Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Refugees in Chad

CAR Refugees

Chad has been hosting refugees from Central African Republic for several months as the conflict appears to simmer than flare up. The violence between Seleka and Anti-Balaka rebels has calmed but violence forcing Central African Muslims to flee across the border to Cameroon and Chad, created a massive exodus. Chad has struggled to cope with 70,000 refugees that have settled in the country. There are little therapuetic or psychological help for Central African refugees who endure hell and pain to arrive into relative safe refuge on Chadian territory. The thousands of people are a diverse group of students, professionals, families and skilled workers. Former Central African Parliamentarian Kotro Solomon remarked that, "Nobody saw it coming." Solomon is currently in exile in Paris having been forced to flee the country for his own safety after the former President Francois Bozize was overthrown. The "it" Solomon is referring to is the excessive use of coercion and violence by rebel forces against Central African civilians no matter if they are refugees, self imposed exiles or IDPs.

Turkey is still in the process of finalizing an agreement with the EU to deploy Turkish troops as part of an EU peacekeeping force to CAR. While the troop deployment remains in the air, Turkey has been sending humanitarian aid to CAR. Special Representative to Turkish President Erdogan, Hulusi Kilic, expressed his concern about the massacres while on a visit to Central African Republic during Feb 25th. During a recent meeting hosted by Organization of Islamic States, Senegalese former foreign minister Cheik Tidiane Gadio was appointed special envoy to Central African Republic. Envoy Gadio paid a special visit to Turkey following his appointment as CAR envoy. The OIS sent a fact finding mission which included Turkish delegates to CAR to investigate the reports of massacres and violence against civilians. As an envoy, Cheik Gadio will also be working alongside the AU and UN peacekeeping team to monitor the implementation of stability and civilian situation.

A peace concert featuring legendary Senegalese singer Youssou N Dour and CAR singer Idylle Mamba was held in France in solidarity with Central African Republic. Concerts are brilliant ways raise the wider public's awareness about events abroad or a specific cause without confusing political complexities. N Dour's mission in recent years has focused on building peace through artistic collaborations while educating the public on political problems facing CAR and other countries.

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