Monday, 3 March 2014

Updates on Crimea

Ukrainian troops dispatched in Crimea switch sides RT

Russian troops in Crimea 

Day 3... Russian soldiers are posted at the major military installations in Sevastropol and Balaclava. The Russian soldiers have left the Ukrainian soldiers holed in their bases alone. Some Crimeans see the Russian soldiers as a god send to safeguard their autonomy and the upcoming March 31st referendum on Crimea's autonomy and future. The soldiers are mainly in Crimea to protect Russia's strategic interests ie protecting Russian speakers and naval fleet among other interests. The region is strategically located on the Black Sea between Southern Russia, Turkey and Moldova. Russia has no intention to march into Eastern Ukraine. In a jaw dropping move, Ukraine's naval chief Denis Berezovsky has switched allegiance to Pro Russian administration in Crimea. Perhaps wanting to avoid confrontation later on. The Ukrainian Prime Minister has vowed that Crimea will not be pulled towards Russia. The United States and other Western countries have also voiced their frustrations over Russia's continual military presence in the Crimea. The United States continue to threaten and warn Russia over its future moves. The Ukrainian government is not taking its strong backing from Western countries lightly and has reiterated its sovereignty over Crimea in reference to international law. As a result of the recent events in Crimea, wheat, petroleum and gold has gone up on international markets. Ukraine is a major exporter of wheat thus  why it is dubbed the breadbasket.

The last time Crimea caught the attention of the West was during the Crimea War and the Yalta Conference that ironically focused on reorganizing European nations by extension governments destroyed  by WWII.

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