Thursday, 6 March 2014

Updates from CAR: Western Central African Republic cleansed of Muslims

RCA: Neyottage ethnique et meurtes sectaires  "Ethnic Cleansing & Secret killings"

Even as both rebel forces are seeking to discuss peace as a step towards reviving stability within the country, the UN continues to decry the pogroms and ethnic cleansing against Central African Muslims. According to the UN as of today, Western regions of Central African Republic have been officially without a disturbing irony "cleansed" of Muslims. The UN High Commissioner has also condemned the massacres against thousands families forced to flee who have survived the terror. There is still a small Muslim community in Bangui and other parts of Eastern CAR. The cleansing has left remains of burned mosques, ransacked homes, bullet ridden schools and hospitals to intimidate and make it impossible for Muslims to return to their once quiet hometowns and villages. Even if the war were to end tomorrow, the psychological violence will take years if not decades to heal for both the victims and perpetrators. Both adults and children are traumatize by property and cultural destruction. In an unrelated note, women are also utilizing machetes for farming in CAR and DR Congo. The machete or cutlass is regarded as the symbol of African wars in Western media and popular culture. The machete and rifles have both been used in CAR to maim and kill civilians children and families. 

Francisco Soriano French Military Chief of Operation Sangaris 

Interviewed by Europe 1. Soriano originally denied that ethnic cleansing is occurring in Central African Republic. His troops have been slow in halting the violence.

Chadian politician Ahmat Yacoub Dobio, who has been analyzing the events in Central African Republic for Turkish TV, also appeared on Al Jazeera offering the Chadian perspective on CAR's violence against its own Muslim citizens after Christian Central Africans were attacked in same terrorizing manner by Seleka rebels earlier in the year on the heels of Seleka taking control last year. Dobio's insight provides a Chadian perspective on refugee crisis and instability not only in CAR but that could destabilize Chad in the longer run if the war does not halt immediately. The DR Congo is also threatened by its smaller neighbor's war on its Western border. Back inside the country, a citizen's militia has been formed by Muslims according to Turkish Press to protect Central African Muslims from attacks by their Christian countrymen and Anti-Balaka rebels. 

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