Saturday, 24 May 2014

Oily politics in Nigeria

Oil multinationals in Niger Delta

Nigeria has one of the largest petroleum deposits in Niger Delta near the region'd capital Port Harcout. Nigeria's Niger Delta oil has made Nigeria one of the largest oil producers in Africa that has been pumped and siphoned by Western multinational drilling companies ie Shell, Agipe, Chevron among other companies since petroleum was discovered in Nigeria in the 1960s. Pumping petroleum out of the Niger Delta has left nearby residents' homes and water supplies polluted by the thick substance. Many people including children have also developed respiratory problems from burning petro and biomass. Busted underground pipes not maintained or updated since the 1960s are leaving puddles of massive oil spills in fishing villages and rivers. The people living in the Niger Delta, Port Harcourt and across the country have not benefited from oil production or exports to Europe, China and United States. The 1967 Biafra War morphed into a mini Nigerian civil war emerged from the very same grievances over the lack of equal development and access to oil wealth for all Nigerians. Niger Delta residents have formed their own militant groups demanding justice for victims of environmental abuse and degradation by foreign companies. Niger Delta militant have ransomed both Nigerian and Western workers as well as attack Shell's installations to bring attention to Nigerian and local governments' attention to the plight of Niger Delta region. Other frustrated residents rely on illegal and self created refined oil for their livelihoods, showcasing the absurdity of realpolitik of oil production.

The dark side of Petroleum: Dangerous, suffocating oil spills in Niger Delta

Issues in the Nigeria Delta from Nigerian TV 

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