Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sochi Olympics ends peacefully

Closing Ceremony of Sochi Olympics from RT

The IOC's strict copyright laws make it nearly impossible to rebroadcast or reproduce the Olympic ceremonies in their entirety

Now that the athletes have finished with their various competitions and carry home their gold, silver or bronze medals, the world can relax knowing that the Sochi Olympics were successfully safe. Everyone's blood pressure has returned to normal. Pre Game anxiety over terrorism were unfounded. Despite the tension between the United States and Russia over Ukraine or the earlier smear campaigns against Putin and painting him as a self absorbed despot by mainstream media, the Olympics went off without any serious incidents. The exception being that Pussy Riot members were beaten by security forces during a protest performance against Putin and the Olympics. No one was injured in a terror attack, everyone's toothpastes were untampered with and Russian security forces will earn its bragging rights as a top notch security. Russia has a decent track when it comes to defending itself from outside attacks ie defeating the Nazis in World War II, Napoleon Bonaporte's army failed to penetrate the Russian line of defense during the Napoleonic invasions and Georgia's stalement with Russian troops stationed in South Ossetia during the 5 day war and Abkhazia. Within Russia, the track record wobbles from terror attacks in Volgagrad, war in Chechnya and Daghestan.

Netherlands won 23 medals in speed skating. Its not a shock from a country that takes short and long distance bicycling seriously as well as host an 120 miles 11 cities cross country endurance speed skating tournament known as the Elfstedentocht.

The first Elfstedentocht tournament in 1954

Russia won 13 gold medals, Norway won 11, Canada won 10, United States 9 and Netherlands 8 as the top ranking countries for gold medals. As with other previous Olympics, the US was competing with its rivals for top medal rankings. But so were other countries competing against each other. Sochi will now go down in history as the warmest Winter Olympics on record. In two weeks, Sochi will host the 2014 Paralympics which is already being advertised.

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