Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ukraine and past Soviet uprisings

Crimea's future will be tested and voted on come March 16 this coming Sunday. While media attention has shifted from Ukraine's geopolitical troubles against Russia and Crimea to the curious case of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, it is worth recalling past Eastern European uprisings against the Soviet Union. Ukraine is not the first nor the last former Soviet state to make a political and cultural stake against Russia. Hungary and Czech Republic have a long history of fighting against Russification and the brutal Soviet Occupations within both countries during the 1950s-1960s. The Prague Spring 1968 and Hungarian Revolution 1956 are two Cold War symbols that are constantly championed as the ultimate fight for freedom. Ukraine's recent violent protest and coup has been hailed as continuation of the Prague Spring and Hungarian Revolution. Just as than as now, the United States and other Western nations applaud whole heartedly the Hungarian and Czech people's self determination fight against Soviet Union aka Russia.

The 1950s American media was not as dramatic portraying the revolution but the same terminologies and accolades for a rising People's Democracy was harped by reporters then. The same language can still be heard echoed into today's media. The Prague Spring is where the current Arab spring and all the different color revolutions get their namesakes.

The Hungarian Revolution 1956 

As presented by Universal Newsreel and commemorated by Hungarian American Federation

Interview and memories with a veteran from the Hungarian Revolution

Prague Spring or Czechoslovakian Revolt

Prague Spring 1968 

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