Thursday, 15 May 2014

Nakba in Palestine Longest Exile

The World's longest exile 

When will the Palestinians be able to go home?
Fatah and Hamas are trying once again to rebuild their bridge and create a unity government while Israel carries on with its bullying tactics and suffer the people with continual detention, arrests of children, rapid construction of illegal Israeli settlements or colonies in occupied Jerusalem and West Bank and home demolitions and the continual blockade of the Gaza Strip. Despite all this, Palestinians have refused to give up their right of return, their human rights  and demand for a state of their own. And if the Palestinian state can not be created than a single Democratic state which is looking more likely of coming into being due to Israel's policy of pushing Palestinians in occupied territories off the land through making life difficult with the brutal Israeli military occupation and Zionist exclusive nationalism and racism. For sixty years, the world has reiterated Palestinians' rights to life, protection from oppression and occupation, freedom and exhaustively called out Israel on its countless violations of UN resolutions, international law and human rights records. As with any good cause pushed to the limits, exhaustion has taken its toll on the world and Palestinians. Israel feels it has won the decades old conflict. Its not about Ismael fighting Isaac or God as a real estate agent. The bible has never been a land deed. Genuine justice through necessary solutions to Palestinians' long standing grievances need to be met. Through the various media, we've heard Israel and Zionism's side of the story repeatedly as though Palestinian people and their neighbors' stories don't matter. the Palestinians and the wider world knows what needs to be done for the conflict to finally end the longest exile and dispossession for over three generations. The solutions are there and so is the path to genuine justice and peace.

Great Britain should be held accountable for its part in the Nakba

Reconciling Hamas and Fatah 

Al Nakba subtitlo en espanol

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