Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Cancer cases expected to rise 50% in next 20 years

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WHO on rising cancer rates 

Over 50% of cancer cases across the world will rise in the upcoming 20 years according to the World Health Organization. It already appears that cancer cases have become a regular diagnosis in children, women and men. From water and air pollution to radiation from nuclear disasters, uses of depleted uranium and other chemical warfare weapons, exposure to asbestos and toxic substances in mining industry or mercury found in processed food are some of many causes sited as speeding up cancer growth rates. In several regions around Japan, survivors of Fukushima disaster and many neighboring regions have reported cancer increases among youth as well as adults even three years after the meltdown. The WHO released the report earlier today emphasizing that preventive medicine and healthcare can reduce the chances of cancer. The anxiety and dread that comes with each cancer diagnosis has made the decades long search for a cure the more urgent for many people both cancer survivors and their families to health researchers and medical industry.

Rising cancer rates for the next 20 years 

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