Thursday, 27 March 2014

Updates on Crimea and nobody claps for Obama

Updates on Crimea thus far

Ukraine and United States are concerned that Russia might be attempting to start trouble with the Kiev government by entering Eastern Ukraine. Which would be far fetch since Russia is aware any small mistake it makes military or politically could spell trouble for Russia itself. The United States also knows that it can not confront Russia alone if the army were to suddenly jump into Eastern Ukraine. As much as it is a hegemon, President Obama is being cautious when it comes to Ukraine-Russia as he tours the Netherlands including Amsterdam and The Hague to speak on European security and economics among other issues. This is the second visit by a president to Europe in less than a month. VP Biden met with the Polish Prime Minister following the Crimea referendum.

On a lighter note, as President Obama ended his recent speech in The Hague (without visiting the International Criminal Court) no one at the small  press conference clapped. His speech focused on American values, rule of law and individual right. Someone attempted to clap but it quickly fades. Perhaps the journalists were tired of hearing about American exceptionalism or wanted to protest the EU and United States' attitudes toward Crimea-Ukraine situation. Enjoy the clips below. It includes the full speech at The Hague and Amsterdam speech.

Obama: Well this is embarrassing no applause at Press Conference

President Obama's full speech at The Hague Press Conference

Video from Fox News :)

Obama Visits Amsterdam, Netherlands - Full Statement

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