Thursday, 6 February 2014

Sochi hotel horrors await international journalists and visitors

Sochi Hotels not ready

The media scrutiny on Sochi's preparedness to host the Olympics not only providing security but also safeguarding the venues and hotels has taken on a new leap. Now the focus is on toothpaste bombs and hotel horror stories from dozens of international journalists, athletes and visitors who are complaining and photographing their unfinished hotel rooms. The stories and photos of the unfinished hotels may sound like a national lampoon movie or comedic skit. However, it is not a joke considering safety and the Olympic Opening Ceremony begins tomorrow. The army of construction workers, exposed wires, doorknobs falling off of doors or leaving in visitors' hands, hotel lobbies with no floors and some hotel buildings with no lobbies are making many media pundits question Russia's competency to host such a massive sporting event. As though Russia has never hosted the Olympics or is in need of lecturing on how to provide foreign guests with top notch facilities. Most of the buildings within the Olympic buildings do not have names but numbers that have not been placed on the buildings. Visitors and journalists have also suffered from lack of water in many of their rooms. Some receptionists even told the guests not to use the water because it contained dangerous chemicals not fit for the face. Meanwhile other guests were greeted with signs warning them not to flush the toilets due to limited indoor plumbing or no plumbing. Construction workers are still miling about the village putting on the finishing touches. Nevertheless, the sports venues themselves are completed and ready for use.

First Events of Sochi Olympics: The Hotel Construction Sprint

Journalists find their hotels still under construction

Hotel horrors via CNN

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