Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Turkish coal mine explosion

200+ miners were killed after transformer exploded following a fire in a coal mine in Soma, Turkey. Another 200 miners are trapped behind collapsed walls with little oxygen remaining some 6.000 ft underground. The Turkish emergency services and police are racing to pull the survivors to safety before the window of oxygen closes. The fire has been blamed on faulty construction of the mine and the lack of mining and construction companies not following construction standards and ordinances related to mine workers' safety. Sadly this is not the first mining disaster in the country. Turkish miners and their counterparts in China, Chile and South Africa extracting world's in demand mined resources continuously face risks along with the threat of being trapped and injured thousands of feet underground or crushed by earth above their heads. Still seen as one of the world's most dangerous jobs, mining companies in extractive resource business rely on miners to aid in extracting buried coal, gold, platinum and other resources in Earth's small, claustrophobic like tunnels and walls where mining equipment can not reach.

Soma mines explosion

Hearts of Coal: Dirty, demanding and dangerous RT documentary 

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