Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Violence in Eastern Ukraine

Pro Russian Protests in Donetsk

Vitaly Klitschko "Our goal is to take Crimea back"

Eastern Ukraine protesters are taking turns chanting and protesting for both Russia and Ukraine. Donetsk, who along with Kiev and Poland hosted the 2012 UEFA Euro Championships, has witnessed counter protests against the Kiev government and now Russia. Russia has complained about chaos and violence by far right protesters in Donetsk and other Eastern Ukrainian cities against pro Russian protesters. Neo Nazi and far right protesters have been intimidated the less politically inclined Ukrainians and Russians alike. The East-West division continue to be highlighted in the aftermath of Maidan protests and new government in Kiev.

NATO expands towards Russia
Ukraine's Longtime divisions and NATO's Eastern expansion to Russian border lays foundation for for Crimea vote

Crimea vs. Quebec: Legal right to a referendum on Self Determination

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