Monday, 14 April 2014

Car bomb at Athens Bank

In the early morning hours of April 10th, a car bomb exploded at the Bank of Greece in central Athens. The terrorist attack was carried out by local terrorists who claim responsibility. The car bombing coincidences with German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to Greece tomorrow for a meeting on as Greece's continual economic crisis. It also. The symbolism associated with this terrorist attack which is not a first in Greece, is well understood by the majority of Greeks in Athens and across the country. Protests have been ongoing in Greece for over four years against 2008 financial crisis that collapsed Greek bank accounts, led the government to implement unforgiving austerity measures, has slowly turned Greece into a Third World country, limited healthcare services for many insured and under insured people and has allowed for the rise of a Neo Nazi, far right group Golden Dawn. Citizens' frustration against government austerity measures and unemployment boils into political apathy. It has transform from non violent protests ie picketing corporations by union workers or students to national protests and finally violence. Angry citizens clashing with police are not being overly emotional or anarchist. Their actions are meant to highlight an ignored grievances and neglect from incompetent bureaucracy. This has been the same rally cry that brought thousands and millions onto the streets across the world demanding the government's fall or calls for separate countries. Car bombings are purposely aimed at pressuring governments or corporations into listening to demands. Athens' car bombing as with other terrorist attacks are last resorts when non violent protests or pressure have failed.

Terrorism: theirs and our part 1 Eqbal Ahmed

When terrorism is carried out by local Greek or American terrorists, mainstream media will at least look into the why behind such attacks. As the late and eerily prophetic Pakistani anti imperialist/political analyst Eqbal Ahmed once said, "Official approaches eschews causation." In short, chancellors and government officials don't look into the causes for people becoming terrorists. Especially if the said people are members of communist/socialist groups, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Nusra Front, Boko Haram, Ansar Bayt al Muqdas destroying Syria, Egypt and Nigeria. Ahmed spoke on the terrorism used by the West and groups in Global South. In particular the double standards and hypocritical support for terrorists who protect Western interest or allies at the expense of innocent civilians killed in violent attacks. Looking into causation doesn't matter if terrorists can simply be labeled as a never ending nuisance threatening national security.

See also Ignoring Occupation's Economic Squeeze section.

Aftermath of car bomb explosion Central Athens

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