Thursday, 30 January 2014

Update on CAR and Ukraine

The African Union summit will be meeting this coming week to discuss South Sudan, Darfar and Central African Republic and funding the peace keeping mission. The UN has estimated it will need to deploy 10,000 troops to stabilize the country. Meanwhile in the Ukraine, the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich went on sick leave. This was a day after the Ukrainian parlimentary voted to end an anti-Democracy protest ban. The president has also extended anmesty to the protesters still camped out in Maidan in Kiev's center. Taking a cue from Tahrir's midan (square), the protesters in Keiv have set up a paralel city within city barricading it from the police surrounding them.While the Kiev protesters have calmed down, many protesters in smaller towns and cities across  Ukraine have attempted to take over government buildings and battle police. Some protesters in Maidan have dressed in military camouflage jump suits, helmets and ski masks to keep warm from the sub zero cold.

Yanukovich on Sick leave as protest continue

Kiev in revolt

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