Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Anti terrorist campaigns and diplomatic war Ukraine

Russia has been suspended from the OSCE () the largest European organization other than the European Union. The country will no longer be allowed to vote, engaging meetings with fellow OSCE members or have its interest considered. Meanwhile Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has been trying to calm Ukraine and United States' fears that Russia has no intention nor will falter to stupidly flexing its muscles by expanding its territory to the doors of Eastern Europe. The Western media, particularly US media con fuerza have been repainting Russian Army stationed in its own base in Crimea as a resurrected Soviet army in disgust. All the Soviet Union stereotypes have been played up to further drum up Ukraine's anxiety of a Russian invasion into Eastern Ukraine. An invasion which could destabilize Ukraine as the West and Kiev government fears. Old media images of a formidable and war thirty Russian (read Soviet) brute has been drummed up by US, Ukrainian and Western European diplomats, leaders and media pundits itching to see if Russia will mess up its promise to stay out of Eastern Ukraine's protests. Its interesting that Putin has yet to be labeled as a reincarnated Josef Stalin.

The next image of Putin?

Pro Russian groups have been raising a raucous in Eastern Ukraine, capturing police headquarters, waving Russian flags, chanting Russia and a pop star even sang for Putin to protect Russian speakers living across Eastern Ukraine. Protesters have been clashing with right wing groups Svoboda and other nationalist Ukrainians who do not want to see anymore Russian troops intervening outside of Crimea. . The protests began as peaceful but have now involve running battles with local police. Ukrainian government is more worried that the protesters in Donetsk, Lungesk, Kharkov and other towns will be determine to follow Crimea's path and threaten national security just by demanding autonomy or independence. The Pro Russian speakers have been labeled separatists and terrorists by Kiev government and treated in kind. The Defense ministry has sent in military troops to quell the protests but has reassured the protesters and other Ukrainians watching in the East that it would not use force. Keep in mind that Russian speakers and pro Russian protests are also Ukrainians and are still citizens under the new government. As violent as the Kiev protests and coup was, the military was never if rarely called to deal with the Maidan protesters. The troop movement into the east has been dubbed an "Anti terrorist campaign" to restore order and normalcy. If violence does get out of control, no doubt NATO will be on standby in the neighboring Baltic countries. Ukraine's presidential elections will also be taking place on May 25th. Once again, Vice President Biden is heading back to Europe despite the dangerous situation.

Pro Russian protesters stand their ground

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