Monday, 16 September 2013

Washington, DC Navy Yard Shooting leaves 12 dead

The gunman has been identified as 34 year old Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth, Texas
Foreground photo of Aaron Alexis, the suspected gunman killed in Navy Yard-Washington, DC

An early morning and mid afternoon shooting has left 12 people dead at the Washington, DC Navy Yard, home to the US Navy Sea Command. Originally it was reported only one gunman was at the scene but as of 3pm there are three wanted gunmen who is confirmed dead and two, members of the Navy at large. Police, FBI and the US Marshalls have cordoned off the Navy Yard area and the Marines are protecting their barracks near by. This is not the first mass shooting in DC or on a military base. A decade ago, a sniper dubbed the DC Sniper went on a rampage across the DC area killing 6+ people. Recently, a disgruntled Army physician Nadal Hasan rampaged through Fort Hood base in Texas killing 12 people mostly soldiers the same number currently being reported for the Navy Yard. Hasan suffered from PTSD and disturbed by the possibility of having to return to Iraq on a second tour.

DC Navy Yard Shooting Updates via RT (Russia Today)

Navy Yard has long history: NPR

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