Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Central African Republic: France's R2P and EU troops on grounds

French troops were greeted with open arms by some Central Africans when they first arrived in the country. However, the accolades have wane as the violent conflict continues. Millions of Central African remind internally displaced.

The United Nations has granted France's wish to send some 600 European troops to Central African Republic to back up its 1000+ French troops, the African Union soldiers and Central African military troops fighting against the Seleka rebels. The Seleka in turn are still battling the Anti Balaka in the capital Bangui and other towns in CAR. French troops have been helping Central African troops track down and kill Seleka rebels. French President Hollande has utilized the responsibility to protect in Central African Republic. The newly elected government was supposed to put an end to the conflict. The new Central African president Samba-Panza reiterated her commitment to restoring peace and stability. The media still insists that the conflict which began as an outcry against the government's corruption and marginalization is now sectarian instead of political. Sectarianism has become the go ahead for farther French intervention with help from its allies across the EU. Including countries that are NATO members. Despite the horrific violence happening in Nigeria with Boko Haram terrorizing villagers and non religious and political Nigerians alike, there is no call for foreign intervention by Britain to intervene in Africa's largest country by population. Nor is NATO preparing bombing runs or calling for no fly zones as was done for rebel forces in Libya. The African Union has again been regulated to secondary peacekeeping force. The AU is the prime continental peace keeping and intervention force whose strengths and persistence has been tested in the past decade. It appears that each conflict (Darfur, Somalia, Mali and now CAR) the AU troops have intervened in, its presence has been overridden by Western military expertise who arrogantly feel they know which type of intervention or approach is best for solving the problems that the AU faces head on having the firsthand experience and on the ground knowledge to solve without foreign intervention. 

CAR wants UN troops as EU mulls sending troops


6000 AU troops needed in Central African Republic

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