as the official anthem for the country

Kenya's Independence!

Creation of the Organization for African Unity the precursor to the African Union

State Terrorism against the children of Birmingham, Alabama

50th Anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination

JFK Three shots that changed American History

60th Anniversary of the CIA Overthrow of Democratically elected leader Mohammed Massdesgh of Iran

The Koreas sign armistice agreement establishing their current borders, end of the Korean War (1950-1953)

Death of Josef Stalin Red Terror Life and Times of Stalin

Inauguration of World War II hero Dwight Eisenhower as President of the United States

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