Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ukraine: Rightwing members/thugs intimidate news head and ordinary people alike

A Svoboda Member of Parliament, Igor Miroshnichenko was recently featured in a video posted online threatening and assaulting the interim head of Ukrainian  national TV Alexandr Panteleymonov. With the help of a supporter, Miroshnichenko entered Panteleymonov's office accusing him of being a Muscovite (indirectly indicting he has sided with Russia) and threatening bodily harm for "telling lies about  the Ukrainian people" perhaps for Russia's benefit. Panteleymonov is than forced to sign a resignation letter despite his calm response that he is not a Muscovite but a Ukrainian and he is not about to sign his resignation under duress. .

Humiliation: Ukrainian National TV beat interim head

Ukraine: 'I dare you take my gun!' on Pravy Sektor's extremist violence and vandalism


Both Svoboda and Pravy Sektor members have been intimidating and assaulting not only media personalities but ordinary office workers and Ukrainians throughout the Maidan protests and the tense Crimea situation. During the early Maidan protests prior to Yanukovych's overthrow, masked Maidan sympathizers had dragged a Western Ukrainian governor out of his office and tied him to a pole after cursing him in front of a large crowd of his own constituents. While most Maidan protesters were peaceful and weren't driven by violent revenge of any kind, the right wing and Neo Nazis from Svoboda and Pravy Sektor have come out of the woodworks intimidating both pro-Russian Ukrainians and Russians as well as non political countrymen. Even Ukrainian Jews were met with vandalism and graffiti sprayed on family homes stating that "Jews live here" reminisce of Nazi era intimidation and violence brought on by xenophobia and racism. This is the second time, the US and EU have supported anti-government protesters taking violent revenge against their fellow countrymen or opponents in the name of Democracy. Similar to Libyan rebels beating and forcing African migrants and dark skin Libyans to flee their hometowns and safety, Neo Nazis (in the form of MPs or masked men) across Ukrainian are beating up and coercing ordinary Ukrainians including Russian speakers into confessing their support for Russian influences within the country or are accused of trying to divide Ukraine. Most of the time, the people being harassed by Svoboda or Pravy Sektor members do not care about the political events occurring around  them. They are trying to return to normalcy despite the events in Crimea and anger in Kiev's Maidan Square.

Racisme en Ukraine. La police defend les Neo-Nazis face aux etudiants etrangers noirs   

N/S Part 01: Antisemitic Incidents in Ukraine  A documentary made a few years before the Maidan protests dissecting the history and present day neo nazi groups in Ukraine 

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