Thursday, 13 February 2014

Mother Nature pounds the United States

ABC News reports on the titanic size storm across the East Coast

Mother Nature is beyond upset. First the polar vertex pummeled the Midwest and Northeast with snow. Now abandoned cars have been picked up from the highways in North Carolina the previous week and Atlanta two weeks earlier. Now hundreds of millions of people are forced to stay in doors for Valentine's Day as snow rains down and winds across the East Coast from Boston down to the Carolinas. Perhaps it is Mother Nature's way of reminding the world that climate change is here to stay and that no matter how much everyone wishes the weather would cool down it gets worst every year. The snowfalls are heavier, summer is drier and Spring rains come with a vengeance. For some the extreme weather may seem like the move the Day After Tomorrow minus the twenty plus inches of snow in the film. For many it is an ordeal that they have little control over. The schools are closed except for New York City, of ices are also closed and businesses are shuttered up for the day and night. The irony of all this Olympic size weather is that it is warmer in Sochi now than in the United States. Sochi was reported to have 63 degree weather and snow on the Caucasus Mountains had melted bit by bit which makes some of the skiing events tricky and difficult. 

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