Monday, 27 January 2014

Two Ukraines? East West influence on Ukraine

Historically, Ukraine or The Ukraine has been pulled in two directions towards Russia and Eurasia and in the opposite direction towards Western Europe. Hundred years ago Ukraine was split along its Western region and Eastern region under Austro-Hungarian Empire and the then Russian Empire pre 1917 Boleshievsk Revolution. Eastern Ukraine is said to gravitate more towards Russia and has served as the Soviet Union's Breadbasket for many years. Ukrainian economy relies heavily on its old Soviet foundations of industrialization. Some Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine fear that the country's economic pact with a future European Union connection could weaken the economy. Ukrainian nationalists have long battled both politically and voraciously with the government over Russian influence across the country favoring a unique national identity that is separate from Russia and able to hold its own in the European Union and world stage. Some of the violent protesters come from the more outspoken nationalist groups. On a less political note: Ukraine previously hosted the 2012 Euro football Championships in Donetsk jointly with Poland.

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