Monday, 23 September 2013

Terror at the Mall

Nairobi, capital of Kenya
By now the world has seen the footage of terrified and mourning families fleeing the hail of bullets from Al Shabab fighters at the upscale Israeli owned Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya on Saturday. Kenyan troops and police have been in a three day standoff with the unseen armed Shabab gunmen. Now British and Israeli military advisers are currently aiding Kenyan police. Kenya is one of the safer countries in East Africa alongside its neighbors Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia. It has a booming economy and like Egypt relies heavily on tourism for revenue. Nairobi is home to 3.1 million people made up of Kenyans and foreigners from a variety of countries around Africa and across the world. Somalia borders Kenya to its West and the largest refugee camp Daraab in East Africa is home to a large Somali population the majority who are women and children who fled the war and conflict in Somalia over the past decade. Southern Somalia including Mogadishu, the capital, has experienced hell on earth as al shabab and other militant groups continue to fight and bomb towns and villages. Somalia holds the record in Africa and the world for existing without a functioning government for over twenty plus years . Some 60 innocent Kenyans of all ethnicities ie Indians, Westerners, Africans, Somali descendant, etc have been confirmed dead while some 100+ people have been injured. Kenyans have been giving blood for the victims while eagerly awaiting news on their relatives. Alongside other African Union troops, Kenyan troops are currently stationed in Somalia fighting the Shabab formerly known as the Islamic Courts Union. Many foreign fighters including Westerners have joined Al Shabab to fight against the AU troops and foreign intervention in local Somali Affairs. This still does not justify the attack on families shopping at a mall.

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