Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Spanish Royal family indicted for Tax Fraud and money laundering, Turkey corruption

While ordinary Spaniards scrape by through unemployment, stagnant economy or leave the country for better opportunities, the often overlooked Spanish Royal Family is feeling the pressure that comes with financial wrongdoing. The Royal family's youngest daughter Christina has been charged with tax fraud and money laundering. She is the daughter of King Juan Carlos who Spaniards are now calling for his complete abdication. In the current economic depression, citizens are more preoccupied with their livelihoods and family well being than the innocent of royals in a financial scandal. Nevertheless, the punishment for tax fraud and money laundering should be leveled the same way towards a royal member that it would be a banker or everyday criminal.

Turkey is also dealing with its own corruption scandal. For the past two weeks, protests against the Turkish government over corruption and the sacking of several ministers including the mayor of Istanbul has tested the APK party strength when dealing with large protests. It has also challenged Erdogen's popularity and support across the country that has been on the wane for months.

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