Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Migrants' hell isn't over in Europe

African migrants who survived death and detention still continue to face legal limbo. Their requests for asylum and calls to be allowed to stay in Europe have been ignored as politicians debate how to handle migration and review border policies. The Italian government has reiterated as its done for years that other European governments step in to help manage migrant arrivals and stranded boats in the Mediterranean Sea. For most Africa and Arab migrants, their nightmare is not over. Many migrants face huge debt from human smugglers and anxiety in a new environment. They continue to face exploitation at the hands of scrupulous businessman working in the shadows. Unable to gain access to lawyers or having to wait weeks if not months just to process their documents, many san papeles (illegal immigrants) who have left the detention camps in Lampedusa now found themselves literally on the margins of Italian society. The migrants live in rundown makeshift refugee camps in old crumbling buildings or parks as they dodge the police. All this causes stress and leads to further health problems. Many migrants who have critical health problems either rely on local medical NGOs or charity works for medical examines or must improvise when the NGOs are not in reach.

No home, No Hope: Refugees in Rome reeling from austerity, anger and economic recession and limited housing

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