Friday, 7 March 2014

United States vs Russia on Ukraine still onging

Russia-US faceoff Ukraine by Latuff

The Crimean Parliament has upped the tension between Russia and United States over Russia's actions in the Crimea by announcing an early referendum to join Russia for March 16. It might be the Crimean Parliment's bluff but the threat of officially breaking away from Ukraine to rejoin Russia after sixty years not taken lightly by the new Ukrainian government in Kiev. The United States has threatened Russia with sanctions if the Russian military does anything to harm Ukraine's interest in Crimea or if Russia takes anymore steps to strengthen Crimean separatism. The separatism was already brewing in Crimea long before Russian soldiers entered Simeforpol or Sevastopol. Neo Nazi groups and members belonging to Svoboda continue to be a thorn inside of the peaceful Maidan protesters' still in Maidan Square with violence against Ukrainian Jews, intimidating their critics,  posting white supremacist and nazi symbols and their anti Russian sentiments. The Neo Nazi protesters have been accused of being snipers by Russian ministers and media sources during the Feb 28th shootings of protesters and police. The Chinese media has slammed Western countries for the "Kiev Coup and Cold war mentality" reiterating China's position on its alliance with Russia both politica, economic and military ties that go back several decades. The mainstream media (a la CNN and MSNBC) too has been anticipating Russia's next move seemingly flashing breaking news alerts on Crimea every few hours. Anderson Cooper who usually manages to be everywhere there is a breaking story has been leading the on ground coverage from Kiev Ukraine interviewing Maidan protesters, strong critics of Putin and Russia, speaking with former Georgian President Mikhail Saakshavili who recently visited Kiev, and analysis and pundits prescribing economic and favored IMF financial solutions to Kiev's stalemate with Russia in Crimea.

NATO countries are eagerly watching Crimea's flinching before the referendum storm. To show Russians that it will protect Ukraine's territoty intergrit at any cost, American warship sailed into the Black Sea which is a replay of American warships being sent to Sochi's coast at the height of terror scare for Sochi Olympics. The United States still insists on flexing its military muscles even after Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel suggested the military budget being lowered to pre-World War II levels. The US still wants to be the world's hegemon and dictated to the BRICS when and how their defense and foreign policies concerns should operate in the world. The US is still trying to fit the shoes of Ancient Rome despite its military being stretched thin and Dow hinting that the financial markets can't take any last minute military operations or bombings.

The Crisis in Ukraine and Historical consequences of Dissolution of Soviet Union

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