Thursday, 9 January 2014

Destabilizing Syria, Iraq, Middle East and North Africa

The map seems to becoming into fruition with the continual push by takfiri groups to implement their own worped version of Wahhabist, ultra conservative and Islamic states.

Article below originally published in Pundits and Geopolitics section

Al Qaeda is making a comeback in Iraq in the Anbar Province fighting with the Iraqi Army to keep control of the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi. The fighting is still painted in terms of Shia vs Sunni by mainstream media despite the fact that Iraqi Sunnis who have been protesting the government, have also joined its side in fighting against Al Qaeda to free Fallujah from complete control of the terror organization. In Syria, Syrians of all religions are battling Al Qaeda, takfiri (Arabic equivalent of Jihadists) and other Salafist/Wahhabist groups who threaten Syria's security as well as the Levant and North Africa. The war in Syria has more than ten different groups fighting their way across the country either against the Assad government or seeking to establish an Islamic state which is not bad if the Wahhabi definition of the state is not the basis of establishment. As in Libya, Syrians who are do and do not support the government but just want to live in some semblance of normalcy are being targeted by the hardcore takfiri groups who paint anyone against their extremist creeds or views as enemies no matter if they are Sunni-Shia, Alawi, Druze or Christian, secular or religious. Some of the Takfiri groups are made up of foreign fighters from across the world including Western, North African and neighboring countries including Gulf states. Saudi Arabia is widely blamed wherever the Takfiris appear for propping up the groups to export the ultra conservative, literalist and anti Shia, Wahhabist brand of Islamic teachings (inspired from revivalist movement of Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab) that go against the regular teachings of Islam, Quran and even threaten Muslims. All in the attempt to destroy secular governments and societies in Middle East and North and West Africa by extension the North Caucasus and Eurasia. Terrorist attacks ranging from targeted assassinations to suicide bombings are occurring frequently in Syria and Lebanon, Iraq, Somalia and even Egypt. Although Egypt has dealt with terrorist violence in the Sinai and across the country, suicide bombings are a new tactic reminiscence of Algerian Civil War in the 1990s. Initially wahhabism was established in Saudi Arabia as a political pact between the Al Saud Family or the House of Saud and Wahhab to safeguard the royal family's tight control over the Kingdom's potential political uprisings or unrest. Protests have been occurring across the kingdom launch by the ignored Shia minority and unemployment and marginalized Saudis from both Sunni and Shia. While the Royal Family has not been overthrown in the same manner as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt or Ben Ali in Tunisia, the out of touch with reality House of Saud is weary that their turn could come with enough push from ordinary Saudis.

Global Research Lecture: Mahdi Nazemroaya, author of Globalization of NATO

Syria in Context of the "New Middle East"

This lecture was held at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Quito, Ecuador compliments of Global Research Institute and the MFA who put it together.

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