Monday, 10 February 2014

Switzerland limits immigration

Cartoon by Latuff on Swiss Migrations

Switzerland is known for its banks, chocolate, alpine sking and its ability to choose whether it wants to be neutral in times of war or any political bickering and conflicts. Its a choice few countries enjoy. The country is also home to several well known international organizations: World Heath Org, International Labour Organization, International Organization for Migration, UN Commission on Refugee, Humanitarian Affairs and Human Rights to name a few. Today, Swiss people narrowly voted to restrict immigration to the neutrally wealthy and internationally minded country. On issues of immigration, referendums have often determine the direction of Swiss policies towards migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, students and others enjoying the European Union's heralded freedom of movement. The new immigration quota that was backed by 50% of Swiss public places one of Europe's strictest immigration quotas on new migrants to the country no matter if they are from Eastern Europe or Africa and Asia. The law affects refugees and Asylum seekers in need of safe refuge. It also greatly reduces freedom of movement for neighboring EU workers.

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