Saturday, 15 February 2014

Prez Obama: Climate change threatens our nation

President Obama arrives in Fresno, CA

President Obama is in California. He arrived in Fresno, Northern California in Central Valley, the breadbasket of the United States. He is on an official tour to address the drought and see its impact with his own eyes. He has also come to announce aid to Californian farmers and rancheros who rely on the San Joaquin Delta and several other waterways and mini rivers for irrigation and their livelihoods. While some Californians may be excited to see the president in person, many more are upset and outright frustrated by the lack of attention the drought has received from the President or the national media. California is a semi arid state that has been experiencing hot summers and occasional water  rationing in the past. In addition to the drought, every summer, Los Angeles' pristine forest is swallowed by wildfires that burn for weeks on end. The LA wildfires have become so common in the last twenty years it doesn't startled people as much as before. The president did acknowledged that climate change is a serious threat to the nation.

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