Saturday, 12 April 2014

Shoe thrown at Hillary Clinton

Woman throws shoe at Hillary Clinton

An angry woman threw her shoe at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton while Clinton was at a speaking engagement in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ironically Secretary Clinton was meeting with stakeholders on Solid Waste management from the Institute of Scrap Recycling. Most of the world recognizes shoe throwing as the largest insult to your guest no matter how important or small. In the Arab world, showing the shoe's sole is the ultimate insult. The unnamed and quickly subdued woman was immediately arrested by federal police and removed from the room. Secretary Clinton brushed the shoe off as a joke saying, "I didn't know Solid waste was such a controversial issue." The audience immediately laughed to her joke not seeming to take into account the origins of a lone American's anger. Lashing out at politicians once again returns the media's attention to the distrust and grievances Americans face as the recession continues to eat their finances and livelihoods. Many feel that Congress cares little for the welfare of citizens. Nor do congressmen and women seem to take unemployment or social service cuts that affect ordinary people as urgent necessities to tackle. That is why politicians including Clinton brush off the people's anger and lightheartedly joke about legitimate fury aimed at them. Politicians are protected from ordinary Americans' wrath by officers or security guards while the ordinary are held in contempt until they are proven otherwise. The shoe throwing event brought back memories of the Iraqi journalist Muntadhr al Zaidi who chucked his two large shoes at then President George Bush Jr who was also on a visit to Baghdad to meet with Iraqi President Nouri al Maliki who equally sidestepped the shoe's path. Al Zaidi shouted at Bush, "This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog." Al Zaidi was tackled and later sent to prison where he was tortured. While the Western media was quick to condemn the shoe thrower, Al Zaidi was praised in Iraq and across the region by ordinary people not only against the Anglo-American occupation but were tired of American hypocrisy on Democracy, forming transitional governments and the Anglo-American paternalistic view of Iraq as a nation that needed to hold the hand of US to move forward in national development or human rights. Both shoe throwers' aim carry a deep meaning for politicians who think they are immune from accountability.

Infamous shoes: Prez Bush ducks two shoes thrown at him by journalist Muntadhar Al Zaidi

Interview with Muntadhar al Zaidi explaining the shoe throwing and journalism in his own words

PS: Al Maliki still remains the Iraqi Prime Minister. He is regarded as a US puppet by critics and the opposition. Iraqis regardless of opinions and religion, are equally fed up with the violence throughout his administration to the point. 

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